Saturday, August 30, 2008


((We're packing up and will be heading out Sunday morning, so my presence may be intermittent. I'll try and keep things posted here. Love ya'll!))

DJ Isobela

This morning I passed by the Bistro Olive, a very cool with some amazing art! There is a bar and small stage on the second floor and a dining room on the third. The food was fantastic but the service a little slow. There was a piano in the dining room, and a small balcony with a table for outside dining. Very cool.

Later I met Isobela at the Bewitched Hair and House of Heart end of summer treasure hunt, Pickin Daisey's! We found many cool items, mostly for girls though. It was still a very fun time poking around in all of the corners of all of the stores and the surrounding grounds, calling out to each other whenever we found something. She makes ordinary things so much fun.

That afternoon DJ Isobela was in the finals for the DJ Spin-Off competition at Blueberry Hill. There were six finalists, and Isobela sent her spies to check out the competition. DJ Isobela had a fantastic show, but since there was no one on before her she got off to a somewhat slow start. By the end the entire building was jam-packed and rocking. That was very good for her, but left the DJ who played after her with a head start. The top three gets prizes, and she felt she had a very solid third place based on her spy's reports, but we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best.

The Thong Song

I rigged up a rope to climb up and down from the house to the Tester's new dock. I didn't really like the ramp setup I had initially placed there; the rope is much cooler but sure makes it hard to haul kegs of beer up to the house!

DJ Isobela was playing the Blues at the Blueberry Hill Dance Hall with Withnail as her host so I stopped by for the show. Ajay and mikki stopped by, too; mikki was trying to get With to sign up for the open mic night, apparently there is one opening left. He was resisiting mightily, so we'll just have to wait and see.

As soon as that show was over it was time to get ready for her show on GlamShack Beach. This was a one-hour show to get things fired up for Friendly Fire. Isobela's cousin Cerulean stopped by, there was a real nice crowd by the top of the hour. The only thing to mar the event was that mikki ran over my foot with her bus, and she said that she did it on purpose!

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk show band, Friendly Fire, took Bowie Beach storm. They debuted a new song, The Thong Song, simply fabulous! As Case said, "we're unhealthily obsessed with thongs and chaps at The Glamshack!" Case wore a Long Pink Thong for the song, put pants on real quick afterwards!

As mikki says, TGINF! Thank God It's Naked Friday! DJ Hy too the stage after Friendly Fire ably assisted by his hostess mikki. He played many of the usual songs, including that one about detachable parts. Some of those songs are getting a little long in the tooth, but the rest of his show was absolutely top notch.

The clothes started coming off fairly quickly, and by the end of the show there were eleven people wearing nothing but a smile. My friend Carmelita stopped by right at the end of the show and fit right in. mikki left her bus illegally parked in the bay, but I think Dee was going to borrow it later. It was another great night at the Shack.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Here Be Dragons!

Isobela was experimenting with making jewelry today, and I messed around with it a little bit too. We didn't get much past the stage of fooling around with the micro-miniaturization tools, it looks like it might be pretty neat.

We visited CC Loons Blues Museum and ChrisCloud himself was there at the entryway to greet us; is that cool or what? It is quite an amazing place; I wonder if Hy knows about it? CC even had a dance floor on a dock out over the water.

Later we went on the Treasure Hunt at Bare Rose. The area where the first clue was found was fairly crowded, but thinned out rapidly after that. It was much easier and much more fun doing the hunt as a team. After completing the hunt we ended up with some awesome Dragon, knight and queen costumes.

We were able to make it to Club Casa Blanco for Firendly Fire's last song, and we all know which one what that is! It was just enough to tide us over until tomorrow when they will again bless us with their presence at the GlamShack.

From there we went to Buffy's Cove and noticed that they had been doing alot of work to the top part of the island, so we went to check it out. We took a long, swaying rope bridge over to Duke's Cove, and from there a real, working drawbridge to Asmita's Island on the Edge. Asmita's has a super-cool Underwater Art Gallery and Coral Gardens, Isobela noted that it "looks like Missy was here!"

Back at home Isobela was telling me how she, mikki and Dee would be working to get more use out of the GOAT. At CC Loons Blues Museum we saw promotional material for a number of artists that would fit well in a Blues and Jazz festival there. Another ongoing project is an Open mic night for the GOAT; today I think it was mikki who sent the notices out, but likely Dee and Isobela worked on them too. In any case all of the time slots were filled within a few hours! It's such a joy to work on projects around here because the people you're working with want to be there and want to do things like that. Life is good.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ivy: Good crowd here, usual suspects

Kidd Island had sent out a general notice last night; I hadn't heard from them in a whle so I went to check things out. There has been lots of construction since I was last there; there is an art gallery where the tavern used to be! It's nice enough, but too many textiles for my taste. There is still a thriving shopping area though; that portends well for long-term viability. I'll have to keep a closer eye on them.

Something special happens every Wednesday night at the GlamShack at 6pm. Namely, DJ Isobela takes the stage! We went there early and the show started with a bang because the KingOfBeers was DJing before us. It was so nice to start with a crowd already there. The Prize Robot even showed up and was giving out Shoe Gift Certificates!

The King and Isobela talked and decided that next Wednesday both of their back-to-back shows would have a Toga Party theme! I have a couple of togas, somewhere; I'll have to go look for them. Case had some great news too, the new Thong Song debuts this Friday! Friday really rock at the Shack; I look forward to it all week.

DJ Isobela did her usual fantastic job, giggling on mic just enough to make everyone laugh. She did have trouble distinguishing between hosts and hostesses; perhaps some remedial education is due. Kary stopped by for a bit, she is new here and didn't win a robot prize but I gave her one anyway. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Blissfully Blue Tuesday

I did my full rounds today; I've been slacking off on that. Argus, Panther, ZMAN, JR and a few others were sitting around Journey Island chatting so I joined them for a moment. Argus even had a small gift for me! I also went and visited a fancy shoe store I had read about, I thought they might have boots that Isobela liked. The really like their boots there though. Maybe for her birthday the end of next month.

Isobela discovered a slight bit of valcanic activity right under our bedroom. It's a good thing that we moved the house up on stilts or else it would have gone up in flame like matchsticks! On the other hand, maybe moving the house is what opened up the fissure. Hmmm. I sure hope it doesn't open up further and swallow the entire area!

