Thursday, April 10, 2008


The party on Thursday nights is at Club Casa Blanco. Friday eve is a great excuse for a Friendly Fire party! I arrived just before Mack and Case started playing and was lucky enough to find Isobela there! After much pleading she allowed me to dance next to her!

We chatted some more about deep literature. She is thinking of trying her hand at some; I can't wait to see what she comes up with! We had to interrupt our conversation for a bit though, because Mack and Case PLAYED THE GREATEST SONG IN THE METAVERSE!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!

Back at the Villa Isobela worked on rearranging walls and windows upstairs while I installed an automated elevator. She also worked on putting holes in the roof. I laid tile throughout the upstairs only to find out that she also wanted to move the floor. But all is well; we decided to tear the whole thing down and start over. Life is good.

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