Monday, September 29, 2008


DJ Isobela led our Friday Slide into the Weekend party at the GlamShack as usual. There was a country singer there before her show, one of the people from a previous Open Mic event. Since he had set up out front we kept things rolling there and had a Swimsuit Party on Bowie Beach. The crowds for her shows just keep getting better and better; I wonder if the pizza and beer we had out made a difference? We had ordered Pepperoni - Isobela's Favorite!

Friendly Fire had a magnificent Friday Slide show. Case said that in the spirit of the Friday Slide that he would not be debating Mack, putting the GlamShack before Politics. What a man! The Train Wreck was dedicated to Isobela, Stevie Ray Vaughan's Living Life by the Drop. It was brought to us, as usual, by Fairplay Designs and Arts and Gestures by Mack.

DJ Hy completed Friday's ruling triumvirate with his Nakey Friday show. The crowds keep getting better and better for this show even though we do lose some shy ones immediately after Mack and Case finish. That's too bad for them, though; we have such a great time every Friday night. Towards the end there were 12 people with 4 thongs among them; well, ok, 3 thongs and what looked like Sponge-Bob Square-Pants boxers one Someone!

The night ended on a sad note however, Mack's boat caught fire! She apparently docked it too close to the campfire and a flying spark must have gotten to all the alcohol she keeps in there. There was nothing lift but a pile of ashes on the sand.

Bright and early Saturday morning I realized that I needed to find out who Mack's insurance agent is; they had delivered a replacement boat for her already! It looked exactly the same! Now that is service.

Isobela and I spent much of the day working on Elfie Island. The giant caves just weren't doing it for us so we got rid of them and built a cool rock amphitheater. I also set out a Romanesque bath, but I'm not sure it goes with the overall decor. It's still very much a work in progress.

We got cleaned up and headed over to the GOAT for Open Mic night. It really was in the afternoon, but Open Mic afternoon just doesn't roll off of the tongue. There was a very talented crowd, more so that I am used to seeing. There were some technical difficulties, both with GOAT equipment and that of the artists, but overall it was a very nice time.

It was AJ's first time at the GOAT. He was especially glad to see the outhouse there; he mentioned that he's had to use the can for over a year. We also had a special visit by Sidewinder Linden! Isobela said it's the second time that she's seen a Linden at the GOAT. Mikki thought Sidewinder was coming after her for over-spamming group notices and IMs, a logical assumption, but not this time.

DJ Arcadian played in the GlamShack after we were finished at the GOAT. Isobela, mikki and I creamed Hy, Tracy and Mack at On A Roll; we had moved the game table inside for Arc's show and that worked well. DJ Jocelyn was up after DJ Arc so we danced to her tunes for a bit, she had a couple of new ones that were a gas.

Before too long Isobela had to leave for work so I followed her to FreeStar Bay where she was officering for Friendly Fire. It was one of the half-hour gigs that FreeStar often puts on with one performer after another playing to a tightly-packed throng. I'm always amazed at how much music Mack and Case can pack in to half an hour!

Someone had moved the On A Roll table back outside the GlamShack so Isobela and I sat down for a quick game. With lots of people the games tend to take very long, but with two people they are usually quick. Usually. This one turned in to a marathon game; Mack and Hy were waiting for us to finish so they could play but we just kept going and going. I finally won 3-1, but it was actually much closer than that. Each side was one roll away from winning for much of the game.

Sunday morning saw a GlamShack partners meeting. I sure wish they wouldn't schedule them during Saints (2-2) games, but they did ask first so it's my own fault. We met in our rock amphitheater even though it was far from finished. Isobela set out some chairs and I drug over a table for the leftover pizza from Friday night. Plus of course a keg. We talked about all sorts of things; I think Case is noticing beer missing from his private stock in the GlamShack cellars so I'll have to back off my nightly raids for a while.

We left from the meeting and went straight to DJ Isobela's gig at Burning Life! The Fantabulous one rocked the playa at Munchies for Ice Cream Sunday! Blissie was passing out Divinity French Vanilla with Hot Fudge sundaes; they go very well with beer! I was kind of an impromptu host and tried to dress the part for Burning Life. BigD had on a lovely long blue formal dress but I was not nearly as well covered.

There was a singer up ahead of DJ Isobela, and Friendly Fire played after her. The Playa was packed but it seems that there's always room for one or two more Glam Rockers wherever they play. We had a stupendous time, but it left me with some rather unusual tan lines. Well worth it, though.

Later we went shopping for some jeans then played On A Roll. I won the first game 3-1 and then lost the second one 2-3! It was the first solo win ever for Isobela! I am so proud of her, even though she got very lucky with THREE yahtzees and cheated blatantly. She marked this day on her calendar with very big stars.

When she was done celebrating she worked on capital improvements to the GlamShack while I worked on a new dance gadget. It turned out pretty good; Isobela, mikki and Mack all helped me test it out. They say I should market it, and I probably should, but that will be a major pain. Still, the extra money would be nice. I'll need to do some more testing with various dances and make sure I set permissions correctly, but that shouldn't be hard just time-consuming.

The next question is when to have it's first public showing. It would be perfect for Friday nights, but then again it would be perfect for almost any night at the GlamShack. I'll probably try and hold off until Wednesday night but ya never know. In this wild and wacky world we live in surprise is a daily blessing.

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