Friday, October 31, 2008

You guys are the cure for the Blues!

As soon as I got home on Tuesday night I learned of an emergency Friendly Fire show at Cat's Club that had just started, so I rushed right over. Dee and Isobela were there and had things well in hand, but Isobela had her own show scheduled to start as Mac and Case were ending so I took over for her. Things were Rocktastic; I hadn't officered a Friendly Fire show away from the GlamShack or Echo Echo for ages and it was cool seeing so many new people.

There was a slight problem, though; I couldn't seem to get Mack's poofer to work. I kept feeling all around for it but couldn't find it. I checked mine and it wouldn't work either, and I knew right where it was! I figured that it must be sunspots causing all of our poofers to fail at the same time.

DJ Isobela was playing at the Savoy with Borealis hosting. It was SRV night, not a specific album but more like Isobela's favorites. It was awesome music! The Savoy was still done up for Halloween so we went in costume, it'll take a good dry-cleaner to get all of that makeup stain off of my jacket.

We had spent the afternoon getting our costumes ready for the show. She had a great turnout and even better music. DJ Isobela got all choked up at what a great time all the great people were having, and it was a really great time; she said "You guys are the cure for the Blues!"

The GlamShack became the SilkShack on Wednesday night as DJ Isobela Rocked us out! It was a wear your silks or come as you are event; no costume required but the sumptuous, shimmering silks were a sight to see. The music were was Rock instead of Blues but was just as amazing; I sure hope she saved her playlist. It was the best Wednesday night that I can remember. DJ King and mikki were before us and DJ Donagh and merry spun next so it was a night of glamtastic Rock and Roll!

Thursday night/Friday eve found DJ Crighton and Kimala at the GlamShack, out on the beach. I am worried about Mack and Case, they were looking very pale; hope they will be able to make their Friday show! DJ Crighton drew quite a large crowd, many of the usual crew plus many that I don't see too often and many I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Hmmm, I wonder if DJ Hy isn't able to play one Friday night, God forbid, but if not maybe we could get DJ Crighton and Kimala to do a show. It would be cool to see all of those friendly new faces on a Friday night!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This morning I was lucky enough to be able to catch DJ Isobela's Fantabulous Monday Blues show at the World Music Club in Wanderlust. She was as super-groovy as always; mikki and Aeryn showed up too and we all bad-mouthed DJ Crighton. I tied for first in the Come As You Are costume contest; host With broke the contest board broke again and the owner had to count the votes manually.

After the show we played On A Roll at the store. They have new tables with more comfortable chairs, even some 2-player chairs. There is also a new game called Canoga that we tried; after a practice game Isobela soundly defeated me 3 games in a row. It plays much faster than GreedyGreedy, but I don't think I like it as much. We also took a shot at playing Khet but neither of us liked it too much, even though it does have cool laser destruction of pieces.

Back at Tidings we terraformed a bit more. We had gotten rid of the giant rock amphitheater and raised the dance floor to make a, ah, basement; for, um, storing the lawnmower and such. Yeah, that's it. Plus we moved a bunch of trees around; it looks alot better than it used to.

DJ Ando and hostess AuroraDawn were at the GlamShack later. The music was a little heavier than I am used to, but was real good as an occasional thing. Ultra-DJ Case and Ajay performed next. Their music theme was whatever Case wants to listen to. Ajay had everybody crank-call poor Rosi when it was the middle of the night where she was. curm and Case and Synapse were feeding off of each other's wild imaginations had us in stitches all night.

We went shopping for Halloween costumes and found some real good stuff. Isobela got lucky too! Right there on a lucky chair, in front of a whole crowd of people! After a couple games of On A Roll at Hy and Tracy’s place where the dice weren't being very nice to Isobela we went dancing in a rainforest to top off the night. We are so lucky.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunday was Rocking Rocktoberfest at the GOAT! I got there early to help set up; took down the slide and set out a "To The GOAT" sign right next to the front of the GlamShack. We all rocked out to Zaphod, DJ Borday, Anek, DJ CharlieB, Nanorock, Mason, Johnny99 and Skylord! It was quite an amazing day. Isobela and mikki and Promise and Dee and Rosi and Abbey and Meggie and even Portcia all did quite a fantastic job, along with everyone else I've forgotten.