Tuesday means Blues at the Savoy with the Fantabulous DJ Isobela, she even brought frosting! The band was really rocking with Ajay on piano, curm, Hy and Parker on drums, Squiffy on guitar, harmonica and sax, and Beatrix on bass. My friend Crighton was there, owner of the spectacular Savoy; and Jud stopped it with his usual, heartwarming "Hello family." A simply smashing time was had by all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Our first entry for best set of notices by a hostess at the GlamShack is from the charming and talented Case: "Oh my god! I let my guard down for a second, and Ajay got the drop on me when I got to the Glamshack for the Listening party! She conked me on the head, put roofies in my beer, and took over the stream! Send help! Send reinforcements! Send lawyers, guns, and money! She's got the stream and SHE'S NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!"

"Psst, I am being held captive against my will at the Glamshack! Ajay beat me senseless with a sock full of quarters and she's taken over the stream! It's like Snakes On A Plane, but with more violence and a weaker plot! Sure, that doesn't make much sense, but I already told you she beat that out of me! We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Isobela and I really enjoy it whenever DJ Ajay DJs. She plays the best music; although she complains that she has a limited music selection everything she plays is top-notch. She does need to come up with a better uniform for her hostesses, though.

When she was done we went exploring some; Isobela had found this place called the Giant Maze. It is essentially a giant maze. It was very cool to walk through, they have some intriguing sound effects. The walls were kinda plain, though; I bet they could do a fantastic Halloween theme in there though.

Next we went to DEsign Island. We had intended to go to a clothing store with a similar name but I had pulled up the wrong set of directions. DEsign Island is very cool in it's own right. It's a cube fantasy art kinda place, a "platform for fine arts, architecture and design." There is a club at the bottom of the bay called the Sub Club; I need to figure out how they do those walls that keep out water but let you walk through them. They also have this totally awesome sound/video tunnel, looks transparent from outside but is amazing from inside. Isobela says to listen to Pink Floyd while you are in it; it's that kinda place.

DJ King had started up at the GlamShack after we had left. Isobela and I listened in remotely and he is really good. It looks like he might be leading off for DJ Isobela on Wednesdays 4-6. We finally made it to the DE Designs clothing store, and one other place where we purchased another dance accessory. It may make it's GlamShack debut Wednesday as well. Life is good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Forget the T-Shirt!

Elisabeth sent me a note today, she knew about the aliens already and they are friendly! In fact, if you knock on their space ship they will give you a free t-shirt! Hurry on over to Beurling Bay and get yours today!

Congratulations Liz and JR!

This morning I did some more work on the house; I'm still not completely happy with it. Being up off of the water so far makes for spectacular sunsets, though. I bought a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) to get around the property with; it's docked across the pier from the Tester.

Later on we had a GlamShack owners meeting at our new pool. Mack and Case took their Catamaran over; Hy and Tracy flew. We spent the time in secret discussions concerning the location and organization and state of mind that mikki calls "The Glammiest place on earth!"

After the meeting Mack cajoled us into taking a group picture. It took a while, but eventually we got some good shots that Mack will be hanging in the GlamShack. Some kind of way my camera got turned around backwards, here's the shot I got.

One of my taskers from the meeting was to make a new microphone stand for Mack and Case. The ones they had didn't stay lined up on them very well. I was able to make a set much better suited to their wild gyrations whilst up on stage and deliver it to them that afternoon.

They were put in to use that very evening at Nightclub Echo Echo where Friendly Fire was rocking the rocky crags to bring this Glamtastic weekend to a close. I love I Love This Song, and pulled double poofer duty. It was a fantastic show as usual, and DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt were up next for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness, but Isobela and I had to leave immediately after the show to attend a wedding!

It was Liz and JR's special day. The wedding was at the Bride's boss's place; they had set up a very nice outdoor chapel for the lucky couple. It was a beautiful, small ceremony for close friends. Afterwards there was a reception at Club Katmandu . Isobela and I stayed for hours dancing and chatting and enjoying the atmosphere. Another wonderful day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tidings 2

I bought a new lance today; the one I slew the dragon with on Friday was one of those cheap starter lances and I figured it was well time that I invest in a decent one. As soon as I brought it home I had to take it out of the box and play with it of course, and for some reason Isobela got all upset at the dirt my horse Glam tracked into the house!

I went to the United Warriors training facility to practice with my new lance and Glam. There were two types of targets that I could use, one that mimicked a man on a horse and the one that had this itsy-bitsy brass ring hanging by a string that you were supposed to put the tip of the lance through from a galloping horse. It was actually easier than it looked, and I made it into second place on both practice scoring boards.

I had worn this ring jewelry, but not for my finger, last night and it was a big hit with Isobela, so we visited the store I had bought it at. I hadn't remembered exactly where I bought it, but did have the directions so we passed by. Turns out the place is called the Cheerleading Network. Case's picture was on the wall next to the front door as their Customer of the Month! The upstairs area is where I had bought my jewelry, but we didn't see any other of immediate interest.

We chatted and wandered around for a while, then kinda on the spur of the moment we demolished our house and built a new one! The main catalyst for this was an awesome pool/patio/hot tub combination that Isobela had found at Tiki Tattoo Palms and Plants. We went to the store and looked at it again and decided to buy it.

The main problem was where to put it. As we were discussing that I mentioned that I had an idea of putting our house up on stilts. Isobela merged the two plans together and we worked until 3am getting everything situated. There is still significant work to do, but it taking shape very nicely. She has the greatest ideas!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome Back your Hyness!

The GlamShack was the place to be, just like it is every Friday night. It started with DJ Zak and hostess mikki putting on a wonderful show. It looks like he will be the regular early DJ on Fridays though mikki was complaining of short notice so I'm not sure if she'll be his regular hostess. They drew a good crowd and kept the joint jumping.

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk showband played next, continuing our slide into the weekend. DJ Zak had been out on Bowie Beach, so Mack and Case set up there, too. The Train Wreck was Sally Can Wait, I think, and right after that I Loved I Love This Song! It always amazes me how they can go from playing in concert halls in Vienna to slapdash decks on Bowie Beach and maintain the same high standard of quality in their music.

DY His Hyness and hostess mikki kept the party going after that with boatloads of fantastic music. Since Nakie Fridays was all mikki's idea people seem to wait for her before the clothing starts coming off. Mack and Case stay for DJ Hy of course, so it's not like people are too shy to strip in front of them. Hmmm, what is this mystical ability that mikki has that causes clothes to just melt away?

People started going down the SuperSlide bare! It's a good thing we were so careful about splinter prevention so as not to get the inner-tubes or even more important parts punctured. Isobela and I took our turn on the SuperSlide then went back to dancing. DJ Hy played way over time, we were all having such a good time on the beach. Seventeen people with two pieces of clothes between them. We've really missed him the past two weeks, it was good to have him back!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Strange Tail

I went out on my airboat again. I finally figured out the controls; I'm sure Mack and Case's dock will appreciate that. It was fun spinning it in circles, and on an open stretch I even got it up to 73 knots! Way cool.

