Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tuesday means the Beach Bum and Friendly Fire! They played Tainted Lobe and another cover, too, plus I Love This Song! I like the mix of old and new-to-them songs, and their banter on stage with each other and the crowd makes each show a joy.

I saw Ajay and Synapse there, too. Ajay must have mentioned that I had been trying to make a one-armed tattoo ages ago, and he has figured out how to do it! I told him the design that I wanted, and he put a USMC tattoo on my left arm for me! Woot! Ajay and Synapse are too cool.

DJ Shayla and hostess Isobela's show at Club Rage had a theme of Demo, as in those demo clothes and hairpieces you can get. I had to race around and find demo Men's clothes; not an easy task. A helpful pointer from Isobela saved me, and I was able to make it there just in time.

DJ Shayla was spinning her usual fantastic tunes and everyone had a great time. Elf showed up and we talked about the awesome music on his MySpace page. They turned the demo party into a contest, and I won! Woot! I think my demo Hair, clothes and skin won it for me, even though they didn't let me display various other demo appendages!

Jendalicious can use our thoughts and prayers. She has all of mine.

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Ajay said...

Yeah, Syn had been talking about making tattoos and was working on one of his. I asked him if what he was attempting (one on just the left side of his chest) would work, and mentioned your issues with your arm tattoo. Well, one thing led to another and... there you have it!

And ditto on the Jenda love. Thinking about you, girl!!!