Later we went to the Savoy Halloween Party, the Jazziest Halloween party in the metaverse! DJ Cat was doing an awesome job of mixing favorites of the season with amazing Jazz and rocking Blues. The place was decorated just great, very very spooky. They had even ripped up the dance floor so were were dancing on bare earth, on top of who knows whose bones!

After DJ Cat we went to play On A Roll at Hy's place; he and Mack cheat even worse than Isobela! We beat them anyway; 3-2 in the first game and 3-1 in the second. Mack said that she wanted Isobela to give her some On A Roll lessons the next day. Isobela is such a giver. Life is good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

LaReve - WOW!

On Thursday we went to FallenAngel Creations and rode their Roller Coaster. It was much faster than other roller coasters that I have been on, especially right out of the gate. They also have a cool maze up in a skybox there.

From there we played On A Roll and Isobela informed me that there was a Cheating Rat in my mirror. I won that game, and a game of GreedyGreedy. Rather than giving her a chance to get even I talked her into visiting the E8 Polytope model. They have all sorts of totally awesome geometric shapes and colors and such.

From the Polytope we were able to catch the last half of Mack and Case's show at Club Casa Blanco. Joce and Missy were there, I hadn't seen them at a Friendly Fire show in a while. Curm was there as well and curm was curm.

Kimala hosted the first annual "T & A Nite... Why skirt the issue?" show with DJ Crighton at the GlamShack later. Their Thursday night shows are getting quite a reputation. And a good one at that!

The Friday Slide into the Weekend party started with DJ Isobela the GlamShack, out on Bowie Beach actually. There was a very light turnout at first, but then Rosi showed up and started offering skedaddling lessons. That brought in a good crowd so that we were all ready for Friendly Fire at 6.

Mack and Case and their dedicated drummer continued along the slippery slope of the Slide in to the Weekend. The Friday Night Train Wreck was brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts and by Gestures By Mack; it was a stirring rendition of Beast of Burden. I had double poofer duty one again, and Mack kept jumping around on stage making it as hard as possible for me to poof her. She may have been jumping like that because a panda bear was trying to muscle-in on their gig!

DJ Hy's Naked/Nakey/Nakie/Nekkid Friday was missing it's longtime, charismatic hostess mikki. Meggie filled in for her as hostess, even though Hy insisted on calling her his host all night long. That boy needs new glasses. Brunette Brooke was there along with lots of newcomers, not many partook but we're working on them.

As usual things were best during the latter part of the show. Aeryn showed up to keep things light, and Meggie did a most excellent job filling in for mikki. That Meggie sure knows how to talk people out of their clothes!

Saturday morning confirmed my status as a cheating rat. We played guess what and I came back from being down 2 runs down. That evening we made it to AC and Emedea's Halloween party dressing fairly gothic. DJ Tali was spinning some awesome tunes and everyone had a great time. There was even a three-way tie for best costume!

When the party was over we went exploring at LaReve. I totally awesome place. Isobela's comments included "It's cool!" "This is so cool!" "Wow, this is cool!" "This is just very cool!" "This is amazing!". After seeing all they had to offer there we e called it an early night to get ready for the big day tomorrow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

ROCKTOBERFEST - Sunday, October 26th!

ROCKTOBERFEST this year is at the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre! The GOAT is a wonderful open venue to start any rock and roll tour! This year we are blessed with 2 DJs and 6 live acts each with a one-hour show. The first show starts at 10am and the last at 5pm SLT.

Zaphod Theas delivers a high-energy electric-guitar based rock show! He plays mostly original material, ranging from soulful to heavy, with roots in blues, folk, punk, indie & classic rock.

DJ Borday's sultry voice has been warming the airwaves in the Metaverse and Old Country and spins the best in classic and modern rock and blues.

Anek Fuks has been playing his electric guitar on the California beach and mainland curcuit for some 30 years now.

DJ CharlieB Hastings spins slick Rock antipodean-style!

Nanorock Tuqiri is a latin guitarist who plays Rock instrumental, Blues, Funk, Rock, Metal, etc.,playing some awsome covers using his own style, as well as their famous improvisations!

Mason Thorne plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well.

Johnny99 Gumshoe jamz live electric blues and screaming rock guitar over bass and drum tracks making for an incredible live show with great sound!

Skylord Carnell plays Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, POP, R&B, classical, novelty songs, it's all in there! even songs arranged just for the Metaverse!

