Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congratulations Borealis and Gossamer!

Ajay had sent out word that a Friendly Fire show was scheduled at the last minute, and asked for any officers that could make it to help out. Friendly Fire officers being the great group that they are, just about everyone showed up! "If anyone would like a Friendly Fire group invite or Swag bag please IM Isobela or Dee or Promise or Rosinante or Ajay or I!" Dee got so excited she started having Multiple Hoogasms! I had double-poofer duty despite all of the other officers being there; but hey that's my job. It had been way too long since I had heard I love This Song.

The occasion was a chance for Mack and Case to play Fluffy Friday at Club CasaBlanco! It looks like that may become a regular gig; they are excellent Fluffers! We were treated to a very good show, but Mack had one slight problem. I hate to dwell on negatives, but she gave strict instructions that "So from now on, a bonehead move will be called 'pulling a Mack'," and I felt it important to pass on that requirement.

Soon after getting back from Fluffy's it was time to head over to the GlamShack to prepare for the night's festivities. DJ Isobela was presenting Bikinis and Boots on Bowie Beach! Bikini tops were optional for the guys; in fact, I don't recall seeing even one. She had an excellent playlist prepared, and did an excelent job of getting the crowd warmed up for Friendly Fire.

Case sang his pink thong song, that is always a hit. I was also ably to enjoy I love This Song for the second time in a day! The Train Wreck song was Why Don't We Do It In The Road; dedicated, for some odd reason, to Isobela. As usual the Train Wreck was sponsored by Fairplay Design and Arts and by Gestures by Mack. How two such reputable firms became associated with this practice is a mystery to us all.

DJ Hy and hostess mikki put on their usual fantastic Nakey Friday show. Be proud of your pixels! We rocked the night away to a slightly larger and more open crowd than usual. Twenty-six people were there, for the most part wearing just smiles. The big news of the night was that Borealis and Gossamer decided to couple, to become partners! Woot! Best of wishes to the Lucky Couple!

On Saturday Isobela and I visited a Haunted Castle. They had a totally amazing maze in the basement, a werewolf lair in the upper turrets, and a cool gothic ballroom in between. There was no one else there, but it did look like a wild place for a party. There were a number of tables along one wall with no chairs around them; we couldn't decide if they were for dancing or serving body-part snack-trays!

Later we went exploring on Boojum Island. Isobela discovered a hidden underground lair; there was even a treasure chest with gold doubloons down there! The only exit was through am underwater tunnel that had a shark guarding the far end, but we were able to slip past him while his back was turned. On the far side of the pirate ship we tried some underwater fencing; of course I won the game 5 touches to 2. It was pretty fun, I'll have to see about getting it for the GlamShack.

Speaking of which, we went back and helped to arrange things for the game party tomorrow afternoon. We did some terraforming on Elfie Island and under the surrounding waters moved the dock and pulled the Tester over to it. Isobela planted some incredibly lovely trees there and at the GOAT, too. Hy fixed a problem that we had discovered with the gaming tables, but I'm still not completely satisfied. I'll have to try and catch him and Mack tomorrow which will be, as today, another wonderful day.

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