Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Howling Rage

I caught the end of Friendly Fire at the Beach Bum today; they had been having issues with the club infrastructure so they played late. I came into the middle of an intriguing conversation about posteriors. I wish I had been in on the beginning of it.

Later I went to see the DJ Shayla and Isobela show at Club RaGe in the Tangra Center. They were excellent as usual; DJ Shayla spun some very good music. They had a scavenger hunt game going most of the night for gift certificates. They were looking for things like "Something that is on fire." I won one then let the rest of the people there have a chance. One poor girl had to carry a motorcycle into the place and down the stairs to win her prize!

One of the regular fantastic Glamshack DJs will be taking a break for a few weeks, and they have brought under contract a top-flight replacement, but then found that they also needed a host and really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I don't know what in the world the Metaverse is coming to.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I went shopping for a saxophone today. I've wanted a musical instrument for a while, wanted something out of the ordinary and saw someone with a sax on Saturday night. So I'm sax hunting. Bill Havercamp has a nice one, and I've seen one cheap one, but want to shop around some more. If I can't find a sax I may go for a harmonica.

Later on I went to the Rock and Roll Listening Party with DJ Case and hostess Ajay. We still need to work on DJ Case's poster and t-shirts. Go Go apparently was in charge of the play list this time, so Case put a picture of her up in the Glamshack during the show.

I had been wanting to see what Cheyenne had done with her island paradise of Whimsy. I had visited shortly after it had risen from the depth, but hadn't been back. I took a chance and asked Isobela to go see it too, and lucky me she agreed.

Whimsy is an amazing place. I think that Isobela likes it too. I made note of some of her comments:
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh MY GOD"
"this is beautiful"
"Chey is a genius"
"this just astounds me"
"wow I am in awe"
"this is just so beautiful"

If Isobela and I get our own new land I hope we can make it half as nice as Whimsy. One mistake that Isobela and I keep making is in giving all of the credit for Whimsy to Cheyenne. Chey keeps correcting me, saying it's at least half Xubi's fault. Xubi, you have made an amazing place; congratulations.

Chey's old neighbor with the ghost ship followed her and lives right next door to Whimsy. There is no sign of a ghost on the ship, but I'm sure he comes out at night. Of course while visiting Whimsy we had to visit Pele, the volcano goddess. While doing so Isobela accidentally fell into the lava and set the volcano off!

No trip to any of Cheyenne and Xubi's places would be complete without a train ride, so we hopped on the Avatar Mobilization Unit and took a spin. It was an amazing ten minutes or so. Like before, the train takes you all around the place and also under the water.

Whimsy is like a dream come to life, and they are constantly improving it. Right before we arrived they had started raising some new islands to the east, then changed their minds and put them to the west, calling that place Whimsy Kaboom. I can hardly wait to see what they'll do there. Whimsy Rocks!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mack: You ain't living unless you're bleeding!

Isobela and I hung out at impact Area Beach for most of the morning. We floated in the pool, went scuba diving and lounged around like lazy lizards sunning ourselves. The smell of coconut suntan oil was heavy in the air. Later we researched campfire pits and talked some more about plans for some new land.

Isobela had to leave, so I worked on plans for a Moonbase. It was really to be for the new property, but in all actuality it could be where we're at. I think I've had enough of prototypes for it; digging out all of those craters is hard work!

Later I got cleaned up and went to the Metaverse Book Fari 2008. They had a very cool swag bag; I haven't had a chance to explore it yet but from the list of it's contents it'll be a blast. The Book Fair itself was very cool, too. I've read some fairly long articles since coming here; but never a book. They had many books for sale, and also coupons for internet bookstores. They even had a Book Factory! Cool, but I could do better.

There were stages with dance areas for musicians, but mostly for reading of book excerpts, poetry, or interviews. I listened in on a presentation about Metaverse guide books. He had most of his facts straight. The Fair had mazes of little alleys with every type of book store imaginable; I had a great time wandering all around. There were even audio books!

Later I met Isobela at the warm up party for the warm up party for DJ Jocelyn. DJ John and hostess Padula were performing at the Glamshack; Mack said that was a warm-up party for Friendly Fire at 5; which Case said was a warm-up party for DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy at 6. I just liked the music. Talk of everyone going to a nude beach after the show, but some stick in the mud nixed the idea.

While we were there Mack and Case talked some about their trip to the old world. It turns out that Ajay and Synapse were able to make the trip back to the old world and see them also.
Case: "the Old World was great!"
Mack: "it was exactly as I remembered it"
Case: "we drove for hours, lugged gear, played at ear-bleed volumes"
Mack: "best part was seeing Ajay and Syn though"
Case: "meeting Ajay and Syn was like crossing the streams and taking the red pill at the same time, awesome"
Synapse: "I was impressed by how much FUN you guys were having! And it rubbed off on the crowd."
It sounds like a Friendly Fire gig in the old world is just like one in the Metaverse; wild fun at ear-bleed volumes!

I had to leave DJ John's show a little early to go get ready for the Friendly Fire show at Nightclub Echo Echo - Where the Who's Who of the Metaverse hang out. It was incredibly crowded; it's nice to see packed houses, especially on home turf. Shamrock Rosie showed up! The owner of another club was there and had asked about booking Friendly Fire for her place. Mack and Case played I Love This Song, plus We'll Always Have Paris. As Case put it, they were "The nibble on your neck for DJ Joce!"

