Saturday, April 26, 2008

Case: You all are Rockstars!

Mack and Case playerd all of their incredible hits in a 2+ hour Friendly Fire extravaganza! DJ Hy was late so they just played until he arrived. Mack & Case sang Octopus garden for Isobela,she loved the personal attention! Plus of course they played I Love This Song!

I helped Mack with her poofer while she was busy singing Glamtastic music. Case sang his Scottish drinking song. They sang We All Need Someone We Can Count On for Isobela! At the end Mack referred to Case as the Guitar God of the Metaverse! And to top things off, we lived through the Great Sim Crash of 25 April 2008

Jenda was at some sort of Charity auction, and horror of horrors Amlyn was ahead of her! I was working so I couldn't go there to contribute, so I passed some change for Innis to help her out with. Later I passed by her Moxie store and donated, too. I received a cool Breast Cancer Awareness Bear in return!

After Friendly Fire had exhausted their vast repertoire of original music they played some cover songs, and then DJ Case took over the mic. He played a handful of songs and then we were blessed by DJ Hy! The Man! The Myth! The Legend! Isobela filled in for The Tracy as his hostess. We all had a Glamtastic good time.

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