Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Glammiest place in the Metaverse!

Isobela and I went looking at land this afternoon, we're thinking of buying some new property and building on it. What we saw was water actually, but there was land below it. And might-fine water it was.

After that we went to PajamaRama to spend the gift certificates that I had won in the jammie-night contests at Club RaGe the night before. I had mentioned the contest about Newbie Island, but had also won another gift certificate in a contest to be the first to guess the artist who sung a Blondie song. It was Blondie. I special-ordered a set of Saints jammies and one other pair.

DJ Bill and Hostess Isobela put on a fantastic show at the Glamshack. DJ Bill played his usual great music with hilarious little ditties used as filler between regular songs. Isobela threatened to request all chickie songs so the rest of us flooded him with requests.

Mack and Case stopped by after their American Cancer Society benefit show; the place had a real good turnout. Bill also plays at the Savoy, described as the sister Jazz club to the Glamshack. And the Glamshack, according to DJ Bill, is The Glammiest place in the Metaverse! De acuerdo!

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