Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bikers and Beach Cats

Went to see DJ Jocelyn at a brand new place, the Sugar Hill Biker's Heaven. It was a pretty cool place. They had closed off the street for dancing and had some refreshments out. I plan to go back and see how the driving is there; it looks like they had a pretty nice course.

After lunch Isobela and I took the Tester for another test-run to the Savoy. It went much better than before, but still not quite right. We took the Tester over to the Moxie furniture store and shopped a little; we are looking for some stuff suitable for company. All the guests we've had so far have chilled out on the patio with us but someday we might have visitors that actually go inside. Isobela found a nice black sofa we both liked, and she's going to ask Jenda to recover the back cushions for us.

Later we went to Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts, then over to Beach Cat Beach to look at Catamarans again. We took another test drive, and I decided to buy one. We went right back to Tidings Estate, assembled the craft, and took her for a spin. We followed our usual a route to the Savoy, and it was way cool. There were still issues with the wind, though, and on the way back I figured them out. I had some other stuff to do, and Isobela was going to the Bid For A Cure meeting, so we weren't able to test my latest theory.

We left the Beach Cat pulled up on the beach, but it kept shifting around. It was almost as if it had a like of it's own. I'm thinking we may come home one day to find it in the living room eating popcorn and watching the America's Cup. One thing about Beach Cats is that they capsize very easily. I'll have to be careful of this.

Later on Isobela and I did some more tweaking at the GOAT. I helped her with positioning pillows and seats around a small fire pit on the ridge to the left of the stage, and then she and I built a bubbling hot tub in a large, open rock on the ridge to the right of the stage. I think it turned out very well.

Isobela made me a GLAMNATION pennant to fly from the top of the Tester's main mast. I shinnied up and attached it; it looks too cool. She is so good to me. Earlier she had pit up a Jolly Rodger over the GOAT stage, then she to added a GLAMNATION pennant to it, too. Rumor on the street is that the new place might be open for business next week. I can't wait.

After getting cleaned up we headed over to the Savoy to listen to the cool Blues of DJ Crighton. Wonder of wonder the master of disguises showed up as well! She sat right down at the piano and enthralled us with her skill at tickling the ivories. Sqiffy on sax and DJ Crighton on bass completed the ensemble.

I missed all of the Friendly Fire shows today; word is that they played a new song. From all accounts it is excellent! I sure hope they play it Sunday night at the Escape Club. But for now, at the Savoy; Isobela and I danced until dawn.

What Luck!

DJ Isobela was spinning fantabulous tunes at the GlamShack. PhoeixRizing stopped by on her first day in the Metaverse; she wanted to go exploring but I made sure that she joined the Glamnation group so she could find her way back later. Spencer stopped by on his first day too, plus Franky; plus a 2 day old and a three day old. It was strange to see so many new citizens in the GlamShack.

Joce stopped by and started speaking in her Typonese, so we all made fun of her. But only because we Lobe her. I got a very nice slap for starting the teasing, too! Tracy blessed me with a slap later, also. I forget what I did to deserve it but it was certainly worth it.

Friendly Fire played after DJ Isobela had things warmed up. The Friday Night Train Wreck was Stay With Me; they did a pretty good job with it! There were many compliments from the crowd, The master of disguises Alaska showed up for her first Friendly Fire concert! Woot!

Of course they played I Love This Song, and of course Mack forgot her poofer again. Rosi showed up and was sporting a new look - she didn't have her tray/hat on!

DJ Hy kept the party rolling when Mack and Case were finished, but I wasn't able to stay for his show. Later on I went to Starbrooks Coffeehouse with Isobela and played three games of On a Roll. I won the first two 3-0 and 3-2; she won the last one 1-3 but only because she had 3 Yahtzee's, the only ones that either of us had all night! She has incredible luck, but then, so do I.

Friday, May 30, 2008


The name GOAT has been approved by St. Mack; Isobela is now working on a logo for it on top of all the other work she has been doing around there. What a fantabulous rocker! I spent some time trying to figure out how to get better winds for sailing, and I think I've found just the right wind setter for sailing and racing. Speaking of which, Hy still has his puny little bath-tub toy of a boat in my spot at the new GlamShack's dock. I wonder if my tarn is strong enough to carry it off?

The New GlamShack is just about ready; the stage is in place, pictures on the walls, sound system tested and hookahs are next to the stage. As soon as they move my stool over from the old place we'll be ready to Rock and Roll! Woot!

Jenda stopped by as we were working on the GOAT. She had a bottle of something for Isobela, but it didn't seem too sanitary. In return I gave her a lounger that I had extras of; maybe she can use it as a model or template for something she builds. She also found a somewhat unique chair that she said was just her size!

Friendly Fire was playing their Friday-eve gig at Club Casa Blanco and the walls were on fire! I hope someone had called the fire department! In any case, all was well with everyone in the place because Mack and Case sang I Love This Song! Mack also saw a delirious beaver somewhere, but no one else did. Except maybe Fluffy.

I was in a quandary; Ajay was on duty but I was there too, so who should trigger Mack's poofer? Well it turns out that it didn't matter because Mack forgot it again! Luckily Case and I had ours and merrily poofed away.

Later Isobela and I did some quality assurance work on our dance pavilion in the mountains of Elfie Island. Everything was working well, though the curtains blowing in the sea breeze did sometimes get in the way. Finally it was to the Savoy, carefully avoiding the mugger swans, to listen to the smooth Jazz of DJ Hy, including a Joan Armatrading song he had just found. Coolness. Life is good.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Rez Day Isobela!!

The GOAT has been transformed literally overnight into an amazing, fantastic place. There are still a couple of details to work out, like whether we should have one waterfall or two, but for the most part it is ready to Rock and Roll! Isobela worked all day on it and did a superb job.

Later on DJ Isobela spun the GlamShack even though it was the first anniversary of her arrival in the Metaverse. As a surprise for her Mack had decorated the Glamshack and even baked a cake; I put up a couple of posters and streamers. I also had sent out invitations the day before to as many friends of hers as I could think of; but being as she knows everybody in the Metaverse I'm sure I missed many.

When Isobela and I arrived at the Shack shortly before the show she was quite surprised! There were already a handful of well-wishers present, so I stood innocently by the side and sent out group notices whilst she was basking in their praises. Pretty soon the joint was jumping.

Mack and Case were there each sang Happy Birthday to Isobela during breaks in between her songs! curm and Missy were their usual lively selves. DJ Jocelyn and Adrian made most of the show, and so many others. There were still a few teasing Joce about her slip of the tongue, but that is getting pretty old. Plus the master of disguises Alaska was there.

