Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday merry!

DJ Ando and hostess AuroraDawn held a birthday party for merry this afternoon in the GlamShack. I couldn't make it though; I'll hold her spanks until the next time I see her. Twenty-One-derful years again!

I was able to assemble and launch my Sea glider. Most gliders are towed aloft, but this one has like a rocket assist that just throws you up into the air. I turned on the blue smoke trails and buzzed the GlamShack. I landed, Isobela joined me and we buzzed GlamShack again!

After that we went to the Prog Rock Museum at the Tree http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oysterland1/60/104/452. They have some awesome art based on various rock album covers. There were quite a few Oooohs! Much of the art was scale models of characters or scenes from album covers; very cool.

We tried their contest to find hidden mushrooms thingies; they were wickedly hidden all over the museum. We had to ask the manager for a hint on one of them, but did find them all and won a cool robot tank monster avatar costume thing. It came with a combat HUD and the manager recommended that we go have a battle, but we went and purified our souls instead.

Heath Elvehjem was playing in Nantucket. We came in to the rolling sounds of Rhythm - simply wonderful. As Kirk noted, "most triumphant!" This guy is really good, it would be a coup to get him to play at the GOAT. He has four CDs now, I have one and I bet the other three would make a nice Christmas gift for myself. His beagle Ruby said Hi to us all, too; and Heath played the Snoopy Theme Song for her.

From Nantucket we stopped by the showroom for the On A Roll games. They had two other similar table games, and many other cool things. One table game was SLopoly, the other called Greedy Greedy. Neither of us felt like playing SLopoly so we sat down at the Greedy Greedy table to learn the rules. It took most of the first game to get the rules down; we played best two out of three.

[19:56] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Tycho has won with a high score of 7850 points!
[20:11] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Isobela has won with a high score of 8350 points!
[20:19] Greedy Greedy Table Demo whispers: GAME OVER! Tycho has won with a high score of 7000 points!

From there we went to the GlamShack to hear some of DJ Donagh and hostess AuroraDawn. He's a frequent visitor to the Savoy, and Isobela says he is an excellent Blues DJ, but this was the first time that we had heard him play Rock. He's quite a good DJ, and I like his accent. I stayed up too late listening but had a good time. DJ Ando then DJ Case then DJ Donagh; Mondays really Rock at the Shack!

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