Monday, September 29, 2008


DJ Isobela led our Friday Slide into the Weekend party at the GlamShack as usual. There was a country singer there before her show, one of the people from a previous Open Mic event. Since he had set up out front we kept things rolling there and had a Swimsuit Party on Bowie Beach. The crowds for her shows just keep getting better and better; I wonder if the pizza and beer we had out made a difference? We had ordered Pepperoni - Isobela's Favorite!

Friendly Fire had a magnificent Friday Slide show. Case said that in the spirit of the Friday Slide that he would not be debating Mack, putting the GlamShack before Politics. What a man! The Train Wreck was dedicated to Isobela, Stevie Ray Vaughan's Living Life by the Drop. It was brought to us, as usual, by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures by Mack.

DJ Hy completed Friday's ruling triumvirate with his Nakey Friday show. The crowds keep getting better and better for this show even though we do lose some shy ones immediately after Mack and Case finish. That's too bad for them, though; we have such a great time every Friday night. Towards the end there were 12 people with 4 thongs among them; well, ok, 3 thongs and what looked like Sponge-Bob Square-Pants boxers one Someone!

The night ended on a sad note however, Mack's boat caught fire! She apparently docked it too close to the campfire and a flying spark must have gotten to all the alcohol she keeps in there. There was nothing lift but a pile of ashes on the sand.

Bright and early Saturday morning I realized that I needed to find out who Mack's insurance agent is; they had delivered a replacement boat for her already! It looked exactly the same! Now that is service.

Isobela and I spent much of the day working on Elfie Island. The giant caves just weren't doing it for us so we got rid of them and built a cool rock amphitheater. I also set out a Romanesque bath, but I'm not sure it goes with the overall decor. It's still very much a work in progress.

We got cleaned up and headed over to the GOAT for Open Mic night. It really was in the afternoon, but Open Mic afternoon just doesn't roll off of the tongue. There was a very talented crowd, more so that I am used to seeing. There were some technical difficulties, both with GOAT equipment and that of the artists, but overall it was a very nice time.

It was AJ's first time at the GOAT. He was especially glad to see the outhouse there; he mentioned that he's had to use the can for over a year. We also had a special visit by Sidewinder Linden! Isobela said it's the second time that she's seen a Linden at the GOAT. Mikki thought Sidewinder was coming after her for over-spamming group notices and IMs, a logical assumption, but not this time.

DJ Arcadian played in the GlamShack after we were finished at the GOAT. Isobela, mikki and I creamed Hy, Tracy and Mack at On A Roll; we had moved the game table inside for Arc's show and that worked well. DJ Jocelyn was up after DJ Arc so we danced to her tunes for a bit, she had a couple of new ones that were a gas.

Before too long Isobela had to leave for work so I followed her to FreeStar Bay where she was officering for Friendly Fire. It was one of the half-hour gigs that FreeStar often puts on with one performer after another playing to a tightly-packed throng. I'm always amazed at how much music Mack and Case can pack in to half an hour!

Someone had moved the On A Roll table back outside the GlamShack so Isobela and I sat down for a quick game. With lots of people the games tend to take very long, but with two people they are usually quick. Usually. This one turned in to a marathon game; Mack and Hy were waiting for us to finish so they could play but we just kept going and going. I finally won 3-1, but it was actually much closer than that. Each side was one roll away from winning for much of the game.

Sunday morning saw a GlamShack partners meeting. I sure wish they wouldn't schedule them during Saints (2-2) games, but they did ask first so it's my own fault. We met in our rock amphitheater even though it was far from finished. Isobela set out some chairs and I drug over a table for the leftover pizza from Friday night. Plus of course a keg. We talked about all sorts of things; I think Case is noticing beer missing from his private stock in the GlamShack cellars so I'll have to back off my nightly raids for a while.

We left from the meeting and went straight to DJ Isobela's gig at Burning Life! The Fantabulous one rocked the playa at Munchies for Ice Cream Sunday! Blissie was passing out Divinity French Vanilla with Hot Fudge sundaes; they go very well with beer! I was kind of an impromptu host and tried to dress the part for Burning Life. BigD had on a lovely long blue formal dress but I was not nearly as well covered.