The theme for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy was "I wanna Rock!" DJ Joce kept the party rolling by spinning the theme's namesake song first off, and things just got better from there. High-energy rock just kept buffeting people all over the dance floor. Annie showed up and explained all about how The Tracy got her other nickname.

When things started winding down at Echo², Isobela and I headed over to the Savoy. They have a Vote box now; I'll have to add them to my daily tour. JP was on piano with Bill on Bass. They had redecorated since I was there on opening day, the place was amazing. I'm a little worried about it raining, though; and what that would do to the wood dance floor.

The Savoy is a wonderful place to dance, beautiful in the moonlight. There is dancing on the dock, too. Joaquin passed by later and played the guitar for us for an hour or so; he is pretty good. It was a marvelous way to relax and unwind and top off a most glamtastic day at the end of a most glamtastic week.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bid4aCure Planning Meeting

Today we had a Bid4aCure planning meeting at the DJ Hangout. Jocelyn runs a good meeting; things went smooth and ended on time. We talked about Auctionees, Goods and services, Venues for auctions, Event dates and times and Donation Syringes. Bid4aCure will be benefiting the International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association. My name is still on the list of auctionees; I told Isobela that she and/or Jocelyn will have to come up with a date setting for me.

There was no Friendly Fire show today, they were traveling back to the Old World to do a rare live gig there. It sounds like alot of fun, and they were going to meet some Friendly Fire Friends there. I'm a little worried about their drummer, though; this will be his first time in the Old World and it can be kinda overwhelming. I'm sure Case can get him through it; the Guitar God is good with drummers, too!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Case: You all are Rockstars!

Mack and Case playerd all of their incredible hits in a 2+ hour Friendly Fire extravaganza! DJ Hy was late so they just played until he arrived. Mack & Case sang Octopus garden for Isobela,she loved the personal attention! Plus of course they played I Love This Song!

I helped Mack with her poofer while she was busy singing Glamtastic music. Case sang his Scottish drinking song. They sang We All Need Someone We Can Count On for Isobela! At the end Mack referred to Case as the Guitar God of the Metaverse! And to top things off, we lived through the Great Sim Crash of 25 April 2008

Jenda was at some sort of Charity auction, and horror of horrors Amlyn was ahead of her! I was working so I couldn't go there to contribute, so I passed some change for Innis to help her out with. Later I passed by her Moxie store and donated, too. I received a cool Breast Cancer Awareness Bear in return!

After Friendly Fire had exhausted their vast repertoire of original music they played some cover songs, and then DJ Case took over the mic. He played a handful of songs and then we were blessed by DJ Hy! The Man! The Myth! The Legend! Isobela filled in for The Tracy as his hostess. We all had a Glamtastic good time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

3 explorations in the key of D

Isobela was building a model home on a sky platform today. It looks real good; exactly like the specification I had given her. I mostly stood around and criticized; well I did put up one column and raised a wall a bit. It will be all ready if we happen to find some new land.

Later we went to the Friendly Fire extravaganza at Club Casa Blanco. Mack and Case sang Happy Birthday to Gazza. They also like to play triple sets; usually they'll have three feline songs but this time it was, according to Case, "3 explorations in the key of D". They probably were in D, because if they weren't I'm sure that curm or someone else would have let us all know all about it. One of these three was I Love This Song! Get up, stand up, dust yourself off we're gonna do it again!

Afterwards, Isobela and I went back to the Villa and just chilled out. We talked about plans for a new property, house layouts and number of balconies, and just chilled. I also chatted with Miyam for a bit, trying to keep up with her many adventures. Life is good.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Glammiest place in the Metaverse!

Isobela and I went looking at land this afternoon, we're thinking of buying some new property and building on it. What we saw was water actually, but there was land below it. And might-fine water it was.

After that we went to PajamaRama to spend the gift certificates that I had won in the jammie-night contests at Club RaGe the night before. I had mentioned the contest about Newbie Island, but had also won another gift certificate in a contest to be the first to guess the artist who sung a Blondie song. It was Blondie. I special-ordered a set of Saints jammies and one other pair.

DJ Bill and Hostess Isobela put on a fantastic show at the Glamshack. DJ Bill played his usual great music with hilarious little ditties used as filler between regular songs. Isobela threatened to request all chickie songs so the rest of us flooded him with requests.

Mack and Case stopped by after their American Cancer Society benefit show; the place had a real good turnout. Bill also plays at the Savoy, described as the sister Jazz club to the Glamshack. And the Glamshack, according to DJ Bill, is The Glammiest place in the Metaverse! De acuerdo!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You want me to do What?

Friendly Fire played at the Beach Bum, their regular Tuesday night gig. We had two special visitors, a pair of Angels! One of them seemed very sweet and innocent; the other, well, not as much so. Mack and Case sang their get up, stand up, dust yourself off we're gonna do it again song. I do love that song!

Later I worked on making a tool box for all of my woodworking tool. It turned out OK, it holds them all, but I really need a latch for it. Some carrying handles would be nice, too; it’s pretty heavy.

We went to Club RaGe for the DJ Shayla and Isobela show. It was PJ night! Isobela and I showed up in matching Scooby Doo jammies. They had feather pillows for us to pillow fight with, very cool! DJ Shayla was wearing a cute pink flannel long-john jammie set that she ripped the lower part of the top off to give it a bare midriff! Woot!

