Sunday, April 6, 2008


This morning I went shopping with Isobela for Elven gear. Somehow I ended up with a whole setup sans pants. Isobela like the pants so I got to keep the rest. Hmmm, I think I have some green jeans that might go with the rest of it. And I did get another sword!

Later I went to the JSP Island Festival where Friendly Fire was playing. It was yet another all-day music festival that Mack and Case do so well at! There were some intermittent technical issues at one point, so Innis said that since we all knew all of their song we should just sing them ourselves, and for me to do the Intros! Luckily the technical issues were short-lived and we all enjoyed the Glamtastic Rock.

The highlight of the day, at least for me, was the Friendly Fire show at Nightclub Echo Echo. Today was the day when the DJ Jocelyn Belly Button pictures wold be judged. I had put my entry in early, as soon as they had called for submissions, and figured later entries would have a much better shot at the prize. When they went up on stage I saw there were only 4 entries and I thought wow, even though my entry is easily the worst I have a chance!

I started promoting my entry, #1. When people arrived at the club I would greet them with "Hello! Welcome! Vote for #1!" During the GoGo song I said "Saber-toothed Kittens are cool because they VOTE FOR #1 !!!!" When Mack sang Catfight with the lyrics "You'd better run" I echoed ""You'd better run - to VOTE FOR #1 !!!!" Etc.

Well all of my shenanigans must have had some effect, because at the end of the show when Farr tallied the votes he announced that I had won! Woot! I did so well promoting my picture that a certain glam guitarist said "when I run for President of SL®, I want you to run the campaign"!

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy played a night of Covers and Homegrown for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness! Joce played song by Friendly Fire and the amazing DJ Farr also! He is pretty good, I knew he had a good voice from listening to him talk while DJing but he sings great as well as playing many different instruments!

The main topic of discussion for the night was the upcoming Bid For A Cure charity events that start June 1st. The goal this year is a Million Lindens. I missed the last one, but Joce told me all about it. She has a bunch of information on it on her web page,

One of the main fund raisers is people volunteering to auction themselves off for a date. I'm not too clear on the exact parameters, but it does sound fun. Joce dropped a hint during the show that "We need more guys, Tycho, HINT HINT!" She will probably be insufferable until I agree to do it. I mean even more insufferable than she usually is.

Of course I am just kidding; Joce is a doll. She is one of the fantastic people that make our world such an interesting place to live. Thank you, Joce, for all that you do.


Jocelyn said...

I love you, Tycho. And you're right..imma keep at it ::grin::

We need more guys are you're the bestest.

Tycho Beresford said...

I love you too Joce, and now I've got both you and Iso after me!