Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bid4aCure Planning Meeting

Today we had a Bid4aCure planning meeting at the DJ Hangout. Jocelyn runs a good meeting; things went smooth and ended on time. We talked about Auctionees, Goods and services, Venues for auctions, Event dates and times and Donation Syringes. Bid4aCure will be benefiting the International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association. My name is still on the list of auctionees; I told Isobela that she and/or Jocelyn will have to come up with a date setting for me.

There was no Friendly Fire show today, they were traveling back to the Old World to do a rare live gig there. It sounds like alot of fun, and they were going to meet some Friendly Fire Friends there. I'm a little worried about their drummer, though; this will be his first time in the Old World and it can be kinda overwhelming. I'm sure Case can get him through it; the Guitar God is good with drummers, too!

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