Saturday, May 17, 2008

Train Wrecks Left and Right!

The Fantabulous Isobela DJed at the Glamshack today, and I tried to help her by hosting. There are usually two DJs at the Glamshack on Friday before Friendly Fire, we were going to take the first slot but then the second DJ had problems so we took that one too. And then we officered for Mack and Case who played late because the DJ that usually follows them couldn't make it either.

Isobela is really getting good at this DJ thing, and I'm slowly learning how to host. The last-minute gigs make it hard to come up with a playlist, so she was relying on requests; going around the room calling on people for their favorite songs to play. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

My friend Megan stopped by, it was her second day in this world. Leland gave her a pre-production shirt design from his store, I had an extra pair of ladies boots for her and Isobela donated some jewelry. She seemed to really like the people, and especially Mack and Case's show.

Friendly Fire put on a special train wreck show. usually on Friday nights they will play one train wreck song, a song that they haven't played before. These usually turn out either fantastic or hilarious; a very fun time. They also played I Love This Song, so all is good.

Fluffy had heard that they were playing Mellow Yellow and hurried over, but missed the end of the song. She stayed, and brought over a handful of friends, and really livened up the place.

Afterwards Isobela and I visited the Tunnel of Light, a cool guided tour in a giant tea cup thing. There was some amazing scenery.

Later we went to Lady Kirstens Gorean Forge to check out the Warrior's Keep they had for sale. It would be cool as a lookout tower, but it was a little too much for what I wanted. We also checked out her other lookout towers and some amazing palm trees.

After that it was dancing in the Thassa Islands underwater dance theater; quite an amazing place but a total pain to get to. We had to brave a sinking ship and stormy seas to get there. It is so cool to live in such an amazing place. Life is good.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said... a giant tea cup thing. There was some amazing scenery...

Ok, make that a cross between Disneyland's, Teacups and Spacemountain, SL style and ya got it. It was very cool and worth another trip through, (or maybe even 3-4).