Sunday, January 25, 2009

DJ Isobela at Fibbers!

Dublin has finally come to it's senses and hired the Fantabulous One to do a weekly show, Wednesday afternoons. I took off from work to be with her for the very first one and it was a blast! Blues Linden even showed up and chatted with her, he even stayed for most of the show! The dublin people are a little slow in getting Isobela's picture up on the wall with all of the other DJs; I'll have to beat Ajay for that.

Later we went back to Thassa to check on the renovations. There was some changes near the watermill, and a new bridge was put in to get to the northern outcropping. A very cool place.

1 comment:

Ajay said...

/me snorts

I've been wanting Iso there for awhile -- it was just a matter of the right shift becoming available :)

As for her pic, tell Her Fantabulousness to get me a promo shot and I'll shoot it where it needs to go :P

Yay, DJ Iso!!!