There was a singer up ahead of DJ Isobela, and Friendly Fire played after her. The Playa was packed but it seems that there's always room for one or two more Glam Rockers wherever they play. We had a stupendous time, but it left me with some rather unusual tan lines. Well worth it, though.

Later we went shopping for some jeans then played On A Roll. I won the first game 3-1 and then lost the second one 2-3! It was the first solo win ever for Isobela! I am so proud of her, even though she got very lucky with THREE yahtzees and cheated blatantly. She marked this day on her calendar with very big stars.

When she was done celebrating she worked on capital improvements to the GlamShack while I worked on a new dance gadget. It turned out pretty good; Isobela, mikki and Mack all helped me test it out. They say I should market it, and I probably should, but that will be a major pain. Still, the extra money would be nice. I'll need to do some more testing with various dances and make sure I set permissions correctly, but that shouldn't be hard just time-consuming.

The next question is when to have it's first public showing. It would be perfect for Friday nights, but then again it would be perfect for almost any night at the GlamShack. I'll probably try and hold off until Wednesday night but ya never know. In this wild and wacky world we live in surprise is a daily blessing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rolling On

We played On A Roll this afternoon on the GlamShack docks. I started off the game with a yahtzee, and had gotten another one during the game, but even so it was a close, hard-fought match. I ended up winning three to one.

While we were playing DJ Crighton's show had started. There wasn't much of a crowd at first so we (I) moved the On A Roll game table inside. This immediately attracted a crowd. Mack came over and sat down in my seat, so once I had the table aligned I hit the reset button and popped her up and sat down there myself.

Case didn't want to make a fourth with us, and Elysian couldn't stay long, but Promise showed up and immediately was game. It was Isobela and Promise against Mack and I. This game started slower, I didn't get a yahtzee until midway through. Mack is a killer On A Roll player, and even though our opponents were no slouches themselves we were able to run the table three to naught.

Afterwards Isobela and I were able to get some dancing in. DJ Crighton's show finished so he turned the radio on for us before he left. We closed the GlamShack down, dancing and talking and looking forward to what the next evening might bring.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schoolgirls and their poor Teachers

It was Schoolgirls and Teachers theme night at the GlamShack with DJ Isobela. Oddly enough, no one was checking IDs; pretty slip-shod management if you ask me. Some of those girls seemed very young and they were running amok! Kissing all the posters on the walls, grinding against them, and all sorts of things. DJ King, who played before Isobela, didn't have a theme; and neither did DJ Donagh who played after. Wise men.

My friend Fetzer, whom I met through Case, was there and rocking out. Word is that he will be DJing at the GlamShack sometime soon. That would be pretty cool; we're always looking for bright new talent. That's why we have the GOAT Goddesses running Open Mic Night on Saturdays.

I heard some people complaining the other day, I'm not sure if they were serious or not, about the number of group notices that go out to the GlamShack group. I got to thinking about it and decided that the reason there is so many notices is that we do so many shows. Three back-to-back on Wednesday and again on Friday. Oh yeah, I like Fridays. It's Friday Eve today. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slow at the Savoy

I couldn't make it to the Savoy for the start of DJ Isobela's show but Borealis kept her company, what a gentleman. When I arrived I played my Saxaphone for just a few minutes, joining Melon on bass and His Hyness on piano. Borealis called me down to take his place so then I danced with Isobela, slow, for the rest of the evening. Life is good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Congratulations AC and Emedea!

AC and Emedea were wed today at Boston Light Lighthouse in a beautiful ceremony. It was a standing-room only crowd, though Isobela and I were able to get the last two seats in the back row on the groom's side. There was a reception afterwards at Pinky's Cherry Pie Palace, a quite good place despite the name. Gwen was impromptu DJ, her first time DJing a wedding, and did quite a good job.

Other than that we were busy excavating caves and guiding spring water into cascading waterfalls. I also build a small, cobblestone dance floor. We're still in the early stages of work, but I think it's gonna be cool. Another wonderful day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Note to Self

When taking down the slide at the GlamShack for repairs be sure to also take down the "TP To Top Of Slide" sign. An ounce of prevention, etc.


We had the very first game day at the GlamShack. Mack had become addicted to On A Roll so she had the idea to have that game, plus Greedy Greedy and SLopoly out on the grounds of the Shack on a Sunday afternoon for everyone to play. It drew a decent sized crowd though they all crowded around the On A Roll table.