Isobela had subbed for a DJ in the place she DJs at on Monday mornings. The Wanderlust World Music Club. I received notice that she and her host Withnail were being attacked by a dragon, so of course I armored up, mounted my trusty destrier Glam, grabbed a lance and galloped over at once.

Luckily enough they were having a dragon-skinning workshop there later. The skining was easy but getting the smell out took ages. In any case, we now have a nice new dragon-skin rug for in case we ever build another fireplace!

DJ His Hyness with hostess mikki were at the Savoy in the evening. Isobela's cousin Borg was there, too. There must have been something in the water there, though; we all started growing extra appendages. Just another wonderful day in this wonderful world.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rock the Dock!

Isobela had refurbished the dock just outside of the GlamShack, next to the ridiculously tall Super Slide she bought and installed. We had our hump-day Rock party there with DJ Isobela DJing and we all had a blast.

The dress was "Evening Beach Wear", I wore board short and sandals while she wore a bikini top and long pants. Everyone else dressed however, though a few did change to beach wear once they arrived and saw us. Promise really loved the waterslide, she must have rode down over twenty times. The slide was a big hit with everyone.

Brooke showed up kinda late into the show, when asked if she had been down the slide she asked "Should I be scared?" Mack took her by the hand and went up to the top of the slide with her. Brooke shouted to us "OMG that is a longgggggggggggggg way down!!!" As soon as she hit the bay at the bottom it was "Again again again!!!!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drift away to the Blues with DJ Isobela

I went shopping this afternoon and bought a new bronze vest for my Rebel Hope Designs' Carlton Tuxedo to match Isobela's dress for her Blues performance DJing at the Savoy. She had an excellent musical lineup planned and it attracted a nice crowd.

Isobela's cousin Ranger was there, along with Jazno, Jia and Laural. And of course mikki and Hy stopped by! It was one of the largest crowds I have ever seen at the Savoy, at least when a live musician wasn't playing (thinks of Heath again, gotta get him to the GOAT; Isobela says maybe in Roctober.) DJ Isobela played well over her time; everyone was having a blast.

At the same time that we were at the Savoy DJ Cat and hostess Scotti were having a Silks night at the GlamShack! What horrible luck to miss that! I haven't worn my silks in months! We'll have to wait a month or two and have our own Wednesday night Silks night. This Wednesday though is Rock the Dock and I can't wait. Life is good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday merry!

DJ Ando and hostess AuroraDawn held a birthday party for merry this afternoon in the GlamShack. I couldn't make it though; I'll hold her spanks until the next time I see her. Twenty-One-derful years again!

I was able to assemble and launch my Sea glider. Most gliders are towed aloft, but this one has like a rocket assist that just throws you up into the air. I turned on the blue smoke trails and buzzed the GlamShack. I landed, Isobela joined me and we buzzed GlamShack again!

After that we went to the Prog Rock Museum at the Tree They have some awesome art based on various rock album covers. There were quite a few Oooohs! Much of the art was scale models of characters or scenes from album covers; very cool.

We tried their contest to find hidden mushrooms thingies; they were wickedly hidden all over the museum. We had to ask the manager for a hint on one of them, but did find them all and won a cool robot tank monster avatar costume thing. It came with a combat HUD and the manager recommended that we go have a battle, but we went and purified our souls instead.

Heath Elvehjem was playing in Nantucket. We came in to the rolling sounds of Rhythm - simply wonderful. As Kirk noted, "most triumphant!" This guy is really good, it would be a coup to get him to play at the GOAT. He has four CDs now, I have one and I bet the other three would make a nice Christmas gift for myself. His beagle Ruby said Hi to us all, too; and Heath played the Snoopy Theme Song for her.

From Nantucket we stopped by the showroom for the On A Roll games. They had two other similar table games, and many other cool things. One table game was SLopoly, the other called Greedy Greedy. Neither of us felt like playing SLopoly so we sat down at the Greedy Greedy table to learn the rules. It took most of the first game to get the rules down; we played best two out of three.

[19:56] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Tycho has won with a high score of 7850 points!
[20:11] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Isobela has won with a high score of 8350 points!
[20:19] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Tycho has won with a high score of 7000 points!

From there we went to the GlamShack to hear some of DJ Donagh and hostess AuroraDawn. He's a frequent visitor to the Savoy, and Isobela says he is an excellent Blues DJ, but this was the first time that we had heard him play Rock. He's quite a good DJ, and I like his accent. I stayed up too late listening but had a good time. DJ Ando then DJ Case then DJ Donagh; Mondays really Rock at the Shack!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Rez Day Ajay, Hy, Dee and Britt!

Stopped by the stores behind SDI and bought a Buoy, Sea Glider and Everglades Air Boat. I set the buoy out, but I'll probably be re-positioning it constantly to fool interloper submersibles. Before I could get to try either the airboat or glider it was time to head over to the Dakari Coast to help gets things set up for Ajay's surprise Rez-Day party.

I had custom-made a Guest Book for people to leave well-wishes for her, and designed a Rez-Day hat with a funky candle on top that would spit-out random, complimentary pictures of Ajay whenever you touched it. Syn helped me with the pictures, and with the production efforts. He had also made up some unique t-shirts to commemorate the day.

Friendly Fire did a special show for her, and of course Mack and Case sang Happy Rez Day to Ajay. Glammers and Dubliners together, it was quite a party. Ham even stopped by! Later a mud pit was set up and Ajay took on all comers. Amazingly enough Serenity beat her, the ONLY person who's ever done so. Obviously, Ajay and I have never mud-wrestled. I was going to get int he ring with her but I didn't want to make her feel bad by beating her on her Rez Day, but someday soon I probably will. Besides, she was sore from the spankings.

Shortly following Ajay's party there was a Rez-DayHy, Dee and Britt at the GlamShack. I decided to take my new Everglades Airboat; on one turn I kinda lost control a little and drifted near Mack and Case's dock. Mack jumped on and I gave her a ride to the beach in front of the Shack.

DJ Case performed for Hy, Dee and Britt at the GlamShack. Dee couldn't to make it, but we toasted her all the same. The rez-day people had all sorts of friends and friends of friends in and out all afternoon; it was a very nice time. At one point I asked the group a fairly complex, philosophical question; DJ Case replied on mic that it will keep up for a week. Tee Hee.

