Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wakeup Girl!

I made the end of the Rock & Roll Listening Party at the Glamshack today. Case was playing lots of B-52s, very good music I hadn't heard in a while. We discussed Case's upcoming run for President of the Metaverse. He again confirmed my position as campaign manager and Secretary or War. curmudgeon has also secured a position as Minister of Laziness. And here I thought Case was going to dual-hat that job!

While I was there I called Miyam and asked her to keep an eye out for Jocelyn. Joce is gunning for me and I'll need to hide. She must not have read yesterday's blog post too closely, she though that by comparing the amount of clothing that she and Streetcorner were wearing that I was implying she was fit for a corner. Not true!

Speaking of Streetcorner, Tracy was at the Glamshack too. After the show most everybody else had left, but she had hung around and seemed kinda groggy. I thought it would be a good idea to help wake her up by guiding her out the door and into the canal. Isobela, angel of mercy that she is, agreed to assist me. We had gotten Tracy about halfway to the door when she comes out of whatever world she was in, throws us off, and kicks me! Hard! Right where it counts! I'll certainly think twice before trying to help her again!

After I could walk Isobela and I headed back to the house. She had spent much of the day making furniture and she wanted to show them off to me. She had shown me a catalog of things she was thinking about the other day, and they were very nice but kinda expensive. The things she had made were just as good as in the stores, and will definitely be better when we have a chance to tweak their programming a bit.

I spent some time experimenting with making Cheetah skin clothing, but mostly my job was to sit around on the couches and chairs and make sure they work. When I called Miyam to say good night she mentioned that she had talked with Joce and it seems that all is forgiven, or at least I'll be able to keep my head. Life is good.


Case said...

"I thought it would be a good idea to help wake her up by guiding her out the door and into the canal."


You live dangerously Sir T :)

Ajay said...

OMG, I nearly spewed Diet Coke out of my nose when I read that! ROFLMAO!!!

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

He acts like I was a willing partner. Ok, well maybe I was more willing then I will let on. It was pretty funny. Trying to push Tracy out the door, while she was dancing on the second most dangerous chim in all of SL. Yes, we took our lives in our hands!