The first game we ended up having all 8 seats filled. Isobela and I played on one team and got our butts kicked. The dice just didn't roll our way; the other team had two runs and were one roll away from a third in a couple of places before we made our first one. The game lasted over two and a half hours; eight-person games take longer than others but that was exceptional.

Most everyone was worn out by then and headed out, but Isobela and I stayed to play Greedy Greedy with Don and mikki. It was much more fast-paced and fun. Don and I were taking the lead from each other, back and forth the whole game, but he was the first to reach 10,000 points. The rest of us had one more turn to try and beat his score, but none of us did. It was a very good game.

Later on we decided to level Elfie Island and bring in some mountains. The idea was to dig all sorts of tunnels and caves throughout the mountains to replace the dance pavilion and other areas. Since the aquifier is close to the surface in Bowie we expect to have a number of waterfalls, both on the outside of the mountains and in the caves.

We stopped our terraforming work, got cleaned up and dressed up and headed over to Angel Shark Shallows at 7 to listen to Heath. It was his regular Sunday show at Club Neptune, his first regular show since losing power to Ike for over a week. His solo and instrumental-backed piano is simply amazing. Rejuvenating of mind, body, spirit and soul. Life is grand.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congratulations Borealis and Gossamer!

Ajay had sent out word that a Friendly Fire show was scheduled at the last minute, and asked for any officers that could make it to help out. Friendly Fire officers being the great group that they are, just about everyone showed up! "If anyone would like a Friendly Fire group invite or Swag bag please IM Isobela or Dee or Promise or Rosinante or Ajay or I!" Dee got so excited she started having Multiple Hoogasms! I had double-poofer duty despite all of the other officers being there; but hey that's my job. It had been way too long since I had heard I love This Song.

The occasion was a chance for Mack and Case to play Fluffy Friday at Club CasaBlanco! It looks like that may become a regular gig; they are excellent Fluffers! We were treated to a very good show, but Mack had one slight problem. I hate to dwell on negatives, but she gave strict instructions that "So from now on, a bonehead move will be called 'pulling a Mack'," and I felt it important to pass on that requirement.

Soon after getting back from Fluffy's it was time to head over to the GlamShack to prepare for the night's festivities. DJ Isobela was presenting Bikinis and Boots on Bowie Beach! Bikini tops were optional for the guys; in fact, I don't recall seeing even one. She had an excellent playlist prepared, and did an excelent job of getting the crowd warmed up for Friendly Fire.

Case sang his pink thong song, that is always a hit. I was also ably to enjoy I love This Song for the second time in a day! The Train Wreck song was Why Don't We Do It In The Road; dedicated, for some odd reason, to Isobela. As usual the Train Wreck was sponsored by Fairplay Design and Arts and by Gestures by Mack. How two such reputable firms became associated with this practice is a mystery to us all.

DJ Hy and hostess mikki put on their usual fantastic Nakey Friday show. Be proud of your pixels! We rocked the night away to a slightly larger and more open crowd than usual. Twenty-six people were there, for the most part wearing just smiles. The big news of the night was that Borealis and Gossamer decided to couple, to become partners! Woot! Best of wishes to the Lucky Couple!

On Saturday Isobela and I visited a Haunted Castle. They had a totally amazing maze in the basement, a werewolf lair in the upper turrets, and a cool gothic ballroom in between. There was no one else there, but it did look like a wild place for a party. There were a number of tables along one wall with no chairs around them; we couldn't decide if they were for dancing or serving body-part snack-trays!

Later we went exploring on Boojum Island. Isobela discovered a hidden underground lair; there was even a treasure chest with gold doubloons down there! The only exit was through am underwater tunnel that had a shark guarding the far end, but we were able to slip past him while his back was turned. On the far side of the pirate ship we tried some underwater fencing; of course I won the game 5 touches to 2. It was pretty fun, I'll have to see about getting it for the GlamShack.

Speaking of which, we went back and helped to arrange things for the game party tomorrow afternoon. We did some terraforming on Elfie Island and under the surrounding waters moved the dock and pulled the Tester over to it. Isobela planted some incredibly lovely trees there and at the GOAT, too. Hy fixed a problem that we had discovered with the gaming tables, but I'm still not completely satisfied. I'll have to try and catch him and Mack tomorrow which will be, as today, another wonderful day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congratulations Dee and Cay!