Friendly Fire, Isobela and I eventually left the party to head to Nightclub Echo Echo for Mack and Case's high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza! Steverino, who I consider the best-dressed man in the Metaverse, showed up; it was good seeing him as it had been quite a long time. Friendly Fire played I Love This Song, the second time today that I heard it! That ALMOST makes up for them not playing it last Friday night.

Britt was at the show and rocking out, but had to excuse herself to go to the little girls room. Mack and Case actually stopped the show in the middle of a song to wait for her to get back before they continued! We all waited somewhat patiently, and when she Finally returned the show resumed. She seemed quite embarrassed, but at least she didn't have toilet paper trailing from her shoe when she got back.

Nightclub Echo Echo is the place to be on Sunday Nights; not only do Mack and Case have a show but DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt rock on with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness! She's Madness and She's Mayhem and together they are pure fun! The theme was Comedy Night at Echo Echo, a night Laughter and Sillyness. Isobela and I stayed for a little while, but then took off; I had been partying since the early morning and my nerves were a little frazzled.

I had been noticing the area immediately east of the GlamShack was kinda empty now that the Summer Solstice Festival art is no longer there, plus I'm always looking for themes for DJ Isobela's shows, so I had the idea to combine the two for a "Rock on the Dock with DJ Isobela" this Wednesday. Isobela made the idea even better by suggesting that we add a Spring Slide waterslide into the small bay there.

We had looked at these waterslides before, so we went straight to the store and picked one up; luckily they had immediate delivery available. I had thought to set the slide up with a north-south orientation, but as usual Isobela had a much better idea so we set it up east-west so that sliders end up facing the GlamShack as they come off of the final run.

When it was finally set up we both said "Holy Cow” or words to that effect. It is quite tall; you can easily see the Savoy dance floor from the top. We waved at mikki while she was dancing with some stud but I don't think she saw us. I spied Kimala's tip jar and in an amazing fit of dexterity I was able to tip her with one shot! Her tip jar had to be a good 350-400 meters away! I wonder if there is an Olympic category for tip-sniping?

After a few test runs I sent a snapshot of the thing to Mack and Case, so they stopped by on their way home. They tried a few test runs and liked it as well. I made an express elevator from just outside the GlamShack to the top of the slide; one climb up those support beams was enough for me. I also set the cost of inner tubes to go down the slide with to zero; just hit one of the two tube-maker balls up there, sit on the inner tube that appears and have a wild ride!

A couple of times I accidentally fell over the side of the water slide, fortunately most of it is over water so I didn't break anything. I found it is pretty easy to guide yourself and slow down a little on the upper parts of the slide so that you don't fall out. Once you're at the bottom in the bay it is also cool to play bumper-tubes!

Dee stopped by for a little bit, too. God Bless, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congratulations Cat, Tali and Dee!

I stopped by the Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop on Beurline Bay for a cappuccino and to flirt with Nanette. I love the coffee wench outfit she wears. After that it was off to the Alternate Metaverse Sky Sanctuary for Cat and Tali's wedding.

I had briefly considered wearing my Glam Me A Beer hat and claiming that it was stuck and I couldn't get it off, but figured Cat would be stressed enough and if she didn't kill me then Isobela would when she found out about it. We did a rehearsal beforehand, luckily I was the third of 5 groomsmen so all I had to do was follow the person in front of me. The ceremony was beautiful! I had been to formal weddings before, but never stood in the bridal party. It was easier than I thought, though afterwards pictures took forever of course.

At the reception I danced the first dance with a bridesmaid so mikki and Isobela danced together; snogging each other's necks and snorfling in each other's ears. I eventually was able to pry them apart and danced many dances with Isobela; DJ Cher was great! As was noted it is difficult to DJ for a DJs wedding! Hy was dancing with mikki, he and I traded partners for one dance and then the lovely couple cut the cake. As soon as the cake was cut Cat sat on it! Hy gave the most wonderful toast, Sl√°inte!!!

DJ Hy and DJ Isobela were in the DJ Spin Off again. DJ Hy had played first, so DJ Isobela caught some of his overflow crowd. He played some great rock tunes, while she did some more of her "some Humpin, Bumpin, Snog me, Shag me songs!" Bluesy Rock I guess you might call it.

While we were there we found out that it was Dee's Rez Day! Isobela and I were very upset that we hadn't realized it earlier and prepared a party for her. She did seem in good spirits, though; many good spirits. Here's wishing you a happy happy and many more, Dee!

They both did an excellent job, I'm pretty sure she has made it into the finals in a couple of weeks! The main criteria for judging the DJs is the size of the crowd they draw in. That leaves me in the position of asking people to give up their time to come and support Isobela, and I hate asking for things. It's for a very good cause, though; so I'll muddle through.

Later we stopped by the GlamShack and heard JD Arc and merry then DJ John and mikki in the GlamShack. Cool tunes. We headed over to Moxie to play On A Roll but the game table had been switched out! Isobela called Jenda who quickly came over and put On A Roll back up for us.

Isobela won the first game, me the second, her the third, me the fourth and by then it had gotten very late and we were too tired for a tiebreaker. We laugh constantly when we play that game; I love it. Life is good.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Bass

My friend Cat took me shopping for a tux to wear in her wedding party. It was quite a pain to have it fitted then coordinate the cufflinks and tie tack and Boutineer. I do look pretty good, though; and it will all be worth it

Mack and Case hosted a Birthday party for Dousa in the GlamShack, they played a set and then DJ Case spun some tunes for a while. At 6 they got back up on stage for their regular Friendly Friday Sliiiiiiide in to the weekend show. The Train wrecks started early, and there was no I Love This Song, but everyone there had a rocking blast!

DJ Hy wasn't able to make it this week so we were able to enjoy DJ Zak in his first show at the GlamShack! He plays most excellent music and does a very good job of talking to the crowd and playing the music they want. His glamilicious hostess was mikki who kept everyone in line by threatening to pull out the Mikki Files!

Nef and I wore our pink thongs to commemorate Case's Friday Night performance a few weeks ago. Ajay was gracious enough to leave a few of her dance poles around, and Case and I both danced on one of them. Mack said "Tycho is bending in ways that I didn't think a human could." Poor Isobela missed it, maybe I should have taken some pictures for her?

After Case left mikki danced with me; her wings tickled when we danced back to back! Glamtatious DJ Zak played well past his allotted time, but eventually it was time to go. I think DJ Zak will work out well, I hope we can find a good time-slot for him. It was so nice today not having to rush around at the end of a long work week getting ready to host. It left me enjoy the rest of the evening that much more. Life is good.

God bless, Mr. Wexler. It was a shame you had to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Synapse!

