Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Bass

My friend Cat took me shopping for a tux to wear in her wedding party. It was quite a pain to have it fitted then coordinate the cufflinks and tie tack and Boutineer. I do look pretty good, though; and it will all be worth it

Mack and Case hosted a Birthday party for Dousa in the GlamShack, they played a set and then DJ Case spun some tunes for a while. At 6 they got back up on stage for their regular Friendly Friday Sliiiiiiide in to the weekend show. The Train wrecks started early, and there was no I Love This Song, but everyone there had a rocking blast!

DJ Hy wasn't able to make it this week so we were able to enjoy DJ Zak in his first show at the GlamShack! He plays most excellent music and does a very good job of talking to the crowd and playing the music they want. His glamilicious hostess was mikki who kept everyone in line by threatening to pull out the Mikki Files!

Nef and I wore our pink thongs to commemorate Case's Friday Night performance a few weeks ago. Ajay was gracious enough to leave a few of her dance poles around, and Case and I both danced on one of them. Mack said "Tycho is bending in ways that I didn't think a human could." Poor Isobela missed it, maybe I should have taken some pictures for her?

After Case left mikki danced with me; her wings tickled when we danced back to back! Glamtatious DJ Zak played well past his allotted time, but eventually it was time to go. I think DJ Zak will work out well, I hope we can find a good time-slot for him. It was so nice today not having to rush around at the end of a long work week getting ready to host. It left me enjoy the rest of the evening that much more. Life is good.

God bless, Mr. Wexler. It was a shame you had to go.

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