Best thing of all, a short while before the show, Isobela said yes. And then was speechless; a first for her. Almost had to call in a backup DJ, but she pulled it together enough to make the show. I am the luckiest guy in the Metaverse.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I basked like a lazy lizard in the sun all afternoon, mostly on our beach but I also went to the Gallery Orinoco to listen to DJ Funker for a bit. Isobela has been working hard getting the new GlamShack and GOAT ready. I think she may be trying to introduce her own acronym for the GOAT, something like GSA. I'm not sure of its chances for becoming common usage though, it sounds more like a political party - Glam Shack Alliance. GSA doesn't roll off of the tongue like GOAT does. On the other hand, I can see where some might not want to call it a GOAT. We'll just have to see.

Milady Megan stopped by the house; she wanted Isobela to help her fit her tiara. Megan is being suited by a Avilon knight, so we tried to help her look her best. She was on her way to a jousting tournament; that sounds really cool. I need to look more into that realm. Being as Isobela knows everyone in the Metaverse I'm sure she could make some introductions for me

DJ Isobela played steamy Blues at the Savoy in the evening. I had driven her over in the Tester and things went much better than the last time. Well much better from my point of view - I didn't ram the dock. Poor Isobela fell in as she was trying to step on to the dock. Bill helped her out, and she soundly chided him for not having a ladder ready for people who showed up in their schooners!

The show was themed around Louisiana and Mississippi artists, especially Kenny Wayne Shepard. He is really good. Ajay and Synapse passed by and really kept the conversation fun and funny; there was some unparalleled twanging going on. It was a wonderful night.

Oh, and a word of warning; be careful of the swans at the Savoy - the foul fowl have been known to accost patrons for their small change as they are trying to enter the club!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tester Follies

This morning I stopped by Butch's store and bought more bathing suits. I had bought my old one there many moons ago, but with living in a tropical paradise having just one bathing suit wasn't cutting it anymore. I also helped Hy with a problem he was having with his fireplace; I've got it all figured out now but need to let him know the solution.

I did some sea-bed terraforming around the new GlamShack so I can get my schooner the Tester in and out. Afterwards I got on my surfboard, in my new bathing suit, and scouted out a route to take the Tester to the Savoy. We'll have to go between the new GlamShack and Mosie Island and then around Moxie Island to get there because of the low bridge connecting the Savoy to Moxie Island, but it's doable.

Mack and Case spent most of the day working on the new GlamShack; it's coming along very well. They are at the stage where they are hanging pictures on the walls, and the sound system seems to be working. In the evening I went and reviewed Isobela's work on the GOAT; it's coming along very well also. She was ready for a break so we went home, she changed, and we jumped aboard the Tester.

At first we tested the route to Savoy that I had scouted earlier. I was having real troubles controlling the Tester, as I had the last time we rode her. There is a heads-up display that lets you control the whole thing, raising and lowering all three sets of sails, from the cockpit at the back next to the wheel. The HUD kept giving random wind direction information, enough so as to make sailing almost impossible. When I lowered the sails and turned on the motor even that was troublesome, the motor kept cutting out. I don't think it was a problem with the engine, but rather the engine was getting bad information from the HUD.

We were able to make it to the Savoy; as we passed the new GlamShack Isobela shouted "Hi" to Mack and Case but I'm not sure if they heard her. We arrived at the Savoy shortly after DJ Cat's show had started. We were coming in the last leg on sail, and I had wanted to drop the sails and bring the stern of the ship around so that we ended up dead in the water right alongside the Savoy's pier. Unfortunately, due to HUD problems, I was unable to either lower the sails or turn, so we ended up ramming the dock right in the middle of Cat's show.

Fortunately there was no one standing on the dock at the time. I kicked the engine on, pulled us back out of the dock, and raced back the way we came. Isobela hid belowdecks until we were on the other side of Moxie Island and no one at the Savoy could see that she was with me. I think she's still laughing at me about it, and I can't really blame her.

As we passed back by the new GlamShack we pulled over next to the shore to talk with Mack and Case. They climbed aboard and we took off sailing. We rode by their place, and Hy and Tracy's, around a few of the islands on our property and back to the new GlamShack pier. I was very careful coming in to the pier this time, did it on motor at just a crawl, and docked very well. The little inlet where the pier is made it a challenge to turn around, though, and I kinda messed up the pier with my stern as we were leaving. That kinda stressed Mack out, even though I think it was Isobela who originally built the pier. I made sure it was as good as new before we left, though.

When we made it back home Isobela suggested that we check with the Tester's builder about the HUD problems, so we headed over to her new Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts store. They had brand-new HUDs that you could install yourself stacked on the dock, so I picked up the Schooner Larinda model. We installed it right there at the Trudeau dock and took off to test it.

It works much better than my old broken one. The graphical user interface is very different, there are new symbols for just about everything, but I was able to figure it out without too much trouble. The ride was much smoother, the sails worked like a charm, and the motor had a nice, steady purr. I need to apologize to Mack and Case for the rough ride I gave them, that may have been why Mack kept falling overboard. The new HUD makes things much smoother. My next challenge will be to teach Isobela how to help with the sails.

While we were at Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts I also looked at their Catamarans. I had taken one for a test drive months ago and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if we have enough water area near home for one, though. While it is significantly smaller than our schooner it moves much faster. I'll have to go back for another test-drive and focus on it's maneuverability in tight places. There's always something new and cool to do around here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost Grotto

I had found a little store called B2B Designs that specialized in body painting. They had many interesting was to cover what was supposed to be coved using eagles wings, faces painted on bodies etc. I though Isobela might like browsing their designs so I invited her over; she was like "WOW OMG Holy Cow!" "What a way to spread eagle!" Quite an interesting store.

I worked some on a couples dance area near new GlamShack and was quite pleased, I think it is better than the one they have in the current Glamshack. It includes Ballroom and the infamous Dance #7 that Jocelyn introduced me to. I'll have to add one to GOAT when that is further along. I was also able to get my fish trained to swim where they are supposed to, but still missing a clownfish and the seahorse.

Friendly Fire was playing in the Escape Club. Isobela and I had arrived a little early and were listening to the radio, which was tuned to some oldies channel. That opening wail of Case's really gets the blood pumping. curm showed up with a new hair-doo, a most becoming shade of green. Mack and Case sang I Love This Song, but with their usual impeccable timing it was sung during the time I had to be sending out the mid-show notices; five for this particular venue.

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy took over from Friendly Fire with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness, tonight's theme was a Sugar Sweet Candy show. There was some discussion on which Jocelyn would show up today; the potty-mouthed one or the regular one. Turns out it was the regular one. I resisted the temptation to repeat what she had said the night before. I don't think too many else in the house resisted, mikki led the throngs with that chant.

I missed the majority of Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness to go listen to Joaquin at the Savoy with Isobela. There was a problem with the dance floor so Isobela and I hung out on the dock and listened. He is quite good. When he was done DJ Cataplexia and Host Taliesin took over and played some awesome tunes. The dance floor was fixed by the so Isobela started sutting the rug. Have I mentioned that she is a fantabulous dancer?

Halfway through Cat's show we heard that Vaughan was playing in the Lost Grotto so we said out goodbyes and headed over. When we arrived he was playing Junk Food Junkie; it's been years since I've heard that song! That might make for a good Friday Night Train Wreck.

