Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Band Blues

We went to the store that sold the Water Slide we had so much fun with at KaruMagic. It would be fun at the GlamShack on the pier, so we may end up getting it for special occasions. They also have a super-cool log flume ride which we just had to test out!

DJ Isobela was spinning at the Savoy, and the poor dear was stuck with me hosting again. I may be getting a bit better, or at least luckier; there are two other venues nearby that we can check attendance on and we weren't the one with the fewest guests! I'll likely be hosting at the Savoy next week, too; I'd better start working on my notices now.

Some of the Blues DJs from other venues have started following DJ Isobela to see her shows; it was nice to see mikki there too. We had quite a good crowd shaking their tail feathers to the Fantabulous One's Saxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy Blues, especially during the latter part of the night. There was still a good number of people there at quitting time so she played almost an hour longer. DJ Isobela capped the night with some Big Band Blues!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

STUCK WITH YOU??...pfft more like you're stuck with me..