Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank you Dee!

This afternoon was Dee's retirement party at the Beach Bum, a fond farewell to one of Friendly Fire's founding officers. I danced with Ajay's chim for a while, until Isobela showed up and I was lucky enough to get to her first. Thank you for all that you have done Dee, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Later Isobela and I went to Club Rage; she was DJ Shayla's hostess tonight. But of course we first had to stop by the house and change. And then decide what to wear. And change again. Finally we got there.

We were early, so for a while it was just DJ Shayla and us. Shayla was having her own wardrobe angst, and she finally decided to just go hide up in the DJ booth all night. Silly girl.

At showtime the place started filling up, many new people but a few old-timers too. Everyone was very friendly. I was able to help one of the new people who was having a problem getting their feet stuck in the floor.

DJ Shayla was playing very good music. The place was still crowded at the scheduled end of her show, so of course she and Isobela rocked on. It had gotten too late for me though, so I said my goodbyes and headed for the barn. Another wonderful day.

On a side note, the professional video of the Friendly Fire concert at MediaNet has been posted at I've just seen bits and pieces of it, but it looks awesome. We're even treated to a close-up of ravishing Rosinante!

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