Thursday, August 14, 2008

Classic Class

DJ Hy was in a DJ Contest at Andie's & Rg's Beach at BlueBerry. There was a nice crowd of close friends were there cheering him on, plus a few passers-by attracted by the fantastic music. As it was part of a contest it was only an hour long, just a tease. DJ Isobela will be playing there tomorrow and could use everyone's support as well.

Speaking of the Fantabulous One, DJ Isobela was playing at the GlamShack later. Classic Rock by a Classic DJ! Umm, I mean, by a Classy DJ! Yeah, that's the ticket! Ya know, if you can't make it to the Shack you can still hear The Fantabulous One because DJ Isobela Capalini is streaming Galaxy-wide at

It was another late show; she has some die-hard fans that just wanted to rock on. It's cool when this happens; she seems to like it when people enjoy what she is playing so much. Another day in paradise.

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