Friday, April 4, 2008


This afternoon I looked at more weapons at Harbinger & Stormies; you can never have too many. I decided on and bought a new bow; a top of the line one called the Bow of the Viper. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot it in anger soon. I am also seriously looking as a sword/shield combination; a gladius.

Friendly Fire Played their usual Friday night Glamshack gig. Fantastic as usual. I saw many fans I hadn't seen in a while, like Prudance, Gwen, Mambo, Tnert and Fuka; plus there were those who are near permanent features like Sexy LexiMae. Case and Mack sung my favorite ballad! Some day I'll be able to hear it all the way through when I'm not working or having something else distract me. I really love that song.

DJ Hy and The Tracy were on at the Glamshack immediately following Friendly Fire. DJ Hy played some awesome classic ROCK! Joce was playiing her belly button games again. It was so good to see her in such a good mood; I guess she's finally over the flu. Joce and Iso got into an argument over who had the cutest belly-button. Harsh words were exchanged, but neither was willing to bare said belly buttons in order to put them to a popular vote.

DJ Hy was playing Case's favorite songs the whole time, so you know it was good! There was a disheartening discussion of HTTP error codes that dragged on and on and on all night. It appears that bald may be the new black.

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