DJ Shayla and Isobela announced a contest, and asked for a contestant, but no one would volunteer. They didn't say what this contestant would have to do. Isobela was getting very upset that no one would agree to do whatever crazy task they had dreamed up. After she started crying I gave in and said I would play along.

The task was to go to Newbie Island, find a citizen here less than a week, and get them to come back to the club with me. While I was in my Scoobie Doo jammies. Great. She started tearing up again, so I went. There were many mentors there to help people, many more than there were new citizens. I was able to start talking with one new person and eventually convince them to come back with me. The things I do for Isobela! I guess this just shows who the sweet and innocent one is!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dreams Community Fair 2008!

I visited the Dreams Community Fair which runs until the end of the day on the 25th. This is the third year this event has been held to promote some of the lesser known groups and areas in SL related to health support, education, and the arts. Very cool, and they have some neat swag, too! Everyone should visit.

Isobela and I went to Case's Rock and Roll listening party at the Glamshack. The format has migrated from two straight albums, to the best tracks from a handful of albums, to what it is today. It seems to still be evolving.

Case is also taking sponsorships for portions of the show. The third quarter of the show today was sponsored by Mack's Gestures. Visit Mack's Gestures for all of your gesture needs, including custom gestures. Landmarks to Mack's Gestures may be found in the profiles of Case, Ajay or I. The last quarter of the show was brought to us by the letter 'D' and the number '3'.

While at the Glamshack we attended a meeting of the DJ Case fan club. Case was trying to act all shy, like he didn't deserve the acclaim, but we knew better. Something is being planned, but will likely not be recorded in these pages until after the fact.

Later we went to Nantucket to listen to Heath play piano; it's been too long for both of us. I saw a sign that they are having the New England Mermaid Festival Apr 20 - May 16. I’ll have to go check it out.

Heath was awesome as usual; the crowd was a little more lively and funny that I remember. He has another album coming out; last one came out just before Christmas. He is quite prolific! He remembered me and said Hi during the after-show party, pretty cool.

Afterwards Isobela and I went to the Dreams Community Fair. I had seen a booth about a niche medical market that I thought a friend of hers would be interested in, Iso thought so too. We browsed around the rest of the fair and picked up some building materials, checked out the Elven booth with the cool chairs, visited the Scripting Academy, checked out the Teachers without borders booth and all sorts of other cool things.

Isobela kept getting lost, though; and it wasn't really that crowded. I had to fly around and look for her a few times. After the booths we played in their sandbox some and then headed for the barn. Another wonderful day.

Monday, April 21, 2008

That would make such bizarre sense!

This morning I went on a furniture shopping expedition with Isobela, a whirlwind tour of every store she knew of and even some she didn't! We found some good ideas, and went back to the Villa to try and build them ourselves.

Friendly Fire was playing on at JSP Island again, another Relay For Life benefit. We had an awesome time as usual. Most of the officers were there and Mack and Case put on a fantastic show, but then it was back to building.

Isobela was working on building a standalone fireplace to use as a room divider. I spent alot of time cleaning out closets and throwing my old junk away. I worked on my writings some more, too. With the fireplace move I was able to move my workstation to where the old fireplace was and add a few more host boxes. I may have enough computing power to run that RL®™ game now.

Isobela finally let me take a break to go and see Friendly Fire again. The rocky crags of Nightclub Echo Echo were again the host to the resounding to the beat of Glam Rock! TexasChainSaw stopped by. Despite the name he seemed like a very cool cat. I hope we see more of him.

DJ Farr followed Mack and Case, ably assisted by The Tracy who still hasn't apologized! It had been a while since I'd heard DJ Farr and his music was as fantastic as ever. Jud stopped by with his traditional "FAMILY!!" greeting; it caught on and soon we were all addressing each other like that.

Isobela and I danced all over the dance floor. We also talked about happenings in Korat. I am worried about the viability of the city. Repairs to the wall are slap-dash. It seems even the panther girls have gotten tired of us and have moved on to greener pastures. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jeez Oh Freakin Criminy!

Today I visited Jenda's Moxie store, Furniture and Tropical Oasis, a very cool place. Isobela had bought some pillows there yesterday, and I wanted to check it out, too. A sign there said they would be having their Grand Opening soon, I'll try to make that.

While there I was invited to visit Jenda's awesome home. Isobela was visiting there and was so amazed she said I had to see it. There's a main island with her house, and a series of small, theme islands. Plenty of deep water for sailing and racing boats, too.

There was a short rainstorm while we were there. It would be cool if we were to get rain at the Villa so we can go out dancing in it! I'll have to look in to some of the weather control systems that I have seen around.

My friend Bill took us up to show us his work on the Savoy Jazz Club skybox, too. It will be an incredible place to dance, listen to music and watch sunsets from. Isobela helped Bill with the floor; it turned out very nice.

Later on I saw Jace at the Lost Grotto Theatre. He sings and plays acoustic guitar. He played many slow, mellow songs; it was very relaxing. Jace's followers got into the spirit of things, more so than most. There were a couple of feater boas and a scarf, and one enterprising young man wore his bowler in a strategic location, but all in all they were a splendid group. Especially Jace! Another frequent artist there, Nick99, showed up with his manager. I had a very good time at the Grotto; I wish I could make more shows there and at Gallery Orinoco.

