Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Rez-Day Rosie!

The Burning Life is fast approaching; Isobela was invited to DJ a show at Munchies there. Friendly Fire, Cat and Tali will likely have events too. Isobela has kept going on about how the DJ thing is a lot of fun and she has a gas doing it; somehow she has gotten the crazy idea that it would be cool if we cold DJ together, both being on mic at the same time. I'm not too sure this is even technically feasible; VLB does something somewhat similar, but they may have specialized hardware to support it or something like that. I'm not too sure that I want to be a DJ anyway. Isobela is doing some research into it, so we'll see.

Saturday afternoon we went sailing in USS waters, which I believe stands for United Sailing Syndicate. It's a huge place dedicated to sailing and people who love the water. I was able to launch the Tester OK, but the waters were very rough; things kept crashing. So we chatted with another sailor for a while, then headed in.

Back home we tried out the AirBoat zipping around the Shack, but it was having troubles with rough waters, too. I guess it just wasn't the day for sailing. I went to see Hy and Tracy, but they weren't around. I like their home's new look, though.

On Sunday Gestures by our very own Mack celebrated it's One-Year Anniversary! They still have that Smiley-face griefing going on; I wish I knew who was in charge of Security at that place! Oh, wait; never mind. Mack and Case played a half-plugged show in the store, it was just like old times; Isobela and I closed the place down dancing, just like old times as well.

Isobela had won a prize from the Prize Robot who had made the trek all the way there from the GlamShack! He had to have walked underwater at some point; I'll have to run a full diagnostics suite and re-greasing on him when he gets back.

Later we played On a Roll with Mack and Promise at the GlamShack. It was Promise's first time playing, and Mack set a very bad example for her by cheating left and right. Mack got at least 3 Yahtzees! By her own admission! So of course they won, but it was good that Promise won on her first game. It is a very fun thing.

After our humiliating defeat Isobela and I took the AirBoat out to the USS waters and flew it around all over the place. We were out for over an hour; I hurt my hand from the vibration in the control stick rattling it around. We also stopped by this way cool Coast Guard station, but no one was home.

We also took the Seaplane Glider out for a bit; that hurt hand even more, but it was worth it. We blew blue smoke all over the place.

That evening the Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband is appeared at Nightclub Echo Echo, the Metaverse's Premier Rock Club! Mack and Case are brought us a high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza! Well, maybe not that high of a fashion; as a matter of fact they both wore red shirts. We talked a little about making it a red shirt theme night, but I wasn't comfortable making a last minute change so we put off the planning until later. It would be cool to do theme nights or even contests at their regular gigs every once in a while.

I was able to love I LOVE THIS SONG for the second time that day; how awesome! I'm a little worried about Rosi though, she kept speaking in this falsetto, calling peoples names, mine especially; it's somewhat disconcerting. It's almost like I'm hearing voices again. She also said that she was going to stay away on Fridays; I just don't know what's wrong with her.

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness featured the incomparable DJ Jocelyn with Hostess Britt. Hare showed up, been quite a while since I saw her; too long even. It was Rosie's Rez Day, she had gotten there too late for Mack & Case to sing to her. She had gotten me a wonderful bracelet for my birthday, I wear it often; I felt just awful I didn't get her anything and that I didn't even realize it was her Res Day until Joce announced it. I shall have to figure out how to rectify this.

After a bit of clubbing we played On a Roll with Melon and Kingofbeers. It was their first time playing, too. Despite my dead weight, Isobela was able to eek out a win for us. That is a cool game. We had a great weekend and are looking forward to an even better week. Life is good.