Saturday, April 19, 2008

Five (5)

I set up a home office so I can do some more writing. It's a Sun OpenSolaris shop, but Isobela will likely set up some Macintosh stuff. That's OK, diversity is good. I'll need to look for a good Continuity Of Operations site though, and somewhere else for off-site storage of backups. There's always something new to do around here.

Later on DJ Hy and The Tracy, still acting all innocent, performed at the Glamshack, which according to DJ Hy is the coolest place in the Metaverse. He is quite astute! The music was fantastic as usual, favorite old songs that you didn't realize how much you missed until he played them. Trindolyn stopped by after the show, just as we were leaving; I think he has some new art for the place! I'll have to check it out tomorrow on my rounds.

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