After the show I went to the Glamshack to catch the last half of the DJ Jocelyn and Jenda show. Even though I had checked during my morning rounds, I went and checked again and it was fixed! Mack had fixed them for us! My name was back on my chair, Case's too! Tracy was there, and her hair had turned white; not light blond but pure, ugly white! Vengeance is mine!

For some reason Jenda started calling Case Nancy. Perhaps someone could explain this. His nametag clearly said "Case", and he even amended it to read "not Nancy, CASE!" But still Jenda kept at it. Perhaps she needs to see an optometrist? Or is that redundant?

DJ Jocelyn played mostly requests, including two for me! This made for a somewhat eclectic show, all good songs. Franse showed up, and everyone in the place said Hi. It is such a cool group that hangs out there, I am really lucky to have such great friends. Mack had also put up this Metaverse information board; it has all sorts of miscellaneous information like the time, currency exchange rates and also, oddly enough, Isobela's friend count. The current total was 13,317,227. That girls know Everyone in the entire Metaverse!

Five (5)

I set up a home office so I can do some more writing. It's a Sun OpenSolaris shop, but Isobela will likely set up some Macintosh stuff. That's OK, diversity is good. I'll need to look for a good Continuity Of Operations site though, and somewhere else for off-site storage of backups. There's always something new to do around here.

Later on DJ Hy and The Tracy, still acting all innocent, performed at the Glamshack, which according to DJ Hy is the coolest place in the Metaverse. He is quite astute! The music was fantastic as usual, favorite old songs that you didn't realize how much you missed until he played them. Trindolyn stopped by after the show, just as we were leaving; I think he has some new art for the place! I'll have to check it out tomorrow on my rounds.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I wandered around a bit and found a cool new laptop from Circuit City! When I got it home there were problems, though; not sure if I'll take it back and tell them about it or just junk it. They had some decent clothes too, oddly enough. I hit up Sun Microsystems as scored a bunch of cool stuff, lots of hardware but no E25Ks like I was looking for.

Friendly Fire played this afternoon in Dublin at the new Fibbers! All of the old friends that I saw there seem to be working there now. Mack and case played "We're Gonna Do It Again!" for the first time in Dublin,ad to great acclaim. They also sang a cover of Let It Be! Awesome! Great guitar work. They pick the best songs to do covers of!

The evil Tracy was there, acting as if nothing happened. On my daily rounds today I had checked and the names tags were still off of Case and my chairs in the Glamshack. Perhaps I should get her something to her chair, like a giant bear trap?

After the Dublin show I headed right over to Club Casa Blanco. The evil Tracy had the audacity to follow me over there even! Friendly Fire was playing again, all different songs from what they just played at Fibbers except for the usual signature opener and closer. Case sang a cover of Tainted Lobe cover along with providing guitar lessons! The crowd here was rowdier, the energy level was contagious. It was a really great show!

Afterwards Isobela and I went horseback riding. We first went to a place called Rav's Renegades, an awesome place. There were a number of private residences but we respected the homes and gawked at the scenery. Next we went to a large, island, I forget the name, and rode our horses across many fine beaches.

I'm really glad that we bought our horses. Glam and Swag are such good friends, and is so relaxing to take them out and explore our wonderful world with them. This Saturday at 11am a group is getting together to go horseback riding in Menglin; I hope we can make it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


DJ Bill was at the Glamshack, ably assisted by the lovely and talented Isobela! I arrived early, and as I was waiting for the show to start I decided to go chill out in my chair for a while. When I got up there, I discovered to my horror that my name had been taken off of my chair!

Case's name was missing too; but Tkid, Hy, Tracy, Isobela, Mack and Ajay all had their names on their chairs. I tried looking into what happened to Case and my names, but the chairs were being uncooperative for me. I bet this is that evil Tracy's doing!

The show itself was great. DJ Bill plays an excellent mixture of new and old hits plus has a few comedy clips that he throws in to keep things light. The hostess was on top of her game, not just meeting and greeting but engaging people in conversations; getting the quiet ones to join in, egging on the loud ones and making her own contributions to the general merriment. A fantastic time was had by all.

As with many great parties it turned into a spankfest. A major spankfest. We could hardly hear the music over the sound of the smacks. I blame it all on Kimala and the new method of spanking that she taught everybody. Hy referred to the show as the place "where all great asses get together!!!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tuesday means the Beach Bum and Friendly Fire! They played Tainted Lobe and another cover, too, plus I Love This Song! I like the mix of old and new-to-them songs, and their banter on stage with each other and the crowd makes each show a joy.

I saw Ajay and Synapse there, too. Ajay must have mentioned that I had been trying to make a one-armed tattoo ages ago, and he has figured out how to do it! I told him the design that I wanted, and he put a USMC tattoo on my left arm for me! Woot! Ajay and Synapse are too cool.

DJ Shayla and hostess Isobela's show at Club Rage had a theme of Demo, as in those demo clothes and hairpieces you can get. I had to race around and find demo Men's clothes; not an easy task. A helpful pointer from Isobela saved me, and I was able to make it there just in time.

