Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DJ Isobela is playing; Life is Good

I started experimenting with making swings. I did a model of a regular porch swing, then an egg-shaped one. The physics seemed to be working OK, but could be a little better. I have a plan that might fix that, though; will likely take a day or two though. I also started working on a rope swing. I had to interrupt my work because,

DJ Isobela was at the Savoy! It was the perfect night to boogie to the sizzling sounds of DJ Isobela and her red-hot smokin' mix of blues. There was an amazing featured album as usual, and a good crowd showed up. Kimala was able to hostess the show. Poor Isobela keep getting confused with all the changes in her help. She kept calling me her hostess last week; I though she was just teasing until she started calling Kimala her host this week! I need to start looking for help for her.

I received word that NP is moving to a new home; they will have their own entire island! Way cool; I can't wait until they have it finished. One of the people there was talking about a cool place in the Southwest, we asked her about it an apparently it is members-only but Isobela managed to sweet-talk invitations for us. We only had a chance for a brief look-around, but it is way cool. Many small canyons to ride their birch-bark canoes in. I can't wait to go back and check the whole place out. Life is good.

WOWO! Megan is back!!! She could only stay for a little while, but it was so good to talk with her again. Isobela and I have missed her so much. Life is Really good!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Life is so much better when your family is together. Welcome back Megan!