Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Gussie!

Isobela was practicing DJing again at the Glamshack this morning. Hy and I offered advice, and RJ passed by to give an unbiased opinion. Isobela was especially good chatting with the people that happened to wander by. I had brought my new saxophone along and played along with some of the jazzier tunes.

Later I built a draft Lookout Tower for the new property. I tore it down right after building it. It was OK, but not good. I need to learn some new construction methods for a real good, sturdy building; fortunately I have seen lots of training for this being offered recently. Now I only need the chance to take advantage of it!

Sunday night means that Friendly Fire will be playing some high-energy rock and roll at the Metaverse's Premier Rock and Roll Club, Nightclub Echo Echo - Where the Who's Who gather. Not as many as usual gathered, though; there were horrendous traffic problems that must have kept many people away. We also had to evacuate the club twice for some strange reason; the first time during I Love This Song! It was a catastrophe!

We all survived, though; and as with certain other activities there's no such thing as a bad Friendly Fire concert. After the second evacuation Mack was a little late in getting back, so I hopped up on stage with Case and played along with my trusty saxophone!

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy was a blast as usual. Tonight was a Pajama Party Theme. Mack and Case wore some Miami Dolphin jammies that Isobela bought for them for both shows; I had started out in regular clothes and then changed into my New Orleans Saints jammies. Tracy, of course, changed jammies about 12 times during the night. I did twice, and Iso three times.

DJ Jocelyn did a good job with song selection for a Pajama-themed show; quite a difficult thing to do. I agree with Case, it was "great nightime trippy music". DJ Jocelyn made a surprise announcement during the show; next week both Friendly Fire and Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness will be on Journey Island! It sounds like it will be a permanent-type thing. I'm looking forward to it; the opening of Journey Island was way cool and I've been back a few times, always enjoying myself.

After DJ Jocelyn finished there was a party going on Journey Island for Gussie's birthday! I couldn't make it, though; it was way too late for me. The harsh realities of the tyrannies of time zones strike again. So Happy Birthday Gussie! I'm sure you had a great time; and many, many more!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Are you sure Tracey only changed 12 times??

Tycho Beresford said...

As far as Tracy goes, who can be sure about anything???