DJ Shayla was spinning her usual fantastic tunes and everyone had a great time. Elf showed up and we talked about the awesome music on his MySpace page. They turned the demo party into a contest, and I won! Woot! I think my demo Hair, clothes and skin won it for me, even though they didn't let me display various other demo appendages!

Jendalicious can use our thoughts and prayers. She has all of mine.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wakeup Girl!

I made the end of the Rock & Roll Listening Party at the Glamshack today. Case was playing lots of B-52s, very good music I hadn't heard in a while. We discussed Case's upcoming run for President of the Metaverse. He again confirmed my position as campaign manager and Secretary or War. curmudgeon has also secured a position as Minister of Laziness. And here I thought Case was going to dual-hat that job!

While I was there I called Miyam and asked her to keep an eye out for Jocelyn. Joce is gunning for me and I'll need to hide. She must not have read yesterday's blog post too closely, she though that by comparing the amount of clothing that she and Streetcorner were wearing that I was implying she was fit for a corner. Not true!

Speaking of Streetcorner, Tracy was at the Glamshack too. After the show most everybody else had left, but she had hung around and seemed kinda groggy. I thought it would be a good idea to help wake her up by guiding her out the door and into the canal. Isobela, angel of mercy that she is, agreed to assist me. We had gotten Tracy about halfway to the door when she comes out of whatever world she was in, throws us off, and kicks me! Hard! Right where it counts! I'll certainly think twice before trying to help her again!

After I could walk Isobela and I headed back to the house. She had spent much of the day making furniture and she wanted to show them off to me. She had shown me a catalog of things she was thinking about the other day, and they were very nice but kinda expensive. The things she had made were just as good as in the stores, and will definitely be better when we have a chance to tweak their programming a bit.

I spent some time experimenting with making Cheetah skin clothing, but mostly my job was to sit around on the couches and chairs and make sure they work. When I called Miyam to say good night she mentioned that she had talked with Joce and it seems that all is forgiven, or at least I'll be able to keep my head. Life is good.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia

I stopped by the house to see the progress and it is looking very nice. Isobela said she still had some tweaking to do, but it looked fine to me. I'm going to have to get busy on the floor and ceiling! While we were there Binwa stopped by and we chatted about beaches in LA and Thailand and water temps and all sorts of stuff. She's pretty cool, just wandering around the Metaverse chatting with people.

I heard Elisabeth talking last night about the voting thing in her Red Rabbit Boutique so I was going to add it to my daily rounds, but when I arrived I saw it was one of those just hit it once ever things; so I did. It's a pretty cool store, but specializes mostly in girly stuff so I didn't hang around long.

Friendly Fire played at JSP Island on the Festival stage for the Music Awareness - Bringing Music to the Masses celebration presented by JustSoulPromotions. A most excellent show. Eliz had played before Mack and Case and she is very good, the Shamaines played next but I didn't get to hear them. And as always as of late, Ya gotta get up, stand up, dust yourself off; we're gonna Do It Again!

I bought some wood flooring and installed it in the house upstairs and down. I'm very happy with the way it turned out; though I still have some work to do on the brick patio outside. The original contractor used some mis-match stuff and it really should be straightened out.

In the course of working on that I discovered an open area under the house, just barely big enough to stand up in. There was a hole to get in to it just to the right of the front door. I'm going to keep it as a secret guy's clubhouse for now; no one tell Isobela about it. I made a trap door over the hole and painted it to look like bricks so she can't find it.

Though the weekend was winding down, we were cranking it up at Nightclub Echo Echo, the Metaverses Premier Rock and Roll Club, where the Who's Who of the Metaverse hang out. Hey, I was there! The Metaverse's favorite Glam rock politi-pop power punk show band was rockin it for Funday Sunday! Mack and Case sang a cover - Tainted Lobe! That was cool. There was one slight mishap though, Ajay had hijacked the controls of Mack's poofer and went crazy with it. Case never has these problems. Ajay kept going on and on about how she was amusing herself greatly.

Following Friendly Fire, Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy had a 60's theme. It was fun dressing up, and fun last night with punk grunge, but I wish we'd had a day's notice or something to get ready. Ajay's hair stared out a wonderful shade of purplish orange but all of Tracy's haranguing amusing herself right there on the dance floor turned it pure white! The poor dear!

I asked the hostess if DJ Jocelyn t-shirts were considered 60's garb, and received an affirmative reply. I don't think DJ Jocelyn heard or, else I would have likely heard an earful about it too. Silly DJ Joce calls The Tracy 'Streetcorner' yet was showing 10 times as much skin as Tracy. Hmmmmm. And near the end of the night DJ Joce dedicates "The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again" to me, but I don't know why. I'm not even sure who had gotten fooled. She is quite the conundrum.

And I know a secret.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Really Love This Song!

While out shopping found some Scooby Doo paraphenalia, and also happened upon a cool tropical fish store. I spoke with Isobela about integrating a built-in aquarium with the new house plans; she had considered that before and we'll have to think about it again.

A messenger bird told me of intrigue in Korat, so I headed over to see what was up. The Tatrix spoke with another warrior and I of troubles with two other cities, newly allied, that did not like to see a woman leading a city that sits so close to their trade routes. We must be on guard for raiders and assassins.

