Thursday, April 10, 2008


Isobela and I started off the evening with a Haiku reading. I think she liked it; it was hard to tell. We hung around the house for a while; moved the fireplace to the other end of the living room and put in some more windows, and did general building maintenance stuffs. Very cool and fun. I also worked on making a sword again; I think I have the basics of the metallurgy down but am a little weak on the decorative scrollwork still.

Later on we went to Fibber's. DJ Gwen and hostess she who would be referred to as "The Ajay" were putting on the show. Soon after arrival we experienced whiteout conditions at Fibber's, no one there could see a thing for a few minutes, it was all white flakes filling the air. Later on there was a large bee buzzing around that was making quite a pest of itself. Maybe it's time to move back to the old Fibber's? In any case, Isobela and I were playing around with flaming batons; I had regular ones where she had special white ice fire batons!

That nut Anutte was there, always a plus. Isobela and I had a nice long chat about all sorts of things, like Scooby Doo and the haiku from earlier. Actually it wasn't a haiku, come to think of it. It was like a combination short story and poem, hard to define actually, but she liked it and that is the important thing. Isobela is such a hoot; she had me giggling all evening day over it!

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