Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I went shopping for a saxophone today. I've wanted a musical instrument for a while, wanted something out of the ordinary and saw someone with a sax on Saturday night. So I'm sax hunting. Bill Havercamp has a nice one, and I've seen one cheap one, but want to shop around some more. If I can't find a sax I may go for a harmonica.

Later on I went to the Rock and Roll Listening Party with DJ Case and hostess Ajay. We still need to work on DJ Case's poster and t-shirts. Go Go apparently was in charge of the play list this time, so Case put a picture of her up in the Glamshack during the show.

I had been wanting to see what Cheyenne had done with her island paradise of Whimsy. I had visited shortly after it had risen from the depth, but hadn't been back. I took a chance and asked Isobela to go see it too, and lucky me she agreed.

Whimsy is an amazing place. I think that Isobela likes it too. I made note of some of her comments:
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh MY GOD"
"this is beautiful"
"Chey is a genius"
"this just astounds me"
"wow I am in awe"
"this is just so beautiful"

If Isobela and I get our own new land I hope we can make it half as nice as Whimsy. One mistake that Isobela and I keep making is in giving all of the credit for Whimsy to Cheyenne. Chey keeps correcting me, saying it's at least half Xubi's fault. Xubi, you have made an amazing place; congratulations.

Chey's old neighbor with the ghost ship followed her and lives right next door to Whimsy. There is no sign of a ghost on the ship, but I'm sure he comes out at night. Of course while visiting Whimsy we had to visit Pele, the volcano goddess. While doing so Isobela accidentally fell into the lava and set the volcano off!

No trip to any of Cheyenne and Xubi's places would be complete without a train ride, so we hopped on the Avatar Mobilization Unit and took a spin. It was an amazing ten minutes or so. Like before, the train takes you all around the place and also under the water.

Whimsy is like a dream come to life, and they are constantly improving it. Right before we arrived they had started raising some new islands to the east, then changed their minds and put them to the west, calling that place Whimsy Kaboom. I can hardly wait to see what they'll do there. Whimsy Rocks!


Case said...

Say, I didn't put that pic up, but whoever did is awesome! I didn't even see it last night, so busy making sure the playlist passed muster. Wonder what else I missed...

Ajay said...

Actually, guys, that picture is of my Emily, not Mack and Case's GoGo. We were discussing our sweet little girlie cats and I had to show off mine :)

Tycho Beresford said...

Wow, I sure missed alot too. I was, uh, busy making sure the playlist passed muster.

Case said...

LOL, I thought GoGo looked different, but I blamed it on a bad Windlight driver.

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

My compliments to both ladies, Whimsey is breathtakingly beautiful. While I miss Pele, this far out shines Pele. It is without a doubt one of the great glories that make up Second Life.