This morning I stopped by Elisabeth's place in Beurling bay and saw the Beurling Waterfront Shops. They have the coolest coffee house there, probably best I've ever seen! I had my usual Cup of Cappuccino. The art on the walls is amazing; they even have the ad for the new McLobster! The outdoor patio is great, and they even have a table out on the water, too. The shops themselves are for pottery, purses and indoor and outdoor furniture. Below the lighthouse was a stage for live performances, very cool. There are free bicycles and sailboats even! I will definitely be stopping back. I wonder if she knows there is a crash-landed flying saucer in the bottom of the bay?

I stopped by BEARintheMorning's place a little later to catch some of his morning show. Mysty was there, I hadn't seen her in a while, plus a few others and of course BEAR. I had brunch there at The Grease Pit Cafe! Despite it's name, it has about the widest selection of really good food that I've seen! BEAR mentioned on air that I had stopped by, and that I was a manager at the GlamShack where Friendly Fire plays regularly. Cool!

Later on Hy stopped by the house in a midget submarine; very cool. He had placed some more at the GlamShack docks so I went and got one and we had a little battle. I sunk him on the first go-around, but only because he had to go answer the phone. We ended up fighting four battles, and I came out on top 3-1. We'll need to do a bit more terraforming of the sea-bed in Bowie and Bolan to make it more conducive to undersea combat.

Friendly Fire played in The Magic Bar in the Open-Air Ballroom at the Salzburg Winter Sports Arena. Dee had some brand-new Deeee-licious tattoos which were a topic of conversation early on, until we learned that it was Synapse's birthday! Well, I'm not totally sure, it may have been the day before, but in any case Mack and Case sang Happy Birthday to him. Well, Case's version of Happy Birthday which has some stanzas something about donkeys and giraffes and curmudgeon.

Things got kinda hairy during the second half of the show, Isobela and I got separated in the mosh pit! Eventually it got better but it was pretty crazy for a while. Near the end of the show Mack asked Isobela and I to come up with a spanking machine. This took nerve as the spanking chair that Isobela had left in the GlamShack for everyone to use was returned by Mack! Sounds to me like, subconsciously at least, Mack wants to try the chair out herself.

Right after Mack and Case finished DJ Isobela was spinning tunes at the DJ Spin-Off competition in Blueberry Hill, the same one Hy was in yesterday. There are one-hour shows and they judge each DJ by the number of people at the venue at quarter-after and quarter-of the hour. By my count there were 29 people at quarter-after and 32 at quarter-of; obviously I ran out of fingers and toes so these numbers are approximate. Mack and Case and Cat and mikki and many others all got onto the Friendly Fire group chat channel and encouraged people to attend, that made a big difference; thanks ya'll!

Later Isobela and I went to see the Jabberwock; what an amazing place. It's a two-grid shopping area but the scenery and atmosphere are so stunning that the shops almost seem like an afterthought. I knew it would be a cool place when we started walking up the first set of stairs, fell through, and ended up in an Alice In Wonderland-themed maze of tunnels and secret passages. We spent a good part of the evening going all over the place, just laughing and relaxing after the hectic afternoon. Not even the giant orange octopus under the pier could phase us. Life is good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Classic Class

DJ Hy was in a DJ Contest at Andie's & Rg's Beach at BlueBerry. There was a nice crowd of close friends were there cheering him on, plus a few passers-by attracted by the fantastic music. As it was part of a contest it was only an hour long, just a tease. DJ Isobela will be playing there tomorrow and could use everyone's support as well.

Speaking of the Fantabulous One, DJ Isobela was playing at the GlamShack later. Classic Rock by a Classic DJ! Umm, I mean, by a Classy DJ! Yeah, that's the ticket! Ya know, if you can't make it to the Shack you can still hear The Fantabulous One because DJ Isobela Capalini is streaming Galaxy-wide at

It was another late show; she has some die-hard fans that just wanted to rock on. It's cool when this happens; she seems to like it when people enjoy what she is playing so much. Another day in paradise.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Band Blues

We went to the store that sold the Water Slide we had so much fun with at KaruMagic. It would be fun at the GlamShack on the pier, so we may end up getting it for special occasions. They also have a super-cool log flume ride which we just had to test out!

DJ Isobela was spinning at the Savoy, and the poor dear was stuck with me hosting again. I may be getting a bit better, or at least luckier; there are two other venues nearby that we can check attendance on and we weren't the one with the fewest guests! I'll likely be hosting at the Savoy next week, too; I'd better start working on my notices now.

Some of the Blues DJs from other venues have started following DJ Isobela to see her shows; it was nice to see mikki there too. We had quite a good crowd shaking their tail feathers to the Fantabulous One's Saxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy Blues, especially during the latter part of the night. There was still a good number of people there at quitting time so she played almost an hour longer. DJ Isobela capped the night with some Big Band Blues!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's A Kind Of Magic

I caught the last bit of DJ Isobela's show at At Last; she had a little better crowd than the last couple of weeks. She spoke of a special event there next week but for the life of me I can't remember what it is now. I'm sure Parker will remember, though.

After the show we changed and Isobela helped me choose a haircut. I ended up with two haircuts, actually. Not there there was anything wrong with the first, we just decided that we'd wanted something different.

A friend of hers called and wanted to go makeup shopping, so Isobela invited me to come along too. A second friend joined them and they had a grand old time. I didn't mind waiting because the store had a magnificent waiting area.

When they were done they all went back to our place for a makeup testing party. I chilled out at our bar for a bit and then headed out to the patio to watch their antics. I did some work on my armor, and on another project.

Later we went to KaruMagic. They have an amazing gigantic water slide that you go down with inner tubes. We too the express elevator to the top, paid out L$5 for tube rental, and flew on down laughing all the way to the bottom. We stayed in our tubes when we got to the pool at the base and played bumper inner tubes for a while, great fun.

One of the owners stopped by and chatted for a bit; she had asked to join in the bumping but it had gotten very late so regretfully we said that we had to be leaving. We each took one turn on the rope swing that throws you into the surfing waves (one more thing to go back there and do!) and headed home, tired and happy. Another wonderful day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vendui My Queen & Greetings

This morning I saw the duo Pillowfish in the new Fibber's. Very cool, authentic live Dublin music by rowanna and thom. Padula and niko were sharing a tip jar, not sure what roles they were playing on staff there. Freestar was there, too; I guess she was checking out the live music and these two were very good!

When they were done I listened to alittle bit of DJ Danton with his host Kennef, but had a bunch of chores to do. When I got back my friend Kimala asked me to cover for her at the Savoy the next two weeks, so of course I said yes.

