Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ajay!

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening on Impact Area beach building various things, or at least trying to. After work Isobela joined me, and we had a grand time laying in our loungers and making all manner of cool stuff.

Isobela had been working on a fountain, and though I thought it fine she wasn't satisfied with it. So she was constantly tearing it apart and puttin git together again. I had never tried my hand at fountain-making, so I tried to make one too. I was happy about how it was turning out, but all of the sudden it was time to leave for Dublin for Ajay's Surprise Birthday Party!

As soon as we got there and went in the door we had a major whoops moment; both of us had forgotten there was a Pirate theme! And we hadn't dressed for it!

Isobela was dressed in a short, sexy number as usual, and I had worn my I Survived Ajay's Chim t-shirt, my second-most valued possession! I stuck a rapier in my belt; Isobela had quickly changed in the ladies room and I gave her a spare sword too.

Poor Ajay had to work on her birthday! The new Fibber's was packed; maybe half of the people were in costume. John, Synapse, Colette, Serenity and Spook were looking very good, but of course DJ Gwen and hostess Ajay were at the height of pirate fashion!

The place kept getting more and more packed. Mack and Case showed up, and Case had lost one of his legs! Cut off right below the knee! We was wobbling around on a peg leg the poor guy!

Isobela and I experienced many deja vue moments dancing at Fibber's. We had spent many happy days at the old one; the soul of the place has moved to the new building. Dublin Rocks. Ajay does, too.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

I feel another fountain build coming on! Maybe a little bigger this time....

Case said...

When I feel a fountain build coming on, I try and load up on the vitamin C. Er, or something like that.

I agree Tycho, I was kind of on the fence about the new Fibbers, but last night felt like old times.