Angels and Demons was the theme at the GlamShack last night. DJ King and hostess mikki started us off with a truly fantastic show; they just keep getting better and better. King was a nightmare and mikki was, as usual, purely angelic. I arrived near the end of their show to learn that Dee and Cay had run off and gotten married! They were still all dressed up and everything! Congratulations you two!

DJ Isobela was up next and had gone through Heaven and Hell to put together a Fantabulous Hump-Day Angels and Demons show for us. It was interesting to see who thought that they have been naughty or nice. I was busy hosting so I didn't get a chance to get any rebuttals in.

Dee and Cay stayed there dancing all night. Most of the time they seemed to be whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, but occasionally they would join in the group chat. Dee kept telling us how she was having Multiple Hoogasms! mikki teased Isobela about her angel costume, and curm appropriately gave me a hard time as well. Elysian had her GlamShack baptism in one of the large Champagne glasses. DJ Donagh and hostess merry followed DJ Isobela with some good, solid rock. Another wonderful ni

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

North Bowie Vulcanism!

We looked at some building tools on Monday; they were kinda expensive and we figured we could do just as well ourselves. Now I just need to search through my inventory for my SL4. In the meantime Isobela brought up a volcano from the sea floor near our house, it is spilling lava all over the place! I tried to help her with the smoke that is coming out of it. When the wind blows from the west the smoke goes all over our patio; I hope she is able to move it soon. It was very cool just lounging around on a raft all evening, building and scripting side by side.

DJ Isobela played her usual Fantabulous Tuesday gig at The Savoy! It was a relaxing evening of the best blues and even better dance partners. I pseudo-hosted, did most of the duties of a host but didn't wear my name tag. When working up the group notices Isobela instructed me to include the phrase "copious amounts of frosting and romance." I have no idea what this means; it will likely take months to figure out. The music sure was grand, though.

DJ Cat usually plays at the GlamShack during the same time slot, but she sent out notice that her show would be later so I sent some group chat letting people know they could make DJ Isobela's show at 6 and still make it to Cat's at 8, but it didn't seem like there were any takers. DJ Cat and her hostess had a bikini roller-skating party planned, how cool is that? I talked it over with Isobela and we figured we'd have our own copycat bikini roller-skating in a few months, after people will have forgotten whose idea it originally was. We will add a special twist, though. A dangerous one. You'll have to wait and see.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Rez-Day Rosie!

The Burning Life is fast approaching; Isobela was invited to DJ a show at Munchies there. Friendly Fire, Cat and Tali will likely have events too. Isobela has kept going on about how the DJ thing is a lot of fun and she has a gas doing it; somehow she has gotten the crazy idea that it would be cool if we cold DJ together, both being on mic at the same time. I'm not too sure this is even technically feasible; VLB does something somewhat similar, but they may have specialized hardware to support it or something like that. I'm not too sure that I want to be a DJ anyway. Isobela is doing some research into it, so we'll see.

Saturday afternoon we went sailing in USS waters, which I believe stands for United Sailing Syndicate. It's a huge place dedicated to sailing and people who love the water. I was able to launch the Tester OK, but the waters were very rough; things kept crashing. So we chatted with another sailor for a while, then headed in.

Back home we tried out the AirBoat zipping around the Shack, but it was having troubles with rough waters, too. I guess it just wasn't the day for sailing. I went to see Hy and Tracy, but they weren't around. I like their home's new look, though.

On Sunday Gestures by our very own Mack celebrated it's One-Year Anniversary! They still have that Smiley-face griefing going on; I wish I knew who was in charge of Security at that place! Oh, wait; never mind. Mack and Case played a half-plugged show in the store, it was just like old times; Isobela and I closed the place down dancing, just like old times as well.

Isobela had won a prize from the Prize Robot who had made the trek all the way there from the GlamShack! He had to have walked underwater at some point; I'll have to run a full diagnostics suite and re-greasing on him when he gets back.

Later we played On a Roll with Mack and Promise at the GlamShack. It was Promise's first time playing, and Mack set a very bad example for her by cheating left and right. Mack got at least 3 Yahtzees! By her own admission! So of course they won, but it was good that Promise won on her first game. It is a very fun thing.

