Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Really Love This Song!

While out shopping found some Scooby Doo paraphenalia, and also happened upon a cool tropical fish store. I spoke with Isobela about integrating a built-in aquarium with the new house plans; she had considered that before and we'll have to think about it again.

A messenger bird told me of intrigue in Korat, so I headed over to see what was up. The Tatrix spoke with another warrior and I of troubles with two other cities, newly allied, that did not like to see a woman leading a city that sits so close to their trade routes. We must be on guard for raiders and assassins.

After speaking with the Tatrix I walked our perimeter, and found a grappling hook and rope hanging from our walls! My friend Greg and I, with a little help from Lady Miyam, were able to dislodge it. No raiders were found in the city, bit I'll need to talk with Tiger or the First Sword about our defenses on that end the city.

I was able to listen to DJ Hy at the Hangout for a little bit, but had to miss the Bid4ACure meeting. I'll have to see the meeting minutes that Jocelyn distributed to see what I was volunteered for.

Caught the last few Friendly Fire song in the Red Rock Amphitheater; what a cool place. I hope I can catch a full show there someday. Afterwards I went to see Isobela's construction efforts on the house; it's coming along real well. The only things left that we need are walls, a roof and flooring.

The Glamshack was the place to be for Punk Grunge. DJ Jocelyn, ably assisted by Jendalicious and The Tracy put on an incredible show. It had been a while since I had been to a Punk Grunge things and the music was great. Isobela made it into the Buck Cherry Club! Woot! I wore my hair long on one side, and lots of tattoos. Mack even wore a Mohawk!

Right at the end of the show Isobela and I get an urgent call from Mack; they had been asked to play at the Freestar Bay Musician's Showcase. Apparently one of the scheduled artists had to cancel at the last minute and the organizers asked Mack and Case to fill in the half-hour spot.

Isobela and I were officers for the show and the place was packed. Mack had trouble getting in the door; Case was up on stage playing by himself for the first bit of the show. It took me twenty minutes to go around handing out swag and group invitations to all of the people there, and then I had to go back around to catch the people that made it in during the show. Isobela was just as busy greeting people and showing them where the buffet was and hooting and hollering and such. I was going crazy, but then Mack and Case played Do It Again; and that made it all worthwhile, and then some.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Pfft..... need walls, roof and floor....
I left all the furniture and artwork hanging.. just so you still felt like you had a home!! Just use your imagination! Good Grief