There was a very large crowd; the biggest one I've ever seen there. He has a cool following; they were very much more amenable to local customs that the followers of many other groups. While I was initially not ecstatic about his music the crowd participation made it a really enjoyable experience.

Some of his long-time followers started playing a little game after he went over-time; for each extra song he sung they took off items of clothing. Most of the visitors stopped when they had one item left, and then cheered on Lanna as she took off layer after layer of the vast formal gown she had shown up in. A very good time was had by all. The Lost Grotto rocks.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Say it isn't so!

I found most of our fish, but that pesky seahorse is still eluding me. I was giving the fish classes on where they are allowed to swim and where they are not. They don't listen well. I believe I have come up with a new instructional technique that may work; I'll try it out tomorrow.

For most of the day I was busy with chores, but when I came back around to start getting for the Friendly Fire show that I was to work I received some shocking news: DJ Jocelyn was playing at the Glamshack and cursing up a blue streak! I couldn't believe it so I hurried over to see for myself.

It was true! She even admitted to it! Of course she tried to say it was justifiable, they she tried to deny it, but all night long people kept reminding her or her exact words. She was bright red the whole time!

After a bit Mack and Case too off to get ready for their show then Isobela sent out the wonderfully worded notice that she had worked up. We were getting ready to head over to the show ourselves when I received an urgent call from Mack - the show had been canceled! So Isobela scurried to send out a cancellation notice, then another notice inviting everyone to the Glamshack instead to listen to DJ Jocelyn cussing.

It's too bad the Friendly Fire show was canceled, I was really looking forward to it; but on the other hand it allowed us to stay for the rest of DJ Jocelyn's show. We all teased her mercilessly, but only because we lobe her. There were some hints of "Aren't you playing tomorrow night too Joce?" She is, on Journey Rock Band Island, right after Friendly Fire. I shan't be the first one to remind her of what she said, but I have a feeling that others may. There's always something new to look forward to.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday MadCow!

DJ Isobela was spinning at the GlamShack at 4, her normal Friday gig. Friendly Fire followed her, but started a little late due to another gig of theirs at Fire and Ice Gardens. DJ Isobela was really in a groove; for a good portion of her show there was a 6-1 male to female ratio with Isobela being the only female!

We received some very good news at the beginning of the show, Megan's brother is coming home from Iraq today! Woot! DJ Isobela led us in a toast to teh people involved. I appended to God and St. George.

When Friendly Fire started they were taking requests for the song they would sing as a train wreck. There were many suggestions, and Case started playing a number of them, I'm not sure which one they decided on.

They played I Love This Song to great acclaim; everyone in the place was going on about how much they loved it. When it came time for the Glam Me A Beer song I discovered that Mack didn't have her poofer out! I looked ALL over, multiple times; I just couldn't find it!

DJ Hy followed Friendly Fire. His usual hostess was unable to make it, so Isobela sent out the group notices for him and everyone else pitched in greeting any newcomers. We thoroughly enjoyed about half of the show, then had to leave because we had been invited to a birthday party!

Madcow's birthday, to be precise. The party was held at Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox with DJ Jocelyn playing the best classic rock. There was a timed building contest, too; but Isobela and I had arrived too late to enter. Congratulations to Christopher for his awesome trebuchet!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The Journey Island events for the night had been postponed so that Farr, Argus, Gussie, Rosie and the rest of their rowdy crowd could attend the birthday party. Judristen was there too! I hadn't seen him in a coon's age!

MadCow himself was quite a gas, he changed clothes more often that Tracy! And not just clothes, but his whole body. Way cool. When I wished him a Happy Birthday he replied with "Tanks". Deja Vu!

When we stopped back home after MadCow's birthday bash there were all sorts of fireworks going off to the west; I'm not sure what that was all about. We headed over to Animania where we bought some fish to stock the lagoon with. Some of them seem to have wandered off, along with our seahorse; I'll to try and track them down tomorrow.

Hy stopped by and we talked about the plans for the Glamshack and it's open-air theater. We decided the project was far enough along that the place really needed it's own name, and Hy came up with the perfect one: the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre, aka GOAT.

Later Isobela decided that some of our fish needed names. Our shark is Fred and our seahorse is Bob. Hmm, is a seahorse a fish or a mammal? I'll have to ask him when I find him. We moonbathed on a raft amidst all our new friends. Life is good.

Friday, May 23, 2008

OK, ya'll Gotta see this place!

I've been working on waterfalls on and off with Isobela. Today was no exception. I had put a builder's platform high above our skybox and did all of my messy building up there. I finished up one design I had been working on; I'll have to go back in a few days and see what I think about it.

I had also made a new tip jar. My Big Red 'T' seemed to work OK in Nightclub Echo Echo, but in the GlamShack there was already alot of red and some people had mentioned that they had trouble finding it.

I decided to use the mortar round that I had built many moons ago as a model. My tip jar is much larger than a normal mortar round, about chest high. As a safety feature, instead of throwing out shrapnel when triggered it throws out posters.

There's the possibility that some people might get nervous hanging around a chunk of explosives that large. I plan to allay their fears by telling them that as long as they keep tipping the thing will not explode! Of course, I might be joking.

I finally was able to track Isobela down and accompanied her to the Garden of NPRIL Delights. I'm pretty sure she liked it. Some of her comments were, and I quote, "WOW holy cow", "this is so very cool", "OK I have to talk now, this is entirely too cool", "so much work went in to this", "this is amazing", "THIS IS AWESOME", "THIS IS AWESOME" and "I LOVE IT". I concurred.

The Garden is divided into four main sections geographically. We were able to explore most of one section, about 20% of the total, in a little over an hour. It's the type of thing you could keep going back to and seeing things that you missed before.

Some of the exhibits had secret passages that took you to other areas where their main exhibits were. The first one of these that we noticed was called Other Worlds. It consisted of 4 different areas of amazing scenery that you could explore: Chaos

Heaven on Fire,

Hell On Ice and

Particle Dreams.

Later we saw some Rat people,

climbed this huge Clockwork tower,

and goofed off at some krewe's exhibit.

We didn't try to explore the whole place in one shot because we were exhausted after the trek up that Clocktower, plus trying to see all of that place in one session could easily lead to sensory overload. Another good reason was that Nick99 was playing at the Lost Grotto!

Nick's partner Hotlegs was up on stage with him playing guitar as well. They both had these special guitars that had small flames coming out of the top end. They could also do trick with these guitars, like bouncing them off of the ground and catching them in mid-strum, twirling them behind their back and over their shoulders, etc. You'd think with a flaming guitar they would be wearing some type of protective clothing, but not these two brave souls!