United Warriors were having their weekly SpellFire tournament, being hosted at Stone Keep this week. The weapon being used was a two-handed war hammer, and was quite well done. Before the tournament began I sparred with a guy named Nax and lost 3 in a row. He fought before me in the tournament and obliterated his opponent, so I didn't feel to bad about the sparring losses.

My first fight in the tournament was against DraazHiyr, a Grey Elf of Shadow and wandering mage. As a mage he really wasn't one to fight with a large war hammer, and it showed. I got a couple of good hits in the first exchange of blows, and it went downhill for him from there. His tournament meter dropped from 100 to under 20, giving me the win, while my meter still had 65.

My win was mostly luck, really; this style of fighting is completely different than the wild melees I relished whilst a Warrior of Korat. It will take long practice to gain the proficiency here that I had there. This was tournament combat, though; with many rules to be followed. In combat I would likely do fine following the mantra of if you're not cheating, you're not trying.

In the second round I lost to Nax, Lord of The Crystals; the same fighter that I had sparred with. I had brought him down to 35 before going below 20 and falling unconscious myself. It was actually a bit closer that that score indicates; I feel that I did well. I looked at the tournament biographical notes on him later and his heritage is quite interesting; "Born from Timbavati, White Lion King of The Mountains and Cristalina's Queen Neesha. Grandson of The Piasa Bird, mighty Dragon from North American Continent." No wonder he was so tough!

In the third round poor Nax accidentally fell into one of the lava pits surrounding the tournament field, so his opponent Daniel won by forfeit. The ultimate winner out of the field of 26 participants was Daniel, King of Alderea. Nathaneil, Knight of Alderea came in second and Hunter General Dartagnan third. It took over four hours to watch the entire tournament; it's not something I would want to do every week but might be fun every once in a while. The good thing is that you get to keep the tournament weapon. The war hammer doesn't do much for me, though; I'll probably sell it to my uncouth barbarian acquaintance Urnst.

Later I was lucky enough to witness the rocky crags of Nightclub Echo Echo reverberate with the Glamtastic Rock of Friendly Fire! Promise subbed for Isobela who was off in an undisclosed location intent upon undisclosed activities. BEAR and babyboohoo showed up again; they are getting to be regulars.

Mack and Case sang Make Me Beautiful, I hadn't heard that in a while and it was real good to hear it again. Mack teased us saying that they always consider not playing it, but they did and I love I LOVE THIS SONG! Mack noted it was an anthem, not a ballad; I stand corrected.

Double poofer duty went off without a hitch. I was able to get a few more new Friendly Fire Friends than usual, that was cool. Jocelyn was there getting ready for her show, and she keeps getting the words wrong to Friendly Fire's last song; I'm not sure why; they are as plain as day!

DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt had a 70's theme; mucho fine musica. It kinda evolved into a topless men in kilts show with tv theme songs. I guess they call it mayhem and madness for a reason. As always, a good time was had by all.

One of Dublin's Own

Isobela has a new tool that helps her create rocks. Included in the rock family are crystal shards. Isobela really likes crystal shards. She made a few that turned out very good and has been talking about selling them. Since I provided half of the startup capital for the tool she suggested that her business be called "Tybella's Mystic Shards". We'll see.

We stopped by the GlamShack for just a short bit to catch the last of the DJ John and mikki show then the first part of the DJ Jocelyn and Britt show. There was a large crowd, and as usual everyone was having a great time misquoting each other. Judristen stopped by too; we hadn't seen him in ages. After the chorus of hellos to him he responded with his usual "Hello Family!"

We had been wanting to visit Kaiya Islands, The Wild Coast for a while, and after several mis-starts we finally made it. It is an exceptional place; very well landscaped. We hung out in the sauna and hot tub for a while, then went out onto the dance floor.

Mykala was DJing from her post near the entrance, and doing an excellent job. Their dance floor was more for singles, but it did have quite adequate couples facilities. The singles dances were quite extraordinary; on par with Tracy's fantastic singles dance ball.

Friendly Fire played at Freeastar Bay's new place - decorated as a cool woodlands setting! It was a half-hour show in one of Freestar's music showcases. I Love I Love This Song!, but Dee was very noisy while they sang it; I almost said something to her about it. If Rosi had been there I'm sure there would have been blood drawn.

Rosedrop played after Mack and Case, and we were having a good time dancing together so we stayed and listened. And Zorch was after him on guitar and vocals as well. Therese was next, very sweet vocals.

Earlier in the day Isobela had been out with some friends, dancing in some strange bar in Dublin. Some guy had been hitting on her, and was having trouble taking No for an answer. He stopped when one of the regulars there pointedly pointed out that "Dude, she is married to one of Dublin's own." It was nice to be referred to in that way. Life is good.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Slide

I set out a new horse sculpture that I bought for Isobela; she seemed to really like it. Of course it was a bit more complicated than just setting it out; I had to consider the angles of the rising and setting sun at different times of the year, there was a weight factor so I had to consider soil composition and erosion; plus I had to clean up all of the debris from the storm last night. Those palm fronds can be sharp!

Later on there was a houseworming party for Elf Fala Lands that I went to. It is a very cool place; a large, mountainous island with the beautiful scenery that the elves are known for. Their whole city was built inside of a mountain. While wandering around in there I saw Koni! She saw me too, but in my elven clothes she didn't quite recognize me, so she asked "Are you Tycho of the GlamShack?" What a wonderful thing to be remembered for!

DJ Isobela's show at the GlamShack had a Psychedelic theme; 60's music. As usual it was mostly deserted for the first hour, but eventually people started showing up. I had done some research for the theme, the counter-culture and social revolution and such, and threw tidbits out into Group IM but it didn't seem to help. I did come across one phrase that I thought was particularly insightful; "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there."

When DJ Isobela finished it was time for Friendly Fire to continue the Friday Slide into the weekend. Synapse suggested that Mack and Case write a pink thong song! What an excellent idea! He even offered to write the lyrics for it.

The Train Wreck this time was by the Drifters, Under the Boardwalk. Case did an excellent job with it despite Mack's predictions to the contrary. Vicki and I had a nice chat, we still need to do that Bid 4 A Cure date thing; we'll probably go exploring. I just hope she finds a different hat to wear!

DJ ando66x and hostess merry followed Friendly Fire, filling in for Hy who wasn't able to make it. He plays excellent music, I hadn't heard him before but will make a special effort to in the future. Isobela and I stayed and danced the night away surrounded by fun and friends. We are so lucky.