The GOAT will definately be the place to be this Sunday! Woot! Special thanks to mikki and Isobela and all of the GOAT Goddesses for making this happen!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


DJ Isobela's Hump-day Hijinxs at the GlamShack were as entertaining as ever. She had no specific theme, but the crowd seemed to take it upon themselves to get into the Halloween spirit. Eeyore had been turned into werewolf, Brooke was looking very witchy in long black hair, and even curm had turned into a vampire!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blues for May

Tuesday night means Blues at the Savoy with DJ Isobela; West Coast Blues with a southern flair and a hint of Jazz. Tonight's music was just spectacular; as Borealis said Isobela outdid herself. She had been on a spending spree and had bought a bunch of new bluesy stuff for us. It was an absolutely fantastic night. Squiffy, Mort, Clovis, Brooke, Hy, mikki, Nic, Meggie, Lazy, John, theresa, Victorio, Borealis, Gossamer and even Koko was there.

DJ Isobela's show at the Savoy was dedicated to Grandma May, who recently passed. She drove a Camaro in her 80's; what a super-cool person. If only we could all be like her. We love you Grandma.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrific Tempura

I was helping Isobela work on the GOAT some this afternoon. Well, OK it was more like heckling, but anyway we were both there when the ground started shaking and trembling like an earthquake! After that plateau rising in North Bowie the day before we didn't know what was happening so we got out of there fast.

The seismic disturbances disrupted the DJ Ando and Aurora dawn show too; they weren't able to start until halfway through their scheduled show. In the meantime Isobela and I went to the 'store' to play On A Roll. The poor dear was having a bad night; I beat her 3-0. I won at the GreedyGreeedy tournament too; I won't say the score but we played the best 3 out of 5 without a need for the last game

From there we did a little exploring, heading first to nishi Beach. Isobela described the place as an "Acid trip nightmare!" I would tend to agree; it is a pretty neat place. I really liked the psychedelic dragon hovering offshore. They have a store in a skybox, but there was nothing that would really go with our home.

Tempura Island is a simply amazing place. It is billed as an area with all sorts of romantical stuff. There is a magnificent ballroom; trees and waterfalls and all sorts of neat nature stuff; bridges big and small and ponds and even dedicated tai-chi exercise area. Way cool.

Back home we worked on the house some more, hanging some more pictures ("Your other left!"), making plans for the courtyard and Isobela started working on a new fireplace for the back patio while I worked on my grill. It is a really awesome home. We are so blessed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Black Horse

We played On A Roll at the GlamShack while watching Saints (3-4) lose to Carolina. At least the game table was playing well, much better than usual but still nowhere near as well as it plays at the store. Isobela had a wardrobe malfunction in a major way while we were there, good thing we were at the GlamShack instead of the store!

I was upgraded to a "sexy bomb ass cheater". The dice hated both of us today, but her a little less. Later we did go to the store to play some GreedyGreedy and she beat me 3-0. By then we were a little tired of playing games so we decided to go demolish our house.

We re-did the landscaping and Isobela built a cool adobe hacienda on a plateau that had emerged from the water int he northeast corner of our lot. I built yet another pier for the Tester and then helped her arrange and re-arrange furniture. One gigantic concrete planter that held a full grown tree had to be moved at least a few dozen times.

After cleaning up we went country line-dancing at a place called the 'Black Horse' Saloon (no apparent relationship to the Armored Cavalry Regiment of the same name). We got all dressed up in our cowboy costumes and it turns out they were having a cheerleaders and football players theme night. I have a couple of nice cheerleader outfits but Isobela convinced me that it would be best to show that side of myself as it was our first time there.

Later it was back to the K.R. Engineering store for another game of On A Roll, and then another won; I was able to win both of these. To top off the night we went back home for a little more touch-up on the house; thankfully the concrete planter stayed where it was. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Season has Officially Arrived!

Cheyenne had blogged about a Mah Jong table you can pick up for free, so I did! Isobela and I played a few games, it is single-player only but you can have a friend help you out. We each kept reaching for the same pieces and getting in each other's way and snapping at each other and having a blast.

Tuesday night at the Savoy was a blast as usual; it is my second-favorite night in the Metaverse! The DJ favored me with a dance or two. Joe and Port on Drums and Bass for a bit, then they went to dance and snog in the crowd. DJ Tight was there; Isobela described him as one of the best Blue's DJs in the Metaverse, right after DJ Isobela, DJ Cat and DJ Hy.