After the show it was back to the property to do some more terraforming. Isobela had decided that "I want that island moved over there; no, a little to the left; OK there - perfect!" Moving the island had given her the room to expand Elfie Island, where she wanted a better spot for the dance pavilion. Of course I had to hold the dance pavilion up in the air while she made these changes, but in the end I think it will be a much nicer place. Life is good.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Iso's got LEGS"

The Fantabulous One was DJing at the GlamShack playing fantastic, eclectic Rock. In promoting the event in group chat I tried to leverage the 'eclectic' word that she had used on mic and of course it backfired on me. Everyone started saying "Don't use big words around Tycho!" But hey, it's like my high-school English teacher always told us: never use a large word when a diminutive one will do.

We did have a special treat, the Master of Disguises showed up! It had been weeks and weeks since I had seen Alaska, and I am always amazed at how different she looks each and every time that i see her. Always good, of course, but I wouldn't be able to pick her out of a lineup. Hmmm, maybe there is a reason for that?

Mack and Case stopped by for a bit after their early show, but had to leave for another. With Isobela and I already working poor Willa was the only Friendly Fire Officer west of the Appalachians available to work their show. And the show was at Freebie Island! I'm not sure if I remember that venue or not; in any case it sounds like a tough place for a young, attractive female officer to work all by herself. I hope she made out all right.

After Mack and Case left mikki showed up. As usual she demanded chaps for all the guys. This time she even joined in, but teased us at first by wearing jeans under her chaps. Before too long she was shaking those green things!

Earlier DJ John had commented on Isobela's legs, which were looking mighty fine in that short skirt. Alaska agreed, saying that they never stop. It had not hitherto occurred to me that one might have legs quite that long, but if anyone does, it's Isobela!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fantabulous Blues

German Fashion Weeks are being held in Vanity Universe, so Isobela and I went to see what they had. As expected, it was almost all ladies fashions; boots, clothes, shoes, clothes and boots. All in all, they have about 75 different fashion stores. I bought a new suit to wear at the Savoy; Isobela bought everything else.

Later on the Fantabulous One was spinning the Blues at the Savoy Jazz Club. She does have some most excellent music and a vast library of it too. I'm really coming to enjoy getting dressed up and dancing a few times a week. Having such a great DJ makes it even better.

One of the best thing about the new property is that I get to listen to the Isobela channel on the radio whenever I want. DJ Isobela Rocks!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cool Down

Mondays are usually cool-down days for me; time to rest and recover after a glamtastic weekend. There are usually no Friendly Fire shows on Mondays; today was no exception. I spent some time working around the property clearing out some more dance places. We're just about set with that now, though I may want to add one or two in Bowie South.

I caught the last half of Case's Rock and Roll listening party at the Glamshack. Ajay was hostessing, and called with a special, individual invitation so I headed over. All hail St. Mack for bringing Case pizza and beer while he was working (I wonder what she was wearing?) I'm not sure what was going on in the Glamshack before I arrived, but they were all like "Oh thank goodness Tycho is here to bring some stability / balance / maturity." At mikki's request I ended the show wearing assless chaps (and a thong); I think I may have blinded poor curm.

Later on Isobela and I worked on building waterfalls and fountains. I was really lucky here; she did all of the moving of the heavy rocks and stones herself. I mostly sat in my chair and gave good advice. We tuned the radio to the Isobela channel and had a great time chilling out. Life is good.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Joce Spun Gold!

This morning I went to Fibber's to listen to Portuguese guitarist/songwriter/singer Pa. He played a decent mix of mix of his own acoustic stuff as well as love songs from a couple of Brazilian composers and some others. There was only a handful of the old Fibber's crowd there, but that was likely because of the time of day.

I spent the rest of the day doing chores around Tidings. I'm thinking of renaming Tester Island but need to make a sign for it. When I saw Isobela in the afternoon she asked about moving the Tester and docking it on our main island; I guess it was destined that Tester Island get renamed.

Isobela found out that we have a ladybug infestation. When I first told her we had bugs she got real worried, but when she found out they were ladybugs she thought they were cute. That is good, because there is one that really like to perch on her beach chair near the house.

Case has been busy working on the new Glamshack. I must say that I admire his building technique; it would have never occurred to me to do that with my arm. Now I'll have to go find a set of overalls and try this myself at home.

Hy stopped by later as I was admiring the work Case had done on the Glamshack. He invited me to check out his place and to help work on his elevator. On the way over I saw that he has two giraffe's roaming around. They are very cool, but I'll have to be careful my tarn doesn't eat them!

While I was off with Hy Isobela had built a patio for us. It faces west so we can sit there and drink our drinks and watch the sunset. She made a cool circular couch for it too, and a large fire pit to keep the chill off in the evenings. I threw a chair out on the other side of the house to watch the sunrise from, too.

It wasn't too long before it was time to head to the Escape Club for Case's 5pm opening wail. Journey Rock Band Island is a cool place, and I've been there many times, but just today learned there was a short-cut from the place you arrive that takes you right into the Escape Club! All this time I've been hoofing it the long way around!

I had missed Mack and Case singing yesterday, so I was overdue for my Friendly Fire fix. I was not disappointed; when they got up on stage and got ready to play the place came alive. The Escape Club seems to make everyone sound better; Mack and Case, the silken-voiced one, and even me as I sing along. Plus of course I Love This Song!

DJ Jocelyn took the stage after Friendly Fire had gotten the crowd all hot and bothered. The Tracy was hostessing for her and helped keep things jumping with her sharp wit and near-constant costume changes. She eventually changed into some nice red dancing silks; they looked like some from Beautiful Sin. Farr was dancing with these four fine babes; I gotta learn his secret!

Ajay had some political advocacy going on, advertising "Cthulhu in '08!" I totally support this candidate. One of my favorite quote about him is "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn." Translation: In his house in R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. If more politicians were this way the world would be a much better place.

The show notice that The Tracy put out said that Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness that night had no theme, but I was able to figure it out: Fantastic Music! Friendly Fire packed them in and DJ Joce wowed them, what a fantabulous night!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

DJ Jocelyn will Rock your World²

A mated pair of black swans has taken up residence in our lagoon! Maybe someday soon we'll be seeing a bunch of little swannies swimming around in there, too. Come to think of it, some little duckies might be cool in Isobela's pond, you know, the one I accidentally filled in? With the patience of a saint she dug it out again uttering nary a word of complaint!

I spent alot of time working around the house. I have the stairs structurally sound now; just need Isobela to put the finishing beautifying touches on it. I also cleared out a couple of good dance areas, and finished setting up my computer system.

There was nothing happening at the Lost Grotto or Gallery Orinoco so I headed over to Buffy's Cove. Mary999 was just leaving as I got there, so I had some of the lobster they had boiling and swam around some. I made it all the way over to Broken Heart Atoll and explored around there for a bit. Sneaking and peeking in the jungle again was fun.

I talked some with mine friend Kate, Megan's little sister. Seems she a shoe-a-holic like someone else I know, so I pointed out a bunch of good places to get shoes and other stuff around here.

I had some errands to run later, but was able to make the last half of the DJ Jocelyn and Jenda show at the Glamshack. The theme was one-hit wonders, and Jocelyn had lined up an excellent playlist for us, as usual!

