Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You want me to do What?

Friendly Fire played at the Beach Bum, their regular Tuesday night gig. We had two special visitors, a pair of Angels! One of them seemed very sweet and innocent; the other, well, not as much so. Mack and Case sang their get up, stand up, dust yourself off we're gonna do it again song. I do love that song!

Later I worked on making a tool box for all of my woodworking tool. It turned out OK, it holds them all, but I really need a latch for it. Some carrying handles would be nice, too; it’s pretty heavy.

We went to Club RaGe for the DJ Shayla and Isobela show. It was PJ night! Isobela and I showed up in matching Scooby Doo jammies. They had feather pillows for us to pillow fight with, very cool! DJ Shayla was wearing a cute pink flannel long-john jammie set that she ripped the lower part of the top off to give it a bare midriff! Woot!

DJ Shayla and Isobela announced a contest, and asked for a contestant, but no one would volunteer. They didn't say what this contestant would have to do. Isobela was getting very upset that no one would agree to do whatever crazy task they had dreamed up. After she started crying I gave in and said I would play along.

The task was to go to Newbie Island, find a citizen here less than a week, and get them to come back to the club with me. While I was in my Scoobie Doo jammies. Great. She started tearing up again, so I went. There were many mentors there to help people, many more than there were new citizens. I was able to start talking with one new person and eventually convince them to come back with me. The things I do for Isobela! I guess this just shows who the sweet and innocent one is!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

---->I guess this just shows who the sweet and innocent one is!<----------
I am so glad you finally realize that I am the sweet and innocent one!