Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cup of Goodness in Dublin!

Same great decor, same fantastic coffee, awesome new location! What a great idea to open in Dublin! After all of those late nights at Fibber's it's nice to have a place to relax and unwind. Elisabeth Rocks!

Surf's Up!

I found a new favorite surfing spot, Mystique Island! Woot!

DJ Isobela at Fibbers!

Dublin has finally come to it's senses and hired the Fantabulous One to do a weekly show, Wednesday afternoons. I took off from work to be with her for the very first one and it was a blast! Blues Linden even showed up and chatted with her, he even stayed for most of the show! The dublin people are a little slow in getting Isobela's picture up on the wall with all of the other DJs; I'll have to beat Ajay for that.

Later we went back to Thassa to check on the renovations. There was some changes near the watermill, and a new bridge was put in to get to the northern outcropping. A very cool place.

Happy Birthday Tracy!!!

DJ Isobela Rocked the GlamShack as we celebrated the umpty-ninth birthday of The Tracy! It was quite the blast; Tracy got a spank every time someone new entered the Shack! WooHoo!

Monday, January 12, 2009

An Arousing GlamShack Welcome!

DJ BusyBee stood in for DJ Isobela this week at the Friday Slide into the Weekend party at the GlamShack and did a simply Fantabulous job, even burdened with me as a host! We had a larger crowd than usual, likely there to see and hear this delightful new treat! DJ BusyBee has a busy schedule, but hopefully we will see her at the GlamShack again soon.

Mack and Case followed DJ BusyBee in their quest to tear up the Grid with their enthusiasm and talent. With the song from their upcoming album making their way onto the Friendly Fire playlist we have a delicious variance in their shows. We had an extra treat as Mack and Case stayed on after their show to DJ! According to Meggie, Hy had a case of the the dreaded attachus interruptus so the Dynamic Duo did a special Bakie Friday show! Apparently they had a new appliance that they wanted to test live and on the air; from all reports it was a big hit!

The rest of the weekend was a blur of building; Isobela is fashioning a new GOAT to be ready for the Summer session and I have been trying to help in my own small way. We did have a nice break in this small, beautifully-landscaped valley called Unintended Water. I stopped by Mikki's store as well; my picture doesn't do it justice but it is a very nice clothing boutique. Another cool place in our wondrous, ever-changing world.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Right Where It All Started!

It was a Fantabulous Carraig at 1pm SLT. From the rocky headland, DJ Isobela made a triumphant return to Fibber Magees - the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Dublin. Mash sang live before her to warm the crowd up. Riko was her hostess and did a fairly good job, almost up to GlamShack standards. There was a good crowd of Lads 'n' Lassies ending their day there, plus even more enjoying her on Dublin Radio! I had made a special effort to be there for this first regular show of hers there and had a simply marvelous time. DJ Isobela Rocks!

After the show she barely had time to beat me with an OAR and whip up an incredible new stage for the GOAT before it was time to head down to her show at the GlamShack! There's never a bad time for Rock and Roll, and this was a better time than most because DJ Isobela had taken the stream at the Shack and was making it sing for us! We all had a serious infusion of Fantabulousness and partied the night away. Life is good.

(Note to self: Fire photographer!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Glam Me A New Year!

What a wonderful and wacky year it was; what a wonderful and wacky year it will be! The New-Year's Eve Extravaganza at the GlamShack was a fitting tribute to the year in review. If my addled brain remembers correctly all of the amazing DJs that play at the GlamShack each week did a special half-hour presentation. We did miss some occasional artists though, such as the incredible DJ Ajay. The high-point for me was the Friendly-Fire show, a glamtastic echoing of all of their hit new songs that were released during the closing year. There were even three songs in a row from their upcoming album including "Happy Go Lucky" and "Candlelight" but not "Untitled song in G part 1 and 2".

I predict that at the end of this year I'll still be around, still be stuck (of course), and will be once again yammering about what a wonderful and wacky year it was and what a wonderful and wacky year it will be. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm going fishin.