Speaking of the Glamshack, the powers that be have lifted the gag order so that I may share some big news about it: the Shack is moving! It will occupy the entire southern half of the Bowie Glamtastic recreational area. Tentative plans are for a larger club plus an outdoor music pavilion.

It's in a fairly nice neighborhood. To the south is Moxie Island with fantastic shopping and a cool coffee house, and just west of there is the Savoy. To the north of the new Glamshack things get kinda questionable; might as well post a sign saying "Here Be Dragons!" I shan't comment about conditions to the west.

I had a really good time at the Glamshack listening to DJ Jocelyn. The music was fantastic and the people were chatting their hilarious heads off, with Mack and Case leading the pack. There was something missing, though. Something very important. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Train Wrecks Left and Right!

The Fantabulous Isobela DJed at the Glamshack today, and I tried to help her by hosting. There are usually two DJs at the Glamshack on Friday before Friendly Fire, we were going to take the first slot but then the second DJ had problems so we took that one too. And then we officered for Mack and Case who played late because the DJ that usually follows them couldn't make it either.

Isobela is really getting good at this DJ thing, and I'm slowly learning how to host. The last-minute gigs make it hard to come up with a playlist, so she was relying on requests; going around the room calling on people for their favorite songs to play. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

My friend Megan stopped by, it was her second day in this world. Leland gave her a pre-production shirt design from his store, I had an extra pair of ladies boots for her and Isobela donated some jewelry. She seemed to really like the people, and especially Mack and Case's show.

Friendly Fire put on a special train wreck show. usually on Friday nights they will play one train wreck song, a song that they haven't played before. These usually turn out either fantastic or hilarious; a very fun time. They also played I Love This Song, so all is good.

Fluffy had heard that they were playing Mellow Yellow and hurried over, but missed the end of the song. She stayed, and brought over a handful of friends, and really livened up the place.

Afterwards Isobela and I visited the Tunnel of Light, a cool guided tour in a giant tea cup thing. There was some amazing scenery.

Later we went to Lady Kirstens Gorean Forge to check out the Warrior's Keep they had for sale. It would be cool as a lookout tower, but it was a little too much for what I wanted. We also checked out her other lookout towers and some amazing palm trees.

After that it was dancing in the Thassa Islands underwater dance theater; quite an amazing place but a total pain to get to. We had to brave a sinking ship and stormy seas to get there. It is so cool to live in such an amazing place. Life is good.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I spent a large part of today landscaping. We made a rock bridge to the small island with hammock and hot tub on it, I planted a bunch of palm trees and other vegetation and even some underwater vegetation; a first for me.

Later Isoebla needed a break so we got cleaned up and took the Ultralight over to the Savoy to listen to DJ Bill. As soon as we arrived she had to step out for a few minutes, so I took the opportunity to jump up on stage and play Sax while Bill was on Bass and Innis on trumpet.

Brooke had shown up but couldn't find a dance partner so she left, curm showed up later with the same problem so he played piano for us. Bad timing, ya'll. After wearing our tootsies out we went back to Tidings and did some more work on doors, tunnels and secret passages. I also spent some time enjoying distant scenery, it was an especially clear night. Like is good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Case: Rock on you two!

Isobela spent most of the day laboring on a secret project. I could tell you what it is, but, you know... While she was working I went out exploring. Did you know that there is a giant sea monster between the Savoy's garden and Moxie Island! I spoke with Jenda about her, and she denied ownership.

Later Isobela and I went out to Lady Kirsten's Gorean Forge. In addition to the usual swords and spears that you might expect to find in a place like that she also had a nuclear-powered submarine! It was so cool! She had even left the doors open so people could go explore inside of it.

The highlight of my day, however, was DJ Isobela Rocking the Glamshack! The Fantabulous One was filling in for DJ Bill for a few weeks. She had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a host, but the music was awesome!

Case came by, and I learned that he doesn't like saxophone polkas. Hare and Hippy stopped by, and Jo(y)ce, Hy, AC, Emedea, merry, Squiffy and her twim MortFrom, Kimberly and many many others. Plus my friend KaylaMary, who was very new here. I gave her invitation to many different groups, and when the show was over and she wanted somewhere to go chill I gave her directions to the Blarney Stone.

This was my first official host job in a club. I have been a Friendly Fire officer for a while, and the job isn't all that different. DJ Isobela was very patient with me, plus I had learned from observing real professional hostesses like Ajay. It was fun, but exhausting, just like I thought it would be. The best thing about it? DJ Isobela Rocks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DJ Hy: The Bar has been Raised

Isobela has finished the house! She spent all day working on it, and it's finally done. The last major project in it was the door. She had made these beautiful etched-glass doors with palm trees and a mermaid and the name of our estate; Tidings. I helped hang the doors, not an easy task. I also re-did pool to make it bigger, but we may not keep it; as Isobela pointed out we live on an island why do we need a pool? Now there's just the thousand and one little things to keep up with that every homeowner faces.

Tuesday means Friendly Fire at the Beach Bum. My friend Mambo the VLB Bassist showed up, and Mony was there too. I hadn't seen her in a while, but we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I Love This Song! I operated Mack's poofer even though Ajay was there; I guess it's OK for her to trigger Mack's poofer too; as long as I'm not around. curm was livening things up as usual.

Isobela had to leave the Beach Bum a bit early to get ready for her gig. It was The Savoy Jazz Club's first chance to have Isobela as it's DJ! The Fantabulous One played some music by a little band called Jesse and the Raindogs; they are very good! She played some other small artist/independent label type stuff in addition to hits by well-known artists.

Babs was the hostess, and curm passed by too. Jenda popped in for a few while on break from building on Moxie Island (next time please shower first :). Mack and Case came by and even danced together! Well ok, they danced next to each other but it wasn't like they were in a couple’s slow dance or anything like that.

The famous Blues DJ Hy was there for most of the show, he's at the Savoy on Thursdays. He and Isobela had gotten into competition trying to out-compliment the other's DJing ability. I think he got the best of her, though; when DJ Bill asked DJ Hy how DJ Isobela had done, DJ Hy said "The Bar has been Raised."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Falls

Isobela invited me to see her waterfall today. She led me over a bridge and through a small cave to a beautiful beach on a peaceful bay, and then I looked to my right. From mountain heights a beautiful waterfall was flowing right next to a stream of lava from a volcano! The lava and water vapor made for an almost constant rainbow. It is simply incredible. There is a small thatch overhang on the beach with two chairs in it for us, and across the way we can see the neighbor's gazebo on a hilltop. She has created a wonderful retreat.

We were blessed to have such a wonderful retreat because there were horrid traffic problems all over the place. We couldn't go anywhere that our feet couldn't take us. I tried a chopper but it locked up after a minute and auto-rotated to the ground. So we got dressed up and headed over the the Savoy.