On Wednesday my friend Koko was on Tun Tavern (Forward) with Isobela. Jia stopped by to say hi; she and Koko seemed to get along really well. They were planning on coming to the GlamShack on Friday for our Boxers on Bowie Beach with DJ Isobela. Knowing Jia she'll probably hang around for Friendly Fire and TGINF as well.

Isobela and I played On A Roll during King's show at the GlamShack; Iso brought in a ringer to play for her and they together beat me 3-2! Right after that was the DJ Isobela Rocks your Hump-Day show. It was quite a fine performance, though we missed Friendly Fire at Haute Couture doing a Breast Cancer charity fundraiser. DJ Donnagh and merry followed with Don playing awesome music, stuff I hadn't heard before but liked.

You know that Halloween season has officially arrived when Mack and Case sing Monster Mash! Friendly Fire had their usual Thursday-night show at Club Casa Blanco and the joint was jumping. There were many new faces there, which is cool.

From there we went to the GlamShack to play On A Roll and enjoy DJ Crighton and Kimala's excellent show. Unfortunately Isobela broke the On A Roll table, but the show more than made up for it. Somehow a giant male member appeared in the Shack, it had to be 20 feet long! The girls were all up dancing on it and commenting on it and we were all laughing ourselves silly.

Friday saw us at Parker's Pub where Isobela was DJing. It was a very nice bluesy/light rock mix that she does so well, plus a few Celtic songs that encouraged everyone to get up and dance a jig!

We had a Boxers on Bowie Beach theme with DJ Isobela. It was boxer shorts, not prizefighters; I guess I'll have to be more specific in my notices in the future. Isobela and I wore matching boxers and Case was very jealous, he mentioned them a few times during the evening.

Friendly Fire followed on Bowie Beach with the dynamic duo still tearing up the Metaverse with their enthusiasm and talent. We heard the Monster Mash again and Jud stopped by and called us all "SILLY PEOPLE!!". There was a huge crowd that I was busy greeting, tagging and bagging while on double poofer duty. The Train Wreck was "Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll", brought to us as always by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures by Mack.

The DJ Hy and mikki show followed with Nakey Friday. As usual mikki jumped he gun a little, but absolutely no one was complaining! After the show had gotten started and people were partaking Sedona mentioned that her perv cam is requiring liquid cooling!

On Saturday morning Miyam invited me to come see the marketplace she was building with Adrian, Joce and a few other people, called the "Fjordsguilden Market". It specializes in medieval stuff and already has a few vendors set up and selling. They are doing a real good job with it, and will likely have a show with a DJ or two for their grand opening.

I worked more on my Flying Double Dance Disc. I had previously been calling it a dance pad, but mikki explained to me the errors of my ways; at least as far as disc vs. pad is concerned. I'm pretty much done with it; the Disc is done, the Vendor is ready and tested, I just need to polish the instruction sheet and find some places to put it out for sale.

Isobela and I went to the On A Roll store to play; the game at the Shack is just so slow and buggy. When we got there the On A Roll table was broken so we played a few rounds of GreedyGreedy which I won 3-2. A lady came by and fixed the On A Roll table while we were playing GreedyGreedy so we played that next. Isobela won the first two games, but I couldn't come back and win 3 out of 5 because another couple was waiting for the table so we let them play. And I am still a cheating rat's ass.

Saturday night was the DJ Jocelyn and Britt show at the GlamShack. The gigantic penis was gone; I guess no one had wanted to offend Joce's sensibilities. That was a shame because Isobela had gotten used to taking naps on it in the afternoon. Jocelyn had a pressing engagement right after the scheduled end of the show and she had to leave even though there were still plenty of people in the Shack. Britt stayed with us a while and we danced to the radio.

Before too long the siren's call of On A Roll got to us again so we headed back to the store to play. I was ble to win 2-0, to bring our daily total up to 2-2, but that second game was very close. We'll have to have a tiebreaker on Sunday. Hopefully I can get serenaded again by Isobela with "Ya Cheatin Rat Bastard!" sung to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb"! Life is Good!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Woot! Wings!

