Thursday, August 7, 2008

Conga! Conga! Conga!

This afternoon Isobela and I went shopping for dance instructors; we learned a few new couples’s dances and how to do a conga line! When DJ Isobela started her show at the GlamShack later that evening we started dancing the couple's dances, but as more people showed up we started the conga line and kept at it throughout the (extended) show!

The theme for the show was Biker night. I wore my leather Harley jacket and Isobela was in a short skirt with sexy boots. Many others wore leathers or other types of motorcycle gear but some just came as they were and since this was the GlamShack of course they were welcomed.

My Friend BEARintheMorning showed up! He said that he came to celebrate his birthday at the coolest club in the Metaverse! BaByBooHoo, aka BB, showed up too. BEAR said that he may be doing one of his morning shows at the GlamShack! Apparently he had talked with Case about this a while back. When he saw me he got worried because with his razor-sharp mind he remembered that I had been to a previous show of his last Halloween, and thought I might nix the idea. What a card.

Isobela ran back into the GlamShack's kitchen and baked a birthday cake for BEAR in between sets, but as soon as she got it done Dee snorked it all down in one gulp! So Isobela made another one and we were all able to share that one. After the cake was gone I called out for a pepperoni pizza and set out yet another keg of beer; BEAR seemed to like that better than the cake.

mikki showed up at the end of the show; she had dumped us to go see the Eagles and had a front-row center seat! She said that she cried for the first hour, it was absolutely amazing. She had even been invited up on stage with them but tripped and fell and lost her chance; what a bummer!

Niky passed by too, I hadn't seen her in ages. With all of the good friends I have been making lately it is good to keep up with old acquaintances too. I need to make an effort to go and see them and not just wait for them to happen by the Shack or a Friendly Fire show. I am blessed to know so many truly amazing people.

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