The view is very nice from the deck of the Savoy now; the new Moxie store has some fantastic landscaping. Moxie Island is coming along well, I hope they'll be open for business soon. It seems almost everyone is building things nowadays. Well almost everyone; two prominent families had to resort to buying manufactured homes. We still love them, even so.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday chicaHope!

I had a very busy day with working on the new land in between everything else. This morning a made a campfire pit on Tester Island and set up a tent, and on the small Island to the east of it I put of a hammock and dug out this sunken hot springs hot tub.

Friendly Fire was playing at JSP Island at 11am again. There's always a packed house so I made sure to get there early. Allister was on before Mack and Case and played good, popular songs with nice technique. There were some minor technical glitches for Mack and Case to work through when it was their turn, but all in all they did their usual Glamtastic job. They only played I Love This Song! once, but played another good one, Cardiac City, twice.

Mikelec was on after Friendly Fire; he was having some major glitches so after while I headed back to the property to do some more building. I arrived there to find a virtual housing disaster - all of the terrain was raised by like two meters across the entire property! Hours and hours of work were destroyed; it really sucked. It was almost like the sea level had somehow risen, so the land raised itself to keep pace.

I went up to the skybox and groused around some, but I couldn't stay down for long because Friendly Fire was playing on Journey Rock Band Island! Mack and Case had never played there, and it had been a while since I had been there, but the place was pretty much the same. I did notice one awesome tweak, though. Remember those two big electrical towers? Well they put up a diving platform on one of them! It's an easy 100 yards above the water so you can do all sorts of dives, and at the bottom of the ocean there's a shortcut to get back atop the tower again.

The Escape Club on Journey Rock Band Island has significantly better acoustics and electronics than the beach stage at JSP Island; it was fitting for fantastic rockers like Friendly Fire. There were 2 Cisco's there, and 2 Gunny's, but only one Tycho. Sometimes there are up to three Tycho's, but that's usually at Club Casa Blanco.

Mack and Case played I Love This Song!, and I've noticed that people are starting to get real quiet whenever it is played. We all just sit back and listen. It was chicaHope's birthday, so Case and Mack sang Happy Birthday to her. I took charge of Mack's poofer during Glam Me A Beer.

Next up was DJ Jocelyn with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. There was no Tracy but Argus helped out with stuff. The theme was songs with female vocalists in honor of Mother's Day. We stayed for a while, and even though Joce was playing great tunes we wanted to hear Joaquin at the Savoy so we headed over.

Joaquin's from Argentina and has a very unique accent and manner of speech. He also plays incredible music. The new Moxie island has changed the complexion of the Savoy, it will be good when Moxie is finished. DJ Bill followed Joaquin so we stayed and listened to him for a while.

We chatted all the while and worked on plans, and other plans; on plans for plans, and how to make plans, and of course how to make plans for plans. Isobela is very thorough; and quite a blast. Making Tidings is going to be so much fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ajay: It's the "asset server" that makes it art.

I did some terraforming of our new property this morning. I have found that it is much easier to raise seabed to make land than vice-versa; spent a good 45 minutes walking around underwater lowering and leveling. Put up a draft tower then took it down because it looked tacky, built a small pool and docked the Tester.

After a shower and change of clothes I headed over to Blissful Horizons Jenda & Inni's housewarming party. Jenda remembered that I said I liked Diet Grapefruit Shasta when we were over the day before, so she bought some for me. What a sweetheart! If you haven't tried carbonated grapefruit juice, well, it's interesting.

DJ Jocelyn was just about to start when I arrived. Soon the place was full of people rocking to her fantastic tunes. She played for about an hour, and then Friendly Fire took over. Mack and Case had set up on the patio and put on a spectacular show that included, of course, I Love This Song!

Following Friendly Fire DJ Jocelyn went back to rocking our world; Mack and Case were the meat in a Jocelyn sandwich! Isobela and I weren't able to stay too long, though; we had island planning to do and another Friendly Fire show to get ready for.

Mack and Case played their second gig of the day in Club Fantasies at Island Fantasies. curm showed up and was his usual loquacious self. Lots of locals were converted into Friendly Fire Friends, and we All Loved That Song! Mack got poofed by a mystery person; it wasn't me! I'm jealous! That poofer of Mack's is MINE! I'll have to make her another that only she or I can trigger!

I was honored by Cozette; she memorialized a quote that I made at the Red Rock Amphitheater a while back during Friendly Fire's signature final song. I pointed this out to Isobela, and then to Ajay, who gave us our Word of the Day: ROFLMAOPMP!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bowie Arrives!

I went to Jenda's to play this cool team-Yahtzee-like game called On A Roll. It was Jenda, Isobela and I against Bill, Cat and Aeryn. We won! Isobela scored the final row to win it for us. We didn't have time to collect our forfeit, so we'll be holding over their heads for a while!

After that it was off to the Glamshack for the fantastic sounds of Friendly Fire! I love that opening Wail that Case does! Nef showed up with an oar; he had been canoing and was in such a hurry to get to the GlamShack he forgot he had it in his hand! As usual they played their Friday Night Train Wreck, a song they have never played together in their lives.

Mack's Gestures sponsored first part of the show. She will soon have gestures from Napoleon Dynamite and the Transformers, to include Battle Gestures. Fairplay Designs and Arts sponsored second part of show; a good place to go for your Mother's Day gifts! Mack and Case also talked about a new album / compilation coming out mid-summer called "Rocking in the Combat Zone". I can't wait, and sure hope it has I Love This Song on it!

Later we went dancing on the SS Galaxy; a huge ship, 600 meters long! There were many dance floors and shops and pools and staterooms that people live in and all sorts of stuff. We ended up in the Zodiac Ballroom, a huge glass sphere topside aft.

Later we continued dancing on Impact Area Beach, and as a wonderful surprise, to top off the night, we visited the Bowie and Bolan areas where our new property will be. This is going to be so cool!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Me so Horny!

I stopped by Sun Pavilion this afternoon and heard DavidB, a Sun employee, give a presentation on Java and web application servers. Cool. They also had a bunch of clothes and such, geek glasses and of course free copies of their wonderful hardware.

Unfortunately for David, Freindly Fire was playing at the Demonic Strip Club and Mall, so there was a mad rush for the exit as it approached the top of the hour. The Demonic Strip Club and Mall is quite an interesting venue! mack sanf her full range of songs; she seems to be taking over more and more of the show. They played I Love This Song, of course; and even the locals loved it! Case was really talking up the Mall; I'll have to check it out later.

After dinner I stopped briefly by the Hot Sax Jazz Club and chatted with Jocelyn and Isobela. There was some guy playing something, but we didn't stay long. Jocelyn had to be somewhere, so Isobela and I went to visit Grendel's Children.

Grendel’s Children has all sorts of different costumes; boxes, clocks, books, quadrupedal dragons, bipedal dragons, human-dragon hybrids, human-everything-else hybrids, pre-human hominids, mechanical men, dirigibles, gargoyles, sand worms, werewolves, sphinxes, centaurs, demons, imps, angels, gods and goddesses, elementals, fairy lawyers, trees, rocks, sea creatures, dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids of every type, dozens of mammals ranging from moles to tigers, and more than a dozen species of real and mythological birds, nearly 1000 costumes in sizes varying from tiny to huge (according to the promotional literature.)