After our humiliating defeat Isobela and I took the AirBoat out to the USS waters and flew it around all over the place. We were out for over an hour; I hurt my hand from the vibration in the control stick rattling it around. We also stopped by this way cool Coast Guard station, but no one was home.

We also took the Seaplane Glider out for a bit; that hurt hand even more, but it was worth it. We blew blue smoke all over the place.

That evening the Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband is appeared at Nightclub Echo Echo, the Metaverse's Premier Rock Club! Mack and Case are brought us a high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza! Well, maybe not that high of a fashion; as a matter of fact they both wore red shirts. We talked a little about making it a red shirt theme night, but I wasn't comfortable making a last minute change so we put off the planning until later. It would be cool to do theme nights or even contests at their regular gigs every once in a while.

I was able to love I LOVE THIS SONG for the second time that day; how awesome! I'm a little worried about Rosi though, she kept speaking in this falsetto, calling peoples names, mine especially; it's somewhat disconcerting. It's almost like I'm hearing voices again. She also said that she was going to stay away on Fridays; I just don't know what's wrong with her.

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness featured the incomparable DJ Jocelyn with Hostess Britt. Hare showed up, been quite a while since I saw her; too long even. It was Rosie's Rez Day, she had gotten there too late for Mack & Case to sing to her. She had gotten me a wonderful bracelet for my birthday, I wear it often; I felt just awful I didn't get her anything and that I didn't even realize it was her Res Day until Joce announced it. I shall have to figure out how to rectify this.

After a bit of clubbing we played On a Roll with Melon and Kingofbeers. It was their first time playing, too. Despite my dead weight, Isobela was able to eek out a win for us. That is a cool game. We had a great weekend and are looking forward to an even better week. Life is good.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooke and Congrats Brooke and Clovis, and Happy Rez-Day Ginger!

Mack had asked me to work on a script for her; I think she is more dangerous that Isobela with a script editor. I was able to do that, but the scripting job I was going to do for that jewelry shop fell through; the person who wanted a script made got it from a friend. It was fun researching for the script and creating the test piece of jewelry that I used, so it was fun.

Isobela and I visited that Lost Island that I had found; it was very cool. It had the best volcano I've ever seen , well besides Isobela's of course. We must have spent half an hour just looking at it. Later we went out to dinner at the Lost Ballroom. We had a hard time getting there, but it was worth the trouble.

After dinner we chatted over champagne for a bit and then went dancing. We even learned a new dance, SlowDance V8!

From there we went to John's beach housefor Brooke's birthday party. Brooke has always been good at helping us celebrate everyone else's special days, it was good to celebrate with her! DJ John played for a while, and Mack and Case were going to play, but I had to leave the party early; I had to get up for work in just a few hours. I'm sure they were great, and Brooke's bottom received it's just desserts!

The Friday Slide into the Weekend party started as usual with DJ Isobela rocking the GlamShack! She played a mixture of Classic Rock and Fantabulous Rock, my favorite! Friendly Fire played to a very large crowd, including Woke up in a thong! That is getting to be a Friday regular, plus they played I Love This Song! I had double poofer duty, but on fun and frolic Friday that really isn't a chore.

DJ Hy followed Mack and Case, his show was to be a Happy Rez-Day party for Ginger in addition to being Nakie Friday. Miki had made a delicious cake and decorated the Shack for her, but she had to work late. She eventually showed up and partied with us; it seemed to be a good de-stressing for her.

A usual on Nakie Fridays things started kinda slow; about six of us stripped down right off but many others needed a little time to get comfortable with it. There were others that showed up a little late and were throwing off pieces of clothes as they walked in! Towards the end there were many more naked people than not at the show.

There was lots of chat about Mikki and loVolt, Dee and Cay's recent partnerings, and how Isobela and I had just celebrated our one-year anniversary of meeting. There were lots of requests for lovey-dovey type songs, and all that romantical stuff must have gotten to Brooke and Clovis because they went and partnered right there at the Shack! Woot!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ajay browbeat me into starting this blog one year ago today. This is my 357th post; not quite one-a-day but close. Some days I found I had to push myself to post; I think I'll stop doing that. So while I may not be posting every day, I'll still be around. Today is also the first anniversary of Isobela and I meeting in Fibber's; according to her at least. To me it seems like several wonderful lifetimes.