With the holiday on Monday I was able to listen to DJ Isobela at the Wanderlust World Music Club on Electrum. We were dancing all sorts of dances instead of our usual one or two. I was in the running for the contest they had there, and had a 50/50 shot at winning, but the board malfunctioned right at the end. Oh well.

From there we went to Jacaranda where there had a DJ and a Best in Wings contest going on. It was pretty cool with everyone wearing wings and nothing else. There was another contest board malfunction, though this time I really didn't have too much of a chance of winning. They were talking about another event next Monday; unfortunately I'll probably be at work.

Later we went home and worked on jewelry-making projects that we both had been thinking of. They are turning out really well; we're talking about seeing if we can sell some of them. I'd also started looking into the mechanics of what I'll need to sell my Flying Double Dance Pads.

After dinner we went and played Greedy Greedy at store where they are sold. Isobela beat me three games to one! Next we played On A Roll there. The game played really fast in the store, you only had to click on Pass twice to pass instead of fifty times. This meant that Isobela could cheat at 10x speed!

I scored 3 Yahtzees in the second game, two of them in a row! Apparently this means that I am a cheating rat's ass. Even so, she still won that game, and won the series two games to one. We played one more game of Greedy Greedy which I won, so I was able to go away with a little bit of my pride intact. What a wonderful day.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Glam me a Shack! No, Really!

Friendly Fire played their usual Thursday night gig at Club Casa Blanco. It was the start of an incredibly busy weekend for me, what with the church and school fair I didn't arrive until about halfway through. Isobela was there dancing with Jazno, who was dancing like girl. He really needs to spring for some lessons.

Afterwards we started a game of On A Roll, but then quit so we could play against Mack and Promise. We kicked their butts 3-0, though Isobela carried most of our load. We played another game with just the two of us that I won 3-1, and then danced a bit to close down the GlamShack.

Though it was late we still had a bit of life left in us so we headed over to Mambo Extreme. They don't have as much shopping there as I remember, but have a great dance floor along the beach. We danced the night away, or at least what was left of it

Friday was the day the GlamShack was reduced to rubble by the giant space ants. It was very scary, almost everything was just gone. Isobela and Mack started a crash program to set it back up for the shows that evening and were able to get the bare bones set up for a beach show. All in all they did a very good job with the time that they had.

After working I was able to make the last little bit of Friendly Fire and was there for DJ Hy's show. My friend Cay was there with his pregnant wife. She's gotten a little self-conscious since she's been with baby, and he's been supporting her. Hopefully after the baby things will get back to normal. Isobela and I closed the place down, and amazingly didn't play OAR even once!

On Saturday morning before work I helped Isobela putting the GOAT back together. I had a little oopsie; I kinda accidentally nudged the GOAT stage and knocked it a few meter off kilter. Isobela was able to get it back without too much trouble, though. She just added the debt to the already long list that I owe her.

Sunday morning saw me at the Blarney Stone. As usual there was good conversation and good people. Tarogue was there, he had one of Ajay's "Cthulhu in '08" thingamabobs on. After while the crowd wandered over to the new Fibber's to listen to the "Professor"a decent singer/guitarist. I bopped along too and jammed out with them. Ginger was there hosting; hadn't seen her in quite a while.

The Saints (3-3) won 34-3 over the Raiders. It was a quite satisfactory whooping after last week's loss and yesterday's shellacking of the Tigers. We won't say who's home town the Raiders play for so as not to make Isobela feel bad. I had to work through the game, and missed watching it with her. When I got off of work we and played On A Roll,which is almost as good. She won 2 out of 3; 1-3, 3-2 and 1-3. Life is good.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Heath!

The Saints (2-3) were on Monday Night Football so guess what the On A Roll addict and I did while we watched the game. She was up 2-1 at one point, but I came back for the win. Unfortunately the Saints weren't able to do the same.

Tuesday night was Borealis' first time hosting for DJ Isobela at the Savoy. She played some really good music featuring The Nimmo Bros Live at Glasgow, Scotland; the overall theme of the show was UK Blues. mikki was there helping to train Borealis but the Savoy is a difficult place to learn to host; most people just want to slow dance and listen to music. Elisabeth had stopped by; Squiffy and Hy were on guitar and bass and Raven joined them on piano later.

I was able to catch the last half of the Friendly Fire show at Demonic on Wednesday. It was superb as usual. Demonic is actually a pretty cool place, not only because of all of the demons but it is also architecturally interesting. I spent some of the show time looking around to see what ideas I cold borrow for our next rebuild(s).