We spent about an hour and a half there, browsing all three levels of the store. It is an amazing place. I ended up making about twenty purchases, so if you happen to see some hideous, horrid, alien beast hanging around the Glamshack it's either myself dressed up in a Grendel’s Children costume, or Tracy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

DJ Isobela Rocks My World

I visited Twisted Toys this morning, it is quite an amazing place. Here's some good advice: go there with a close friend. They have these regular, everyday objects that morph into, um, other things. I was very impressed with their dining suite!

Later I listened to HarleyKillerNL with Isobela. Also there were RJ, to whom congratulations are in order, and Toma. Harley played mostly metal, none too too heavy, and was a nice change of pace.

Isobala worked on organizing a fan club for her DJ self; I am it's President and First Officer! Of course we had to go take pictures to put on the fan club page, which means we had to play dress-up first; and I'm frankly amazed we didn't have to go shopping as well!

Later we worked on indoor waterfalls in the draft house. Isobela has a neat one going as a room divider next to the circular ramp / stairwell that she made. I was going for pure decorative and came up with a way to mix two waterfall streams with two different flow rates; it turned out well.

I had to leave for a while, but was able to make the last part of DJ Isobela's debut at the Glamshack. A truly horrible set of circumstances prevented me from being there for the whole thing. When I got there Missy said that "Iso has been cracking us up", and after a few in-between set monologues I had to agree.

It seemed like DJ Bill may have done the first half of he show, and then turned it over to DJ Isobela. DJ Isobela was just fantastic. She played great music and had a wonderful feel for the audience. She was originally supposed to just fill in for DJ Bill on Wednesday nights for a few weeks, but before the night was out she was being courted by a couple of big-name club owners to do other work as well.

Tracy and Hy started to get on my case about not having a fan club for DJ Isobela organized yet; before the words were out of their mouths they had invitations in their hands. Soon everyone wanted in. At the end of the night there was nothing but Fantabulous Rockers in the Glamshack, and I was proud to be in that number.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Return of the Tatrix

I built an real, authentic Pirogue today. It was alot easier than I thought it would be; the hardest part was putting in the seat. I took it down to Impact Area Beach and cruised around the lagoon some. I also spent some time learning a new building method; I made a one-piece Martini glass that turned out pretty good for a first try. I have a couple of other projects lined up using these methods, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

The Tatrix of Korat had been taken prisoner, so we mounted a rescue mission to the Voltai Range. The place she was being held was a huge thing with double walls around it. We made out way in-between the walls and captured their ambassador, and was able to trade him for our Tatrix.

Isobela's cousin Kev was there, on the other side. He must be the black sheep of the family because he was openly using weapons that were proscribed by the Priest Kings. We beseeched the powers that be on this, but to no avail. In any case, with 1st Sword Greg, Canadar and many of our brethren from Fina we were able to secure her release.

I went out shopping and wandering later. I found a cool new Harley Jacket and these cute lace boots for Isobela. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; for Isobela I think it may be through her feet. I also found a new divan that will go well with the new house.

Tuesday night means Friendly Fire was playing at the Beach Bum, and they played I Love This Song TWICE! I showed up a little late, when Case saw me he told Mack "OK, we can play that song now!" Jenda showed up a little later; she had had a bad day so Mack and Case sang I Love This Song again and made it all better. Friendly Fire Rocks!

Later it was DJ Shayl and Hostess Isobela at Club RaGe. There was a Costume party with a Heroes and Villains theme. I went as Darth Vader. There were many comments on my light saber and how happy I seemed to be to see people! Isobela went as Queen Amidala. When we arrived the Sploder had a buncha money left on it from some earlier show; Kat and I split it.

There was a contest at the top of the hour. Using a special flight assist doohickeymajob that Isobela gave out to contestants, we were to fly to the top of the Empire State building, take our picture, go back to the club and turn the picture in to Isobela. Well, I'm a rather good flier, so this was right up my alley. I still had my Darth Vader helmet and cape on, but had exchanged the rest of the costume for a black catsuit. That made me very aerodynamic!

I went to the top of the antenna on top of the building, then decided to go back down to the top of the building, slipped off the edge and had to go back, finally took a picture and still made it back first! I was back in record time and won the cash prize! Woot! Another long, exhausting, glorious day in the Metaverse!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I went out shopping today; Isobela had given me direction to a number of stores and I figured that I ought to go see what they each had so that I would be prepared to tell her why I had enough clothes and didn't like what they had in that specific store. I did see this one suit I liked, though; they really liked it too. A little too much I think.

Later Isobela and I went down to Impact Area Beach and discussed vegetation for our new property. We're considering six different types of palm trees, so I had to climb them all. We looked at a few types of bushes, too. My favorite was one that looked like giant string beans!

On the docks of the Savoy we danced until dawn.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Gussie!

Isobela was practicing DJing again at the Glamshack this morning. Hy and I offered advice, and RJ passed by to give an unbiased opinion. Isobela was especially good chatting with the people that happened to wander by. I had brought my new saxophone along and played along with some of the jazzier tunes.

Later I built a draft Lookout Tower for the new property. I tore it down right after building it. It was OK, but not good. I need to learn some new construction methods for a real good, sturdy building; fortunately I have seen lots of training for this being offered recently. Now I only need the chance to take advantage of it!

Sunday night means that Friendly Fire will be playing some high-energy rock and roll at the Metaverse's Premier Rock and Roll Club, Nightclub Echo Echo - Where the Who's Who gather. Not as many as usual gathered, though; there were horrendous traffic problems that must have kept many people away. We also had to evacuate the club twice for some strange reason; the first time during I Love This Song! It was a catastrophe!

We all survived, though; and as with certain other activities there's no such thing as a bad Friendly Fire concert. After the second evacuation Mack was a little late in getting back, so I hopped up on stage with Case and played along with my trusty saxophone!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy was a blast as usual. Tonight was a Pajama Party Theme. Mack and Case wore some Miami Dolphin jammies that Isobela bought for them for both shows; I had started out in regular clothes and then changed into my New Orleans Saints jammies. Tracy, of course, changed jammies about 12 times during the night. I did twice, and Iso three times.

DJ Jocelyn did a good job with song selection for a Pajama-themed show; quite a difficult thing to do. I agree with Case, it was "great nightime trippy music". DJ Jocelyn made a surprise announcement during the show; next week both Friendly Fire and Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness will be on Journey Island! It sounds like it will be a permanent-type thing. I'm looking forward to it; the opening of Journey Island was way cool and I've been back a few times, always enjoying myself.