DJ Isobela Wooed the Mer-Folk at the GlamShack today! I spent quite a long time looking for appropriate tattoos for the event, to no avail; but I was quite proud of my tail! DJ King and mikki had the show before Isobela, and DJ Donagh followed. We were honored to have Mermaid Princess Nephrodite there! The Prize Robot gave her some shoe gift certificates, so she said "Great! Now all I need is feet!"

I had hoped to see some seahorses there, but no one brought any; I may have to go looking in mer-folk stores myself. Tracy had a very cool, patriotic tail that she wore towards the end of the show. I don't think Hy has a tail; at least I didn't see one on him. curm either. Oh well. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aeryn: Heya Savoy Peeps!

I chatted with my friend Rexona about doing some programming work for her jewelry shop. It's a nice challenge, stuff that I haven't worked with before. If I can get it working well I might even get paid for it! Woot!

DJ Isobela played some smoking blues at the Savoy. Featured music was by Dave Specter and the Blue Birds. It kinda straddled the line between blues and jazz, simultaneously sophisticated and raunchy, just like a certain DJ. Her giggly hostess was Mikki, dressed to the nines wearing a fantastic top!

Borealis stopped by, Jud and Elisabeth too. We chatted a bit about her Cup of Goodness Coffee shop. Squiffy showed up and got on guitar, with Hy on bass and Mort on the piano. Louis Armstrong finished us all off. What a wonderful world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rolling On

We played On A Roll during Case's Rock & Roll Listening Party. It was a pretty good show; Case was taking requests and even sang a reggae song for us! Isobela and I each won one game, then Mack and Tracy joined us for a third but we had to quit before we were done. Isobela and I were in the lead though; so I am counting it as a major thrashing. Life is good.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Dat?

Today I worked on our security system some more. It requires constant tweaking since Isobela knows everyone in the Metaverse; I am always adding new people to the allowed list. When that was done we enjoyed the Saints whupping the living tar out of the Bucs, 24-20. I wonder what I should have wagered with Ajay? I wonder if I can talk her in to a retroactive bet? In any case, I had set up a big screen on the dock and we watched the game from there.

Just before 1 we went to the Mango Bay Wet Bar and Dance Floor. Billed as the metaverse's newest water sports resort, they had a day of live entertainment with premier Rock & Blues DJ Isobela, the Papp Daddy Dancers with Papp Daddy himself as DJ, and then Top Blues Rocker Noma.

Isobela's cousin Contamina was there, and mikki showed up too. Contamina was one of the Papp Daddy Dancers, they were OK but seemed to be missing some people. Noma was completely awesome! She's another one we gotta get to the GOAT.

Friendly Fire had a surprise show at Rocky Waters. Case tried to send some notices, and Isobela and I were thinking about going to help out out but then it looked like Rosi and Dee took over the show so we stayed put. With the way traffic was there was a good chance that we couldn't have gotten there anyway. Friendly Fire officers are the greatest in the entire Metaverse!

Later on we went to the GlamShack to play On A Roll. I had moved the game table over to Tun Tavern (Forward) to make space for the Open Mic; thankfully someone else had moved it back. That thing is Heavy! I beat Isobela, then Tracy and Hy were sailing by so we invited them to play, but only after Tracy changed the game out of that evil Classic Mode. Hy and Tracy cheated and won a game, and by then it had gotten very late and we couldn't give them the drumming they deserved. But we will, soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Open Mic!

I made it to the first Open Mic at the GOAT! mikki and Dee and Isobela are the three Goddesses of the GOAT who put everything together; it looks like it will be a weekly event. Britt warmed it up with some amazing singing. Mica was due up next, but there were horrid traffic problems so Kingofbeers stepped up and played early for us. He DJed a different style of music than he usually plays at the GlamShack on Wednesday nights, quite awesome.

Next up was JaNa who played a very good electronica ambient rhythmic reflective music. It had been a while since I had heard music like that, and I really enjoyed it. Nick99 played acoustic Classic rock tunes of the 60's, 70's and more modern Rock. He plays often at NP so I was familiar with his music. Mica was finally able to get in, he is a good 'ol country boy; singer, songwriter, karaoke DJ and regular DJ extraordinaire! He played guitar and sang for us; he has quite an amazing range of songs he can play!

