Thursday, April 17, 2008


DJ Bill was at the Glamshack, ably assisted by the lovely and talented Isobela! I arrived early, and as I was waiting for the show to start I decided to go chill out in my chair for a while. When I got up there, I discovered to my horror that my name had been taken off of my chair!

Case's name was missing too; but Tkid, Hy, Tracy, Isobela, Mack and Ajay all had their names on their chairs. I tried looking into what happened to Case and my names, but the chairs were being uncooperative for me. I bet this is that evil Tracy's doing!

The show itself was great. DJ Bill plays an excellent mixture of new and old hits plus has a few comedy clips that he throws in to keep things light. The hostess was on top of her game, not just meeting and greeting but engaging people in conversations; getting the quiet ones to join in, egging on the loud ones and making her own contributions to the general merriment. A fantastic time was had by all.

As with many great parties it turned into a spankfest. A major spankfest. We could hardly hear the music over the sound of the smacks. I blame it all on Kimala and the new method of spanking that she taught everybody. Hy referred to the show as the place "where all great asses get together!!!"

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