Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ivy: Good crowd here, usual suspects

Kidd Island had sent out a general notice last night; I hadn't heard from them in a whle so I went to check things out. There has been lots of construction since I was last there; there is an art gallery where the tavern used to be! It's nice enough, but too many textiles for my taste. There is still a thriving shopping area though; that portends well for long-term viability. I'll have to keep a closer eye on them.

Something special happens every Wednesday night at the GlamShack at 6pm. Namely, DJ Isobela takes the stage! We went there early and the show started with a bang because the KingOfBeers was DJing before us. It was so nice to start with a crowd already there. The Prize Robot even showed up and was giving out Shoe Gift Certificates!

The King and Isobela talked and decided that next Wednesday both of their back-to-back shows would have a Toga Party theme! I have a couple of togas, somewhere; I'll have to go look for them. Case had some great news too, the new Thong Song debuts this Friday! Friday really rock at the Shack; I look forward to it all week.

DJ Isobela did her usual fantastic job, giggling on mic just enough to make everyone laugh. She did have trouble distinguishing between hosts and hostesses; perhaps some remedial education is due. Kary stopped by for a bit, she is new here and didn't win a robot prize but I gave her one anyway. Life is good.

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