When the Open Mic was over we went to check on progress at the new NP. They have some small helicopter-type things you can use to get around, so we did our tour in one of them. The market spaces are filling up, rental houses are up and a couple are ready for occupancy, and the stage/theater is looking good. It is very multi-functional; it could accommodate Heath or FF or almost anyone! They put a nice town-square type area in the middle of the shops, it's really looking good. And of course they have a nice beach.

Urban Shopper was having a Re-Grand Opening Event. It had undergone some heavy construction and is now by the Sea! They had associate stores in the area too with sale items and gifts from many different designers.

Topaz Square was having a “Summer End Sidewalk Party/Event” to celebrate its 1st anniversary. There was a L$50-sale with stuff from many designers in the store as well as the booths outside. They also had some games, free food and a funny-picture-taking place set up!

From there we went tattoo shopping, a whirlwind tour of the metaverse's best ink spots. After Isobela had exhausted me with her shopping prowess we headed back home for our normal night-time activities.

No, not really :)

About the Open Mic night, mikki says: Are you an established singer or a budding basement performer looking to crash the sim, or do you know of anyone that would like to participate in an open mic event! There are 4 thirty minute slots beginning at 3pm slt and going to 5 pm slt. You need to contact mikki Freschi to reserve your spot for September 13th!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greek Weiner Dancing

DJ Isobela Capalini led the charge for our Friday Slide into the weekend! It was Owners Night as Isobela, Mack, Case and Hy all put on Glamtastic shows. They were all great; the music just seemed to flow seamlessly. Megan stopped by for a bit and greeted us all with "MY FAMILY!!!!!" Isobela volunteered me to make a Friendly Fire Tattoo and a Friendly Fire Flying Beer Coaster, and Case sang the Pink Thong Song.

TGINF was awesome as usual; the first one that we've had inside. There were many more participants early, word seems to be getting around about or Friday celebrations. Tracy kept changing her mind of course, and Viola had a strange tan, almost purple. Nef was there and seemed OK at first, but then turned a deadly shade of gray. I hope he gets to feeling better.

At one point we all had to leave, Hy did something; but most of us came back. Cat led us in a few spankfests and then we tried the Greek line dance, which was immediately nicknamed the Greek Weiner Dance. DJ Hy finally ended 3 hours late, what a trooper!

Friendly Fire's Friday Night Train Wreck was brought to us by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures by Mack; it was "Just What I Needed". That was quite prophetic; that night was just what we needed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Short, Happy Day

I did my rounds today; Brooke was in her store awful early. She was busy working so I didn't disturb her. I also found a Lost Island; we'll have to go explore that some day. Later Isobela and I went to hear Heath, a true virtuoso. He always has a good show. Another wonderful day in the metaverse.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I finished my rope swing! I hung it from the edge of the house and go splashing through the water with each swing. I tested it for hours!

DJ King and DJ Isobela were having a combined Toga Party with their back-to-back shows. DJ King had mikki hostess for him. I couldn't make it for the show; other business kept me away. mikki graciously agreed to take over hosting duties for me, a double shift! She is such a doll, but if I had known she was hostessing the first show we wouldn't have asked her to do the second.

I was able to make it to the GlamShack right about the time the second show was scheduled to end, but the Fantabulous DJ played late as usual so I was able to enjoy some of her Glamtastic music. It sounds like everyone there had a good time making fun of me while I was gone, too!

Afterwards Isobela and I played On A Roll on the GlamShack docks. I had a very nice time de-stressing after my difficult afternoon; she is such an angel of mercy. She even let me win 3-1.

We started a second game and Isobela was whupping my behind; she had even rolled a Yahtzee! As soon as she did, though, we had to leave the area. Some type of maintenance activity, so the game would be reset. Poor Isobela. We ended up heading to Beurling Bay and I showed her the Cup of Goodness Coffee shop where she bought a poster, the UFO, stage area and lighthouse. We got back to Tidings just as the sun was coming up, signaling the end and start of yet another wonderful day.

