Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Miyam the Knife

I met Lady Miyam in Korat today and accompanied her to a weaponsmiths shop. She had wanted a dagger and lessons for self-defense so I made this a present to her. I had wanted her to test the dagger before we left the shop, to make sure she liked it's balance and wasn't afraid of it, so I told her to take a swing at me.

I figured that she'd take a half-hearted swipe and cut me just a bit, another scar for the little ones to admire. Her first swipe took more than just a bit out of me, and after she saw blood the fury went into her eyes and she sliced me up but good! She eventually calmed down, and helped me bind my wounds. Note to self: don't piss off the Mystic!

Right after I got off of duty in Korat I received word that Case's Rock and Roll listening party was seeking fans; if enough showed up Ajay was going to shave her head! So of course I hurried over without even changing. When I arrived there were some people very jealous of my warrior togs, but they eventually got over it.

The required number of people showed up, mainly just to get Case to quit spamming group chat and notices. Ajay, true to her word, actually shaved her head!

Isobela headed to Korat to learn of mysticism from Lady Miyam; I went along and kept watch atop the city walls. The countryside was peaceful in the cool evening. A gentle breeze across my face, the jingling of tiny bells down below. Life is good.

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Mack said...

I will heed your advice about not pissing off a mystic. Seems reasonable.