Friday, April 25, 2008

3 explorations in the key of D

Isobela was building a model home on a sky platform today. It looks real good; exactly like the specification I had given her. I mostly stood around and criticized; well I did put up one column and raised a wall a bit. It will be all ready if we happen to find some new land.

Later we went to the Friendly Fire extravaganza at Club Casa Blanco. Mack and Case sang Happy Birthday to Gazza. They also like to play triple sets; usually they'll have three feline songs but this time it was, according to Case, "3 explorations in the key of D". They probably were in D, because if they weren't I'm sure that curm or someone else would have let us all know all about it. One of these three was I Love This Song! Get up, stand up, dust yourself off we're gonna do it again!

Afterwards, Isobela and I went back to the Villa and just chilled out. We talked about plans for a new property, house layouts and number of balconies, and just chilled. I also chatted with Miyam for a bit, trying to keep up with her many adventures. Life is good.

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