Friday, August 8, 2008

From the stratosphere to sandy beaches

Today a friend of Isobela's stopped by as we were sunbathing at Tun Tavern (Forward). We chatted for a good bit, he and I often teaming up on Isobela and picking on her. She took it in good spirits, though; lots of desk pounding.

Later on we went exploring, our first stop was at a furniture store that Isobela had heard about. We're not in the market for any furniture, but she wanted to look around to see if we could get any ideas for stuff.

Next we went to Mo-Tech Industries. They have a Store and Art Gallery, and a Sky Lounge at the top of an incredibly tall tower. I don't think that you can get towers much higher in the Metaverse; it had an excellent view of the tops of clouds. I was able to get a copy of that painting of dogs playing poker in the art gallery!

After that we went to Serenite. It is a fairly large outdoors area, medieval in nature but also dedicated to magic. There were al sorts of incredible vistas, purple rocks, marvelous caverns and pentagrams. There was also a small town with shops and a dock with incredible ship moored there. Plus, there was a barn with a hayloft!

Next we visited the beautiful tropical island paradise of Las Arenas Rosadas. They have some most incredible waves there! We walked on the beach around the entire island, including the many beautifully-colored bays and inlets. An incredibly beautiful, restful place.

We arrived back home to say goodnight just in time for dawn to break. Life is good.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Conga! Conga! Conga!

This afternoon Isobela and I went shopping for dance instructors; we learned a few new couples’s dances and how to do a conga line! When DJ Isobela started her show at the GlamShack later that evening we started dancing the couple's dances, but as more people showed up we started the conga line and kept at it throughout the (extended) show!

The theme for the show was Biker night. I wore my leather Harley jacket and Isobela was in a short skirt with sexy boots. Many others wore leathers or other types of motorcycle gear but some just came as they were and since this was the GlamShack of course they were welcomed.

My Friend BEARintheMorning showed up! He said that he came to celebrate his birthday at the coolest club in the Metaverse! BaByBooHoo, aka BB, showed up too. BEAR said that he may be doing one of his morning shows at the GlamShack! Apparently he had talked with Case about this a while back. When he saw me he got worried because with his razor-sharp mind he remembered that I had been to a previous show of his last Halloween, and thought I might nix the idea. What a card.

Isobela ran back into the GlamShack's kitchen and baked a birthday cake for BEAR in between sets, but as soon as she got it done Dee snorked it all down in one gulp! So Isobela made another one and we were all able to share that one. After the cake was gone I called out for a pepperoni pizza and set out yet another keg of beer; BEAR seemed to like that better than the cake.

mikki showed up at the end of the show; she had dumped us to go see the Eagles and had a front-row center seat! She said that she cried for the first hour, it was absolutely amazing. She had even been invited up on stage with them but tripped and fell and lost her chance; what a bummer!

Niky passed by too, I hadn't seen her in ages. With all of the good friends I have been making lately it is good to keep up with old acquaintances too. I need to make an effort to go and see them and not just wait for them to happen by the Shack or a Friendly Fire show. I am blessed to know so many truly amazing people.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mmmmmm! Pizza!

Tun Tavern (Forward) is a catastrophe. She told me last night that she would fix it. Well, she did; she fixed it worse! I fixed her though; she now has her very own hand-made personal security orb! It is set to only eject Isobela herself from Tun Tavern (Forward). All others are welcome.

I heard the warning ding, looked up, there she was, and then she was gone. After about 15 minutes, when I was able to pick myself up off of the floor from laughing so hard, I turned it off. Somehow I don't think she saw the humor in it though.

Later on DJ Isobela had a smokin' hot show at the Savoy. She featured a couple of Cajun artists, Jimmy Thackery and Tab Benoit. They were very good, and the crowd seemed to be heaping even more praise on DJ Isobela than usual.

I had asked people to pass on any requests to the DJ, so Leeloo playfully asked for some pepperoni pizza. After a short discussion of the relative merits of pepperoni pizza versus pepper spray I called out for the pizza. When it arrived I placed it on a table and hauled out a keg of beer to wash things down with. It didn't exactly fit in with the fine decor at the Savoy but was much appreciated by all present.

We had a small but steady group at the club all night. This is the last night I'm scheduled to fill in for Kimala; she will be back and pulling in the crowds next week. I noticed that Dee was hostessing for DJ Daddie at the GlanShack and wanted to stop by, but by then it was very late. I'll try and catch their show another night. There's always something new to see or do. Life is good.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BLT 1/9

I was able to catch the last bit of DJ Ando and mikki's show at the GlamShack today. I hadn't heard DJ Ando before; he seems pretty good. And of course mikki is good; she came from the best hostess school in the metaverse!

After DJ Ando it was DJ Case and Ajay's Rock & Roll Listening Party. He was playing some pretty good songs; I hadn't been to one of his Monday shows in a while, maybe he's changed format. Anyway we were all just rocking out, having a good time when all of the sudden, completely out of the blue, for absolutely no reason at all, Isobela says "TYCHO!!!! you are a dead man walking".

Apparently I had done something to upset her, but I have no idea what. She must have been really upset though because she and Ajay start to plotting against me. Isobela says "I think perhaps a redo of "Manly Man Island" is in order" and they start talking about pink pillow cushions and curtains and all sorts of other un-manly things. I was called away on business just then, and I left her with one firm admonition: No!

Later on, when I returned, things were really strange. Clouds were inverted, highways were upside down and unreachable, birds flew backwards. In the midst of all of this chaos I catch Isobela busily trying to destroy Tun Tavern (Forward)! My island! Luckily for her Amylyn happened by, so we all chatted for a bit as if one of us wasn't in mortal danger. Di bo chet indeed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Now that's a big rock!

I helped a new citizen find his way around today. He was un-naturally concerned about his appearance, and was on a tight budget, so I spent the morning with him going around from place to place looking for bargains and freebies. I think he is passable now, but could probably use a little more in his wardrobe.

Later I went to hear Bones on piano in the new Maritime Club, then went and visited a friend of Isobela's in North Africa. She has a way cool place; she even had a game of Footsie set out near the fireplace! From there we went shopping and Isobela had me buy all of these flower seeds for planting around the house. At least she paid for half of them.

I didn't have a chance to plant them before it was time to get ready for Friendly Fire at Echo Echo! curmiekins showed up early for once, but then heckled the band as they were trying to get ready. Case has an elaborate pre-show warmup routine that must not be disturbed, and curmieboo was pushing the limit as usual.

Rosi limped into the club on one leg! The other one was cut clean off right below the knee! Let this be a lesson to you all: don't play on railroad tracks! Not only will you lose limbs, but your hair will turn blue and you will have to wear a silly pirate costume.

