Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bumming Around

I went by the Beach Bum early to listedn to DJ Edgerin. Mack had put out a group notice letting us know he would be there before them. He was pretty good, I'm glad I went.

The Beach Bum had been redecorated. There was a new dance floor, and a couple of flag poles towards the back with a Union Jack and an antipodean flag on them, among many other cool changes. Friendly Fire sang their usual high-energy rock and roll, plus Case sang the Curm the Squid song! Hilarious! Today wasn't Monday Part 2; it was Friday Eve-Eve-Eve!!

Later Isobela nd I went window shopping a bit for dance lessons, and then headed over to the Tangra Center and Club RaGe. DJ Shayla was playing, and Isobela was her hostess with the mostess.

They are a nice bunch of people over there, I always enjoy myself. Before too long I had to leave though; busy at work all this week. I really need to win that lottery thing so I can move in here permanently!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Ditto on the lottery thing... That way I can buy my own sim, and have all the prims I want!