Wednesday, September 17, 2008

North Bowie Vulcanism!

We looked at some building tools on Monday; they were kinda expensive and we figured we could do just as well ourselves. Now I just need to search through my inventory for my SL4. In the meantime Isobela brought up a volcano from the sea floor near our house, it is spilling lava all over the place! I tried to help her with the smoke that is coming out of it. When the wind blows from the west the smoke goes all over our patio; I hope she is able to move it soon. It was very cool just lounging around on a raft all evening, building and scripting side by side.

DJ Isobela played her usual Fantabulous Tuesday gig at The Savoy! It was a relaxing evening of the best blues and even better dance partners. I pseudo-hosted, did most of the duties of a host but didn't wear my name tag. When working up the group notices Isobela instructed me to include the phrase "copious amounts of frosting and romance." I have no idea what this means; it will likely take months to figure out. The music sure was grand, though.

DJ Cat usually plays at the GlamShack during the same time slot, but she sent out notice that her show would be later so I sent some group chat letting people know they could make DJ Isobela's show at 6 and still make it to Cat's at 8, but it didn't seem like there were any takers. DJ Cat and her hostess had a bikini roller-skating party planned, how cool is that? I talked it over with Isobela and we figured we'd have our own copycat bikini roller-skating in a few months, after people will have forgotten whose idea it originally was. We will add a special twist, though. A dangerous one. You'll have to wait and see.

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