Friday, September 26, 2008

Rolling On

We played On A Roll this afternoon on the GlamShack docks. I started off the game with a yahtzee, and had gotten another one during the game, but even so it was a close, hard-fought match. I ended up winning three to one.

While we were playing DJ Crighton's show had started. There wasn't much of a crowd at first so we (I) moved the On A Roll game table inside. This immediately attracted a crowd. Mack came over and sat down in my seat, so once I had the table aligned I hit the reset button and popped her up and sat down there myself.

Case didn't want to make a fourth with us, and Elysian couldn't stay long, but Promise showed up and immediately was game. It was Isobela and Promise against Mack and I. This game started slower, I didn't get a yahtzee until midway through. Mack is a killer On A Roll player, and even though our opponents were no slouches themselves we were able to run the table three to naught.

Afterwards Isobela and I were able to get some dancing in. DJ Crighton's show finished so he turned the radio on for us before he left. We closed the GlamShack down, dancing and talking and looking forward to what the next evening might bring.

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