After speaking with the Tatrix I walked our perimeter, and found a grappling hook and rope hanging from our walls! My friend Greg and I, with a little help from Lady Miyam, were able to dislodge it. No raiders were found in the city, bit I'll need to talk with Tiger or the First Sword about our defenses on that end the city.

I was able to listen to DJ Hy at the Hangout for a little bit, but had to miss the Bid4ACure meeting. I'll have to see the meeting minutes that Jocelyn distributed to see what I was volunteered for.

Caught the last few Friendly Fire song in the Red Rock Amphitheater; what a cool place. I hope I can catch a full show there someday. Afterwards I went to see Isobela's construction efforts on the house; it's coming along real well. The only things left that we need are walls, a roof and flooring.

The Glamshack was the place to be for Punk Grunge. DJ Jocelyn, ably assisted by Jendalicious and The Tracy put on an incredible show. It had been a while since I had been to a Punk Grunge things and the music was great. Isobela made it into the Buck Cherry Club! Woot! I wore my hair long on one side, and lots of tattoos. Mack even wore a Mohawk!

Right at the end of the show Isobela and I get an urgent call from Mack; they had been asked to play at the Freestar Bay Musician's Showcase. Apparently one of the scheduled artists had to cancel at the last minute and the organizers asked Mack and Case to fill in the half-hour spot.

Isobela and I were officers for the show and the place was packed. Mack had trouble getting in the door; Case was up on stage playing by himself for the first bit of the show. It took me twenty minutes to go around handing out swag and group invitations to all of the people there, and then I had to go back around to catch the people that made it in during the show. Isobela was just as busy greeting people and showing them where the buffet was and hooting and hollering and such. I was going crazy, but then Mack and Case played Do It Again; and that made it all worthwhile, and then some.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do It Again!

Mack and Case played on Bourbon Street in New Orleans! The NOPD was there in full force, of course. They played Do It Again! Woot! Troll said we might get invited back every few weeks, which wold be cool.

During 'Glam Me A Beer' Case's poofer worked, but not Mack's. Maybe the humidity had gotten to it, I'll have to teach her Louisiana preventive maintenance procedures. Willa stopped by for a bit, but we missed Promise.

As Friendly Fire was finishing along old man river DJ Edgerin started warming up the Glamshack for them, taking over from DJ Nox. He is good! I may have to go look him up in other venues too. Hostess Patricia did an excellent job of warmly greeting everyone with a compliment and a smile.

Friendly Fire took the mic at the Glamshack at 6. Again they played Do It Again! Woot! The high point of the show was when some of the girls that had bought temporary breast implants all put them on and danced in front of Case during the Pr0nography song! Mack and Case called for pictures to put on their MySpace; that may get us kicked off of there. If so we'll just open up a Friendly Fire Flickr page!

Judristen called me during the show, we had a nice chat talking over the music. He hasn't been around in a long time; I hope he can pass by the Glamshack next time.

I nominated Eva to be the 500th Friendly Fire Friend in the group. The group numbers are always in a small bit of flux, but have maintained a steady upwards flow. Eva joined the group while at teh show, and was about 500, and when I asked her she was so nice; just the sort of upstanding, exemplerary person we want in the group to balance out the rest of us.

After Mack and Case it was time for the incredible DJ Hy and some flat-chested hostess-chick. The music was great, as usual for DJ Hy. The show turned into a spank fest, reminiscent of the old days of Spanking Therapy at Club Group Therapy. I sure do miss that place, it was a place you could really let your hair down and not worry about what anyone else thought.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


The party on Thursday nights is at Club Casa Blanco. Friday eve is a great excuse for a Friendly Fire party! I arrived just before Mack and Case started playing and was lucky enough to find Isobela there! After much pleading she allowed me to dance next to her!

We chatted some more about deep literature. She is thinking of trying her hand at some; I can't wait to see what she comes up with! We had to interrupt our conversation for a bit though, because Mack and Case PLAYED THE GREATEST SONG IN THE METAVERSE!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!

Back at the Villa Isobela worked on rearranging walls and windows upstairs while I installed an automated elevator. She also worked on putting holes in the roof. I laid tile throughout the upstairs only to find out that she also wanted to move the floor. But all is well; we decided to tear the whole thing down and start over. Life is good.


Isobela and I started off the evening with a Haiku reading. I think she liked it; it was hard to tell. We hung around the house for a while; moved the fireplace to the other end of the living room and put in some more windows, and did general building maintenance stuffs. Very cool and fun. I also worked on making a sword again; I think I have the basics of the metallurgy down but am a little weak on the decorative scrollwork still.

Later on we went to Fibber's. DJ Gwen and hostess she who would be referred to as "The Ajay" were putting on the show. Soon after arrival we experienced whiteout conditions at Fibber's, no one there could see a thing for a few minutes, it was all white flakes filling the air. Later on there was a large bee buzzing around that was making quite a pest of itself. Maybe it's time to move back to the old Fibber's? In any case, Isobela and I were playing around with flaming batons; I had regular ones where she had special white ice fire batons!

That nut Anutte was there, always a plus. Isobela and I had a nice long chat about all sorts of things, like Scooby Doo and the haiku from earlier. Actually it wasn't a haiku, come to think of it. It was like a combination short story and poem, hard to define actually, but she liked it and that is the important thing. Isobela is such a hoot; she had me giggling all evening day over it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bumming Around

I went by the Beach Bum early to listedn to DJ Edgerin. Mack had put out a group notice letting us know he would be there before them. He was pretty good, I'm glad I went.

