Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I finished my rope swing! I hung it from the edge of the house and go splashing through the water with each swing. I tested it for hours!

DJ King and DJ Isobela were having a combined Toga Party with their back-to-back shows. DJ King had mikki hostess for him. I couldn't make it for the show; other business kept me away. mikki graciously agreed to take over hosting duties for me, a double shift! She is such a doll, but if I had known she was hostessing the first show we wouldn't have asked her to do the second.

I was able to make it to the GlamShack right about the time the second show was scheduled to end, but the Fantabulous DJ played late as usual so I was able to enjoy some of her Glamtastic music. It sounds like everyone there had a good time making fun of me while I was gone, too!

Afterwards Isobela and I played On A Roll on the GlamShack docks. I had a very nice time de-stressing after my difficult afternoon; she is such an angel of mercy. She even let me win 3-1.

We started a second game and Isobela was whupping my behind; she had even rolled a Yahtzee! As soon as she did, though, we had to leave the area. Some type of maintenance activity, so the game would be reset. Poor Isobela. We ended up heading to Beurling Bay and I showed her the Cup of Goodness Coffee shop where she bought a poster, the UFO, stage area and lighthouse. We got back to Tidings just as the sun was coming up, signaling the end and start of yet another wonderful day.

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