DJ Isobela is playing; Life is Good

I started experimenting with making swings. I did a model of a regular porch swing, then an egg-shaped one. The physics seemed to be working OK, but could be a little better. I have a plan that might fix that, though; will likely take a day or two though. I also started working on a rope swing. I had to interrupt my work because,

DJ Isobela was at the Savoy! It was the perfect night to boogie to the sizzling sounds of DJ Isobela and her red-hot smokin' mix of blues. There was an amazing featured album as usual, and a good crowd showed up. Kimala was able to hostess the show. Poor Isobela keep getting confused with all the changes in her help. She kept calling me her hostess last week; I though she was just teasing until she started calling Kimala her host this week! I need to start looking for help for her.

I received word that NP is moving to a new home; they will have their own entire island! Way cool; I can't wait until they have it finished. One of the people there was talking about a cool place in the Southwest, we asked her about it an apparently it is members-only but Isobela managed to sweet-talk invitations for us. We only had a chance for a brief look-around, but it is way cool. Many small canyons to ride their birch-bark canoes in. I can't wait to go back and check the whole place out. Life is good.

WOWO! Megan is back!!! She could only stay for a little while, but it was so good to talk with her again. Isobela and I have missed her so much. Life is Really good!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Tabbie!

DJ Isobela was at the Wanderlust World Music Club doing a show with a Star Trek theme, she had the audacity to wear a red shirt! No one would dance next to her for fear of getting shot; except for me of course. There was a contest for the best costume I won! Hy, Tracy and Downtown tied for second. I think it was my Tricorder that pushed me over the top. And no, I do not mean that my Tricorder interfered with the voting board! The venue tip jar was a robot thing that was floating around and getting in everybody's way, especially Mack's; if she had remembered to charge her phaser before leaving the house I'm sure she would have blasted it.

We have been having troubles with the water slide, but never when I am around. Isobela had a stunningly brilliant troubleshooting idea, so I tried it and of course it worked flawlessly! People should now be able to use the slide whether I am around or not. She really is a good builder, even though you wouldn't believe it based on the small number of prims she has set out at our house.

Later we did some research for a possible GlamShack event next week; this week is the combined Toga party with DJ King. I also received a very nice note from Willa. Friendly Fire Officers are one of the best sets of people in the metaverse!

Hy and Tracy bought an On A Roll game; they set it up at the GlamShack and Hy got to watch Tracy and Mack play. Later in the evening there was a Beach Party at the GlamShack with DJ Zak and new hostess Promise! Well, she was new to hostessing at the GlamShack but has significant hosting experience in other remarkable venues. It turned into a party for Tabbie's birthday, too! The Champagne was flowing and people were dancing and everyone was having a Glamtastic good time.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Cat, Mack, Miyam, Hy and Isobela all called me to say they were hoping the best for me. Thank ya'll very much. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people in the Metaverse.

We received news about the DJ contest that Dj Isobela was in; although she beat out 30 others she was not the grand-prize winner. My tarn and I will likely be having a little chat with the judges. Next year she's will be a shoe-in.

Later on I played On A Roll with all of the GlamShack owners at Starbrook's Coffee. Tracy was wearing a Halloween costume that she had found in a treasure hunt. It was such a blast to play such a fun game with such good friends. Isobela, Mack and I won three to one. It was the ultimate in de-stressing. Well, OK; second-best.

((Made it to Memphis

After driving 5 hours from home I was 34 miles away. Yep, less that 7 miles per hour for 5 hours. Both of my legs were cramping up from riding the brakes. Eventually it cleared up and we made decent time; a normally 5 hour trip took just 12.

We stopped for gas and people from the First United Pentacostal Church in Grenada were handing out snacks bags to all of the evacuees. Cookies, crackers, Skittles and a small bottle of water; the daughter got Fresca though! Further on there was a hand-painted sign along the Highway saying that all the Gustav Evacs were being prayed for. Central Mississippi people live their faith.

The storm looks like it is heading in a way that would be better for us; pushing west and slowing wind speed and gaining momentum. I live north of New Orleans; we have no direct threat of storm surge, but gotta worry about wind and rain. I'm in touch with a couple of neighbors who stayed to see how things are going on our street. If we have power we'll be heading back Wednesday morning most likely. But who knows; just gotta wait and see. In the meantime I have my computer set up and we have a pool and cable and a beer store a half-block away and all my wonderful friends. Life is good.))