The Beach Bum had been redecorated. There was a new dance floor, and a couple of flag poles towards the back with a Union Jack and an antipodean flag on them, among many other cool changes. Friendly Fire sang their usual high-energy rock and roll, plus Case sang the Curm the Squid song! Hilarious! Today wasn't Monday Part 2; it was Friday Eve-Eve-Eve!!

Later Isobela nd I went window shopping a bit for dance lessons, and then headed over to the Tangra Center and Club RaGe. DJ Shayla was playing, and Isobela was her hostess with the mostess.

They are a nice bunch of people over there, I always enjoy myself. Before too long I had to leave though; busy at work all this week. I really need to win that lottery thing so I can move in here permanently!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Life is Huge

Wasn't around much today, just caught part of DJ Hy's show at the Metaverse's Premier Rock Club, Nightclub Echo Echo where he was ably assisted by the lovely and blond The Tracy. Awesome Rock. They had a Space theme, so I was able to try on my three Star Fleet uniforms and a couple of space suits. Iso and I danced and chatted, but all too soon it was time for me to leave. As Case says, "See you in my dreams rock stars!"

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This morning I went shopping with Isobela for Elven gear. Somehow I ended up with a whole setup sans pants. Isobela like the pants so I got to keep the rest. Hmmm, I think I have some green jeans that might go with the rest of it. And I did get another sword!

Later I went to the JSP Island Festival where Friendly Fire was playing. It was yet another all-day music festival that Mack and Case do so well at! There were some intermittent technical issues at one point, so Innis said that since we all knew all of their song we should just sing them ourselves, and for me to do the Intros! Luckily the technical issues were short-lived and we all enjoyed the Glamtastic Rock.

The highlight of the day, at least for me, was the Friendly Fire show at Nightclub Echo Echo. Today was the day when the DJ Jocelyn Belly Button pictures wold be judged. I had put my entry in early, as soon as they had called for submissions, and figured later entries would have a much better shot at the prize. When they went up on stage I saw there were only 4 entries and I thought wow, even though my entry is easily the worst I have a chance!

I started promoting my entry, #1. When people arrived at the club I would greet them with "Hello! Welcome! Vote for #1!" During the GoGo song I said "Saber-toothed Kittens are cool because they VOTE FOR #1 !!!!" When Mack sang Catfight with the lyrics "You'd better run" I echoed ""You'd better run - to VOTE FOR #1 !!!!" Etc.

Well all of my shenanigans must have had some effect, because at the end of the show when Farr tallied the votes he announced that I had won! Woot! I did so well promoting my picture that a certain glam guitarist said "when I run for President of SL®, I want you to run the campaign"!

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy played a night of Covers and Homegrown for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness! Joce played song by Friendly Fire and the amazing DJ Farr also! He is pretty good, I knew he had a good voice from listening to him talk while DJing but he sings great as well as playing many different instruments!

The main topic of discussion for the night was the upcoming Bid For A Cure charity events that start June 1st. The goal this year is a Million Lindens. I missed the last one, but Joce told me all about it. She has a bunch of information on it on her web page,

One of the main fund raisers is people volunteering to auction themselves off for a date. I'm not too clear on the exact parameters, but it does sound fun. Joce dropped a hint during the show that "We need more guys, Tycho, HINT HINT!" She will probably be insufferable until I agree to do it. I mean even more insufferable than she usually is.

Of course I am just kidding; Joce is a doll. She is one of the fantastic people that make our world such an interesting place to live. Thank you, Joce, for all that you do.


The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband was appearing on the beach at The Point in Sands dAlliez! The Point is famous for outrageous beach parties and Mack and Case only make good situations better! The surf was pounding the beach and Friendly Fire is pounding our ears with the most spectacular Glam Rock in Town!

Mack told me to stop working and just listen to my favorite song. Someone new was walking up as she said this so I did greet the newcomer, but then I closed my eyes and just listened to the whole song. It was awesome.

Jackdog followed Friendly Fire, but we didn't get a chance to hear much from him because we had to head right over to the Glamshack where DJ Jocelyn and hostess Jenda were putting on a show called "It's All About the Belly Buttons!"

I may have mentioned that Joce is very proud of her bellybutton. Isobela's bellybutton is rather magnificent also. The two of them started arguing about whose was better. Isobela kept trying to get me int he middle of it. I did not want to find myself smack dab in the middle of a good old fashioned catfight!

After the show the Mudpit was broken out and Jocelyn and Isobela went at it. The thing must have been broken though; the scoring wasn't right. It showed Joce as winning three rounds in a row! She must have 'fixed' the thing. We should all be blessed as to having such good friends.

Friday, April 4, 2008


This afternoon I looked at more weapons at Harbinger & Stormies; you can never have too many. I decided on and bought a new bow; a top of the line one called the Bow of the Viper. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot it in anger soon. I am also seriously looking as a sword/shield combination; a gladius.

Friendly Fire Played their usual Friday night Glamshack gig. Fantastic as usual. I saw many fans I hadn't seen in a while, like Prudance, Gwen, Mambo, Tnert and Fuka; plus there were those who are near permanent features like Sexy LexiMae. Case and Mack sung my favorite ballad! Some day I'll be able to hear it all the way through when I'm not working or having something else distract me. I really love that song.