After DJ Jocelyn finished there was a party going on Journey Island for Gussie's birthday! I couldn't make it, though; it was way too late for me. The harsh realities of the tyrannies of time zones strike again. So Happy Birthday Gussie! I'm sure you had a great time; and many, many more!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


After my morning rounds I stopped by the Glamshack to help DJ Isobela and DJ Hy get her audio equipment, mixer and such, integrated with the Glamshack equipment. Luckily I arrived just after all of teh heavy-lifting was done, but everything still had to be tested. I was able to provide an extra set of ears to make sure it is all in working order. This is going to be so much fun!

I missed DJ Shayla's birthday party, but was able to get to see DJ Crighton at the Savoy. He was ably assisted by hostess Kimala. There was some great some great saxophone music, but the place is also being threatened by a giant killer squid underneath the docks! When I warned Isobela about him she said that she had helped Jenda place him there! They are two wild and crazy girls!

We headed over to the Lost Grotto to listed to Jace (JC) play guitar and sing. It was also a celebration of Isobela's cousin Midnight's birthday. Bill and Pam had played earlier; I'm sorry I missed them because last time that they played there they were a hoot. Everyone there followed the local customs; it was great. Even Jace, and his songs were very good. Plus he played way late for us, and at the end sang Happy Birthday to Midnight!

After the birthday party broke up we visited Gallery Orinoco again. There was a new display downstairs called "delusions of introspection" by DL. It was pretty freaky, body parts morphing into other body parts in unusual ways. The upstairs galleries seemed to be the same as the last time.

We have been thinking about building a grotto on our land, and was looking for ideas. There was a grotto behind the waterfall next to the Lost Grotto stage, and another one hidden back behind the shops near the clubhouse. We checked both out but came away with more ideas about what we didn't want than what we did.

We also went to Perfect Prefabs to look around at grottoes. We found a few good ones, and got some good ideas on what we will want. Being multi-level inside. is good, we'd want waterfalls inside plus it should have flat spots on top for sunbathing or watching sunsets from.

We visited yet another place that sold grottoes, but weren't very impressed by them. There was lots of other stuff there, so we were looking around and I came across one of the most amazing things that I have seen in this metaverse. I was walking up over a short rise and as I reached the top there was spread out before me a huge depression in the ground with water falling over all of the edges. Down below a giraffe was grazing, dwarfed by the scale of the falls. I scurried down and called for Isobela to follow me. It was quite a breathtaking moment.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rock and Rocks!

While I was at the Red Rock Amphitheater the other night I had found two of the coolest rocks. Isobela was making fun of me for playing with them, but she doesn't understand. We don't have rocks in southern Louisiana, they all sunk into the swamp eons ago. I didn't get to play with rocks as a child, I was deprived; but I'm making up for it now!

Friday night at the Glamshack was a very special occasion, the Feast Day of St. Mack! After she was elevated to Sainthood last night in honor of putting up with one Case Munro for so many years, Isobela and Ajay decided that she needed a day in her honor; we decided on Fridays.

There is another new feature for every Friday night, the Friday Night Train Wreck. They will sing a song they've never sung before. This time I think the name of the song was Little Willie. It was very entertaining, but I did notice two people who entered the Shack during that song turned around and left kinda quickly.

Case announced that Isobela was taking over Wednesday night DJ duties with myself as host. merry will be hosting at the Shack as well. They played I Love This Song of course, and Vent stopped by during the last song then hung around for DJ Hy.

Isobela and I weren't able to stay for DJ Hy; though with his hostess running late we were able to send out group notices for him. Bogarts has moved! My Blue Heaven was crowded, but The Savoy's Gazebo was the perfect place to trade home-made bread recipes. She had better Sourdough but I had the best French.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Saint Mack!

I stopped by Korat today. It's still very much under construction. The small outpost looks like its being rebuilt too. I can't understand why they would start a new project when the city doesn't even have walls around it any more. It's somewhat disturbing.

Friday eve means Friendly Fire at Casa Blanco and as usual they rocked the house. Mack was dressed all formal in a suit and tie, but did have furry fluffy stuff at the ends of her sleeves. They had redecorated the club; no more of that pink. I like the blues theme much better!

A dance troupe showed up; four attractive ladies dancing in perfect unison; very cool. Friendly Fire played I Love This Song! Case admitted that Mack has the patience of a Saint for putting up with him. During the shows we can see the interplay between them in between songs. While they both are fantastic people that I am proud to consider friends, I must agree with Case; Mack has the patience of a Saint. A typically most excellent show.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Isobela and I went shopping today. I bought some more ties and another shirt to go with them. Iso bought some dresses I think. I'm not exactly sure, but the packages sure were heavy! I saw one thing was a pleasant shade of green, so I had to go back over to the tie rack and pick out a green tie, too.

We headed over to The GlamShack to get ready for the DJ Bill and Isobela show. While they were setting up I sat on my stool and worked on my Friendly Fire Group Notices; I think they turned out pretty well. The first one had a little twist I hadn't seen done before and the second poked fun at what was put on MySpace about the show.

During the show DJ Bill made an announcement that after next week he would be taking a short leave of absence from DJing on Wednesday nights. I think it had something to do with dental work. In his place the lovely and talented Isobela will be DJing! Since I am one of DJ Isobela's foremost Groupies this is going to be Great! She has even asked me to host for her!

DJ Bill was his usual fantastic self; great tunes with funny little interludes. DJ Bill is one of the many people key in making the GlamShack the glammiest place in the Metaverse! DJ Case stopped by on the way to his show, and then I had to leave early to go get officering.

Friendly Fire was rocking the Red Rock Amphitheater. I had been there once before when I was only able to catch the end of one of their shows, so I stopped by in the early afternoon before shopping to make sure I had the directions to the place correct and do a quick site recon. I found out where the voting machine was, the venue tip jar, dance balls and also where to stand so I could watch the door for newcomers while at the same time keeping an eye on the stage.

Mack and Case had a good night, a really good night. I mean, they are always good, but they sounded especially good tonight. Perhaps it was the acoustics of all of the red rocks? Whatever the reason, when Case sang "Never fear, we can, glam some beer" during Looking for the Party it sent chills down my spine. It really got to Christal, too; she about falls over, catches her balance and says "shite that was the sweet spot!!! OMG"!

Of course they played I Love This Song! BigDan, who works at Red Rock, told us all "I love my job!". Christal didn't seem to understand until I told everyone that "I love my job, too!" and then she, and everyone else, understood how lucky we are to have jobs that involve listening to the best glam rock in the Metaverse!

My friend Jax showed up, taking time off from his busy tour schedule to enjoy some Friendly Fire. He seems to have his own secret project in the works. I'm not actively working on any of mine right now, though I do have an idea for some aquatic acoustics. A couple of my projects have turned out OK; most get shelved. When they do I just get up, stand, dust myself off and do it again!

*The Battle of Camerone occurred on 30 April 1863, between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army. In this battle the French Foreign Legion made its legend. A small infantry patrol was attacked by about 2,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry troops, and made a defensive stand at the nearby Hacienda Camarón.