Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Paddy's!

Five guys streaming Live!

Out Exploring...

The First GlamNation Book Club Meeting!

DJ Isobela DJing at the Savoy on St. Patrick's Day!

Aeryn in her finest Greens!

DJ Crighton DJing at the GlamShack!

DJ Isobela spinning at the Hobgoblin Inn for the Pub Crawl!

Exploring a Pirate Sim!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Rez-Day Tiny!

DJ Isobela's Wild Wednesday was better attended than it has been the past few weeks; it seems many places are having trouble drawing crowds these days. DJ King had missed his show the day before so had stopped by the Shack before Isobela's show to spin some tunes for a while so that may have helped.

Robin had stopped by with two friends of hers, Tiny and Gigimarie. Tiny, of course, was not tiny. They were celebrating tiny's 3rd Rez Day so Robin brought them by the Shack for a good time. Of course Tiny got his pick of tunes to play, and DJ Isobela spun them well.

Iso wore some slinky latex number and those incredible boots of hers; I had on a black thong, trench coat and chain-stomper boots. My attire drew many comments, things like "Where's your pants, dude?" It was quite the conversation starter.

TKid and Brooke and her legs showed up; shortly after Robin tried to convince us to switch to chaps. I did of course, and a few others. Gigi had a little clothing malfunction and fled, even though we all assured her that naked was OK in the Shack. She was back shortly and soon we were all giving Tiny his Rez-Day spankings.

Ivy showed up just as Isobela was spinning the last set; she was havign a bad day. It seems like the week for bad days. We help each other out and get through them; one by one. Life is good.