Monday, April 28, 2008

Mack: You ain't living unless you're bleeding!

Isobela and I hung out at impact Area Beach for most of the morning. We floated in the pool, went scuba diving and lounged around like lazy lizards sunning ourselves. The smell of coconut suntan oil was heavy in the air. Later we researched campfire pits and talked some more about plans for some new land.

Isobela had to leave, so I worked on plans for a Moonbase. It was really to be for the new property, but in all actuality it could be where we're at. I think I've had enough of prototypes for it; digging out all of those craters is hard work!

Later I got cleaned up and went to the Metaverse Book Fari 2008. They had a very cool swag bag; I haven't had a chance to explore it yet but from the list of it's contents it'll be a blast. The Book Fair itself was very cool, too. I've read some fairly long articles since coming here; but never a book. They had many books for sale, and also coupons for internet bookstores. They even had a Book Factory! Cool, but I could do better.

There were stages with dance areas for musicians, but mostly for reading of book excerpts, poetry, or interviews. I listened in on a presentation about Metaverse guide books. He had most of his facts straight. The Fair had mazes of little alleys with every type of book store imaginable; I had a great time wandering all around. There were even audio books!

Later I met Isobela at the warm up party for the warm up party for DJ Jocelyn. DJ John and hostess Padula were performing at the Glamshack; Mack said that was a warm-up party for Friendly Fire at 5; which Case said was a warm-up party for DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy at 6. I just liked the music. Talk of everyone going to a nude beach after the show, but some stick in the mud nixed the idea.

While we were there Mack and Case talked some about their trip to the old world. It turns out that Ajay and Synapse were able to make the trip back to the old world and see them also.
Case: "the Old World was great!"
Mack: "it was exactly as I remembered it"
Case: "we drove for hours, lugged gear, played at ear-bleed volumes"
Mack: "best part was seeing Ajay and Syn though"
Case: "meeting Ajay and Syn was like crossing the streams and taking the red pill at the same time, awesome"
Synapse: "I was impressed by how much FUN you guys were having! And it rubbed off on the crowd."
It sounds like a Friendly Fire gig in the old world is just like one in the Metaverse; wild fun at ear-bleed volumes!

I had to leave DJ John's show a little early to go get ready for the Friendly Fire show at Nightclub Echo Echo - Where the Who's Who of the Metaverse hang out. It was incredibly crowded; it's nice to see packed houses, especially on home turf. Shamrock Rosie showed up! The owner of another club was there and had asked about booking Friendly Fire for her place. Mack and Case played I Love This Song, plus We'll Always Have Paris. As Case put it, they were "The nibble on your neck for DJ Joce!"

The theme for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy was "I wanna Rock!" DJ Joce kept the party rolling by spinning the theme's namesake song first off, and things just got better from there. High-energy rock just kept buffeting people all over the dance floor. Annie showed up and explained all about how The Tracy got her other nickname.

When things started winding down at Echo², Isobela and I headed over to the Savoy. They have a Vote box now; I'll have to add them to my daily tour. JP was on piano with Bill on Bass. They had redecorated since I was there on opening day, the place was amazing. I'm a little worried about it raining, though; and what that would do to the wood dance floor.

The Savoy is a wonderful place to dance, beautiful in the moonlight. There is dancing on the dock, too. Joaquin passed by later and played the guitar for us for an hour or so; he is pretty good. It was a marvelous way to relax and unwind and top off a most glamtastic day at the end of a most glamtastic week.

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