The music was phenomenal! I'm really getting to like It's My Time!, though still I Love I Love This Song! There was a new guy there hanging with Argus and them; in between songs Case was talking tech about their drummer with him. I didn't see Rosie there, and Farr has been working too hard.

Neko Neko at Echo Echo was mysteriously cancelled. No explanation was given. Britt hypothesized: "I think joc just wanted to see how many of us would give her a bit of tail!" Isobela and I stayed for a few minutes and then headed out.

Finding the flower seeds had given Isobela the idea of totally redoing the landscape. We shoveled out about a square acre of sand from the island our house is on and added it to Elfie island. Isobela had long been an admirer of these large rocks that our neighbors a couple of furlongs to the west have, so she arraigned to have three of them choppered in.

When our new rocks arrived they were much larger than they looked in store; it was quite a challenge placing them just-right. Isobela also bought this giant, fully-grown monkey tree that had to be choppered in as well. I climbed up one of the rocks and was able to make a stupendous diving platform!

The view from our balcony is a whole lot different, but it did turn out better. Now if I could only get her to keep her mittens off of Tun Tavern (Forward)!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

T1CH0 B07

Case had called to let me know that his Dolphin's poofer wasn't working right. How embarrassing. From his description of the problem I was able to quickly locate and fix the one out of untold thousands of inter-related parts and delivered new copies of the poofer to Case and Mack via express mail this time. I had a friend test this time when I was done with it so hopefully it will be OK.

DJ Jocelyn and Hostess Brittainy were playing at the GlamShack; it had been a while since Isobela and I had heard DJ Joce so we decided to go check out her show. It was as good as ever. The night before at the GlamShack was a major topic of conversation.

Mack had the random name picking robot that I had made and was using it to give out gifts. It actually works! As proof it is random it actually picked Mack twice in a row! She didn't take the prize, she just kept picking names until it chose another one. Case dubbed it T1CH0 B07, and said it could kick C3PO's ass all over the place!

We stayed until the end of thje show and then some; byt then it was late so we called it a night. Britt said that the theme tomorrow night at Nightclub Echo Echo would be Neko at the Echo! I'll have to search around some, but I think I have both orange and black ears and tail. It ought to be a blast!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bowie Buff Beach

Isobela and I had lunch together; it was a working lunch where we discussed a theme and playlist for the show tonight. Then she drug me out clothes shopping and made me buy new board shorts and shoes. I had a tattoo that didn't conflict with the theme, so Isobela decided that she needed one too. Yet another shopping trip.

Finally we were able to get to the Glamshack and start setting up for Beach Babes Bonanza! Isobela wanted to set up a couple of our dual-dance poles, and I had the GlamShack Sacrificial Altar to assemble. Mikki had come by the house earlier and accompanied us to Bowie Beach to help set everything up.

DJ Isobela's theme was boobs, boards, breasts, blonds and bomb-ass butts on Bowie Beach! We had both gone and had our hair dyed blond and frizzed out; I thought it looked very strange at first but it kinda grew on me. There was a very light crowd at first, then about halfway through we had a rush of people stop by. The music was great and everyone had a rocking good time getting ready for Friendly Fire.

Mack and Case set up a stage on the beach again, dangerously close to the water for all of that electrical equipment. There was a shark in the water threatening us again, but this time he came up on shore and started partying with us.

Mack and Case had made a special announcement part-way through their show; there are now two more partners/co-owners for the GlamShack. With all the hooting and hollering I didn't quite catch their names; oh wait, now I remember! Isobela and I were graciously invited to join the merry crew and after careful deliberation we deiced that we would be honored to do so. Woot! Glasses of champagne were passed all around.

The Friday Night Train Wreck was Werewolves of London, which was done very well. I Love I Love This Song, and I love how Mack and Case time it nowadays so that I'm not sending group notices in the middle of it! That is much appreciated. I had double poofer duty again, and was so busy I almost missed Mack!

His Hyness DJ Hy followed Friendly Fire with many hours of Glamtastic Rock! He and his hostess mikki kept going back and forth blaming each other/trying to take the credit for Topless Night on Bowie Beach! Some of the ladies were too shy, but most partook after a little encouragement. They then started asking the guys to chip-in as well. I'm here to tell you that Case in a pink thong is a very scary sight!

As the night wore on more and more clothes came off. I believe it was one of the ladies on a dance pole that was the first to go all-in, but after that it was like the dam broke. Right near the end of His Hyness DJ Hy's show I counted and there were 8 people with 2 items of clothing between all of them! And those were both on the same person!

As with all good things the party had to eventually end. What a marvelous night, it will likely be talked about for ages! I can't wait to see what Hy and mikki come up with for next week!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friendliest Fires

As soon as I got back from my trip I began working on another project for the GlamShack. I had been planning it out while I was away, it should be alot of fun. Of course it must remain a secret whilst I see if it's even viable; well a secret for everyone except Isobela; it's laid out on her front yard.

A new hostess at Gallery Orinoco sent a notice out at the end of the show; then got the directions wrong. I knew the directions were wrong, but went to see where they went anyway. It turned out to be a fairly decent dance club, but it wasn't my Gallery! I found my own way to the Gallery, and tried to explain to her where she went wrong with her directions, but I couldn't seem to get my point across. Oh well.

Later on I saw Friendly Fire at Club CasaBlanco; I haven't been getting my Friendly Fire fixes in and withdrawal was simply awful! Mack was sounding very relaxed. mikki was there and I was able to thank her for covering for me the night before and to congratulate her on the excellent notices that she had done. She played it off, said they were just off the cuff, but they were great!

Dee and I chided mikki for earlier indiscretions during her week-long birthday celebration; Synapse helped too. LexiMae stopped by, I hadn't seen her in a long time. I missed Fluffy, but there were scads of other people showing up all of the time. Plus it looks like Fluffy left her little puppy wandering around the Club; we all fed her snacks off of the bar. Beer is one of the four major food groups, right? When Mack and Case played I Love This Song! all was right with the world.

After the show I made a Miami Dolphins uber-poofer for Case and took it to post. Although not specifically instructed to, I felt it best to send a copy to Mack too. I well remember the havoc caused when Isobela and I gave Case Miami Dolphin jammies and didn't have a set for Mack as well. This means that come the start of the season I'll have to come up with something even more spectacular for the Saints.

Later Isobela and I went shopping for chairs and ended up with new clothes for me. We did a short tour of Abyss Island; it had a cool dance floor but too many life-and-limb type dangers to make it a viable venue. Across the way we did find an awesome sculpture at Tenemos Place. Life is good.