DJ Hy and The Tracy were on at the Glamshack immediately following Friendly Fire. DJ Hy played some awesome classic ROCK! Joce was playiing her belly button games again. It was so good to see her in such a good mood; I guess she's finally over the flu. Joce and Iso got into an argument over who had the cutest belly-button. Harsh words were exchanged, but neither was willing to bare said belly buttons in order to put them to a popular vote.

DJ Hy was playing Case's favorite songs the whole time, so you know it was good! There was a disheartening discussion of HTTP error codes that dragged on and on and on all night. It appears that bald may be the new black.

Happy Birthday Case!

This afternoon I worked on my fountain and our pool some more. I'm trying to get the splashing water just right. The pool looks much nicer now, but will require more maintenance to keep the beach sand out of it.

I missed Friendly Fire at Club Casa Blance; I was having transportation issues. I couldn't get anywhere! A guy is coming over tomorrow to look at things, hopefully they will get much better.

I was able to make the fantastic Birthday Party at the Glamshack for Case! DJ Crighton and Hostess Jenda kept things rocking and rolling to a packed house. Joce couldn't make it, but Miyam did and said she sends her best and that she really lobes Case. As we all do.

Of course Jenda made some more of her fantastic birthday hats with a special Case flavor to them. Many, many well-wishers cycled through the place all night. Case had a smile on his face the whole time, and Mack was talking strange. I think those were related; Mack's voice seemed to be restricted to a four-octave range...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ajay!

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening on Impact Area beach building various things, or at least trying to. After work Isobela joined me, and we had a grand time laying in our loungers and making all manner of cool stuff.

Isobela had been working on a fountain, and though I thought it fine she wasn't satisfied with it. So she was constantly tearing it apart and puttin git together again. I had never tried my hand at fountain-making, so I tried to make one too. I was happy about how it was turning out, but all of the sudden it was time to leave for Dublin for Ajay's Surprise Birthday Party!

As soon as we got there and went in the door we had a major whoops moment; both of us had forgotten there was a Pirate theme! And we hadn't dressed for it!

Isobela was dressed in a short, sexy number as usual, and I had worn my I Survived Ajay's Chim t-shirt, my second-most valued possession! I stuck a rapier in my belt; Isobela had quickly changed in the ladies room and I gave her a spare sword too.

Poor Ajay had to work on her birthday! The new Fibber's was packed; maybe half of the people were in costume. John, Synapse, Colette, Serenity and Spook were looking very good, but of course DJ Gwen and hostess Ajay were at the height of pirate fashion!

The place kept getting more and more packed. Mack and Case showed up, and Case had lost one of his legs! Cut off right below the knee! We was wobbling around on a peg leg the poor guy!

Isobela and I experienced many deja vue moments dancing at Fibber's. We had spent many happy days at the old one; the soul of the place has moved to the new building. Dublin Rocks. Ajay does, too.

Thank you Dee!

This afternoon was Dee's retirement party at the Beach Bum, a fond farewell to one of Friendly Fire's founding officers. I danced with Ajay's chim for a while, until Isobela showed up and I was lucky enough to get to her first. Thank you for all that you have done Dee, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Later Isobela and I went to Club Rage; she was DJ Shayla's hostess tonight. But of course we first had to stop by the house and change. And then decide what to wear. And change again. Finally we got there.

We were early, so for a while it was just DJ Shayla and us. Shayla was having her own wardrobe angst, and she finally decided to just go hide up in the DJ booth all night. Silly girl.

At showtime the place started filling up, many new people but a few old-timers too. Everyone was very friendly. I was able to help one of the new people who was having a problem getting their feet stuck in the floor.

DJ Shayla was playing very good music. The place was still crowded at the scheduled end of her show, so of course she and Isobela rocked on. It had gotten too late for me though, so I said my goodbyes and headed for the barn. Another wonderful day.

On a side note, the professional video of the Friendly Fire concert at MediaNet has been posted at I've just seen bits and pieces of it, but it looks awesome. We're even treated to a close-up of ravishing Rosinante!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Miyam the Knife

I met Lady Miyam in Korat today and accompanied her to a weaponsmiths shop. She had wanted a dagger and lessons for self-defense so I made this a present to her. I had wanted her to test the dagger before we left the shop, to make sure she liked it's balance and wasn't afraid of it, so I told her to take a swing at me.

I figured that she'd take a half-hearted swipe and cut me just a bit, another scar for the little ones to admire. Her first swipe took more than just a bit out of me, and after she saw blood the fury went into her eyes and she sliced me up but good! She eventually calmed down, and helped me bind my wounds. Note to self: don't piss off the Mystic!

Right after I got off of duty in Korat I received word that Case's Rock and Roll listening party was seeking fans; if enough showed up Ajay was going to shave her head! So of course I hurried over without even changing. When I arrived there were some people very jealous of my warrior togs, but they eventually got over it.

The required number of people showed up, mainly just to get Case to quit spamming group chat and notices. Ajay, true to her word, actually shaved her head!

Isobela headed to Korat to learn of mysticism from Lady Miyam; I went along and kept watch atop the city walls. The countryside was peaceful in the cool evening. A gentle breeze across my face, the jingling of tiny bells down below. Life is good.