After the show I talked with Isobela about searching for missing objects. She is convinced we have lots of hidden stuff scattered about our property. She is likely right, but I don't think the problem is as big as she seems to think it is. As soon as I get a chance though I'll need to go on a prim safari, because it is a problem.

We didn't go hunting right then because we had to get ready for her show at the GlamShack. DJ King and mikki had started their show an hour early, so they were ready for a break by the time that we showed up. The crowd was light, but our hump-day hijinxs were in full swing. All too soon it was time for DJ Donagh and AuroraDawn to take over. That horny Troll and Amanda had shown up, and Gussie stopped by too! Woot!

We changed into formals in the Shack and went straight to Topanga Canyon where Heath was doing a two year anniversary performance. The Canyon really isn't much as a venue, but apparently it was where Heath did his first show so it is special to all of us. We danced and chatted and had a simply marvelous time listening to his music.

Monday, October 6, 2008

mikki: Barefoot and poledancing, now that's a wedding!

I had a chance to work on a new project today, a sort of circular couch thing that goes in the water. It's kinda hard to explain, I'll post a pic if I ever come close to finishing it. We had seen something similar near the Kaiya Islands beach, but I am making numerous improvements to it. As usual getting the finished surfaces looking good will be the hardest part.

Before too long I had to get cleaned up for mikki and loVolt's wedding. They had a wonderful ceremony in a poppy field high in the sky. They recited their own vows to each other, and to us. I was very impressed with both of them; Isobela was too.

mikki had a permasmile, and it wasn't just from all of the pictures we took. DJ Cat played the reception, which oddly enough was clothed. We all had a great time; there were great songs, great dancing and great friends. Well, after Cay had to leave Dee and Meggie had a little disagreement over who was going to lead, but I think that was more for fun than anything else.

As the reception was winding down Hy and Tracy challenged us to a game of On A Roll. Of course we took them up on the offer, and of course they cheated. Tracy hit the "Owner mode" button so we couldn't get a decent roll to save our souls, but were able to score two runs to finish at 3-2 nonetheless.

After dinner we worked on building some more, me on my sea couch and Isobela on a couple of different projects. I was able to pretty much finish the sea couch, it turned out pretty good. The cushions could use a bit more work, but I don't think the results would justify the cost.

After getting cleaned up yet again (Wow! Twice in one day!) we headed over to Club Neptune in Angel Shark Shallows to hear Heath play. He was as peaceful, calming, therapeutic and rejuvenating as always. Life is good.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Longest Roll

Saturday morning we went and saw Hy's new house, or at least a full-scale model of it. I like it alot, but he said it was done in 'early mausoleum' style. I can kinda see that, but there is alot of work left to be done on it. There's lots of water, Isobela had been helping him fill all of the pools.

Later that day I went to the Boobie Ball in Winterfell at the Taure En Lor Ballroom. It is a fund raiser for breast cancer; their tag line said "Wear pink if you like, and you may dance topless if you dare, in honor of the breasts and lives we are working to save." Most of the ladies were in pink formal wear, there was a DJ present and it was a very nice party.

The afternoon heralded the Open Mic show at the GOAT. mikki, Dee and Isobela did their usual outstanding job of lining up talent and otherwise organizing the event. We heard AJ, Artel, Skylord, Mica and REALLY. While we were there a situation came up and Isobela took up the ob as hostess for DJ Arcadian, who played in the GlamShack immediately after Open Mic. Since she was working we didn't drag the On A Roll table into the shack and play while he was DJing, but we had an incredibly fun time nonetheless.

DJ Jocelyn and hostess Meggie followed Arc. Jocelyn got slimed by one of the ghosts inhabiting the shack this month, but she had done up an excellent playlist nonetheless. After so many hours at the GOAT and with Arc we were kinda burnt out from clubbing, so we slipped outside to the game table.

It turned out to be the longest 2-person game ever. Isobela kept distracted me with all sorts of talk about robots and such. We ended up closing down the GlamShack, and still kept playing. In the end she won 3-2, but the game could have been won by either of us for hours ahead of that. Another wonderful day.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Super Slide!

