Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Tabbie!

DJ Isobela was at the Wanderlust World Music Club doing a show with a Star Trek theme, she had the audacity to wear a red shirt! No one would dance next to her for fear of getting shot; except for me of course. There was a contest for the best costume I won! Hy, Tracy and Downtown tied for second. I think it was my Tricorder that pushed me over the top. And no, I do not mean that my Tricorder interfered with the voting board! The venue tip jar was a robot thing that was floating around and getting in everybody's way, especially Mack's; if she had remembered to charge her phaser before leaving the house I'm sure she would have blasted it.

We have been having troubles with the water slide, but never when I am around. Isobela had a stunningly brilliant troubleshooting idea, so I tried it and of course it worked flawlessly! People should now be able to use the slide whether I am around or not. She really is a good builder, even though you wouldn't believe it based on the small number of prims she has set out at our house.

Later we did some research for a possible GlamShack event next week; this week is the combined Toga party with DJ King. I also received a very nice note from Willa. Friendly Fire Officers are one of the best sets of people in the metaverse!

Hy and Tracy bought an On A Roll game; they set it up at the GlamShack and Hy got to watch Tracy and Mack play. Later in the evening there was a Beach Party at the GlamShack with DJ Zak and new hostess Promise! Well, she was new to hostessing at the GlamShack but has significant hosting experience in other remarkable venues. It turned into a party for Tabbie's birthday, too! The Champagne was flowing and people were dancing and everyone was having a Glamtastic good time.

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