Wednesday night DJ Isobela was spinning Classic Rock at the GlamShack, sandwiched between Dj King and mikki with a Cops and Robbers theme and DJ Don and merry with a Southern Rock beat. Squiffy was there trying out for the lead guitarist position in Friendly Fire, but then Mack changed her mind and decided that the position wasn't open after all.

Isobela worked on our new open-air grotto the next day while I messed around with a skeet shooting game that I had bought. I began practicing with it, and am starting to learn it's tricks. Isobela is very good at shotting stuff up so I'm a little concerned about playing it with her; she'll likely kick my butt and then tease me mercilessly about it.

Later we decided to go play On A Roll. I had been dominating the game throughout and was up by 2-0 when she gets 2 runs in a row, then a third a few play later to win! What luck! We played a second game so that I could try to regain a shred of my dignity; I was able to win that one 3-1. Of course this led to a tie-breaker in which I was able to squeak by 3-2 to win the tournament.

After that we went to Kaiya Islands for some exploring of their new areas, including their zoo. We found a good spot for dancing near the pool and danced and chatted through many songs. We relaxed in a hammock swing for a short bit, just to try it out, then called it a night.

Shocking swimwear and ravenous Rock was the order of the day on Friday as DJ Isobela took the GlamShack's Bowie Beach by storm! She's an excellent way to start the Friday Slide into the Weekend party. I had put a few of my flying double-dance pads out, people seemed to either love them or hate them, and the latter were a minority thank goodness. I'm still working on plans to sell them.

Friendly Fire continued the Bash on Bowie Beach when DJ Isobela was done. They had just gotten back from a standing-room only show at the Bushy Beard and were ready to Rock. The Friday Night Train Wreck was brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts as usual (they have their Halloween stock out now) and by Gestures By Mack; it was a stirring rendition of Crimson and Clover sung by Mack. Mack and Case also sang Pr0nography, which I hadn't heard in a while, but not I Love This Song.

mikki had started way early for Naked/Nekkid/Nakie/Nakey Friday, during DJ Isobela's show as a matter of fact. LexiMae didn't realize Friendly Fire played for nakey nights, but she joined right in! Jud stopped by and greeted us all with "Hello silly people." At 20:30 there were 20 people on the beach, none of them wearing anything but a smile! Life is good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Isobela!

Monday night was a GlamShack night. We listened to the DJ Ando and AuroraDawn show, the DJ Case and Ajay show, and then the DJ Zak and Promise show. Extraordinary show people all. While there we sat an chatted in our chairs for a long time, then went and played On A Roll where I barely beat Isobela by the skin of my teeth 3-0.

Later we went on another building spree. I took out the Romanesque bath and built up the ground to form a small earthen amphitheater to compliment Isobela's larger rock one. She put a nice waterfall at one end of it that makes a nice pool in the middle. We may be able to fit her mermaid statue in there as well.

Tuesday was Isobela's Birthday. She had said she didn't want a party, so as much as she deserved one we had a mostly quiet evening. I had bought a nice pair of boots for her, one of the fancy kind with alligator skin that can change color on command. Of course, being Isobela, she immediately made them black.

After putting on the boots and admiring them at length we went cruising the metaverse. We ended up in a place called Therapy. It wasn't the Club Therapy that we used to enjoy so much but rather a cool, lightly wooded island. There were meandering paths through the trees, a walkway along cliffs that overlooking the sea and a neat cave with a dining room table in it. I went up a mountain that I saw a flag on top of; the island was claimed for Britain, and when I came back down Isobela had found this cool tree house with a balcony overlooking the sea. We watched the sunset then went in to the dance floor and danced and chatted for hours.

Eventually the siren's call of On A Roll got to us both so we headed back to the GlamShack. DJ Cat was playing but we were moistly concentrating on the game. Cat had set up a couple of skydiving platforms for people to use and they seemed to be having fun with it.

We caught some snippets of conversation over the music and they seemed to be saying that there was some naked skydiving going on! Isobela immediately started moving the game table closer to them so she could watch; it was very hard to put down a chip when the table kept jerking over 3 feet at a time. When we got around front of the GlamShack they were still talking nakey but I didn't see any flapping body parts. False alarm.

It had gotten very late so we agreed to a quick game of On A Roll; the first person to score would win. Isobela's all defense all the time strategy paid off for her this time; in blocking a possible run of mine she happened to get 5 in a row and win the game. All in all a wonderful day. Many more, babe.