Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Our first entry for best set of notices by a hostess at the GlamShack is from the charming and talented Case: "Oh my god! I let my guard down for a second, and Ajay got the drop on me when I got to the Glamshack for the Listening party! She conked me on the head, put roofies in my beer, and took over the stream! Send help! Send reinforcements! Send lawyers, guns, and money! She's got the stream and SHE'S NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!"

"Psst, I am being held captive against my will at the Glamshack! Ajay beat me senseless with a sock full of quarters and she's taken over the stream! It's like Snakes On A Plane, but with more violence and a weaker plot! Sure, that doesn't make much sense, but I already told you she beat that out of me! We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Isobela and I really enjoy it whenever DJ Ajay DJs. She plays the best music; although she complains that she has a limited music selection everything she plays is top-notch. She does need to come up with a better uniform for her hostesses, though.

When she was done we went exploring some; Isobela had found this place called the Giant Maze. It is essentially a giant maze. It was very cool to walk through, they have some intriguing sound effects. The walls were kinda plain, though; I bet they could do a fantastic Halloween theme in there though.

Next we went to DEsign Island. We had intended to go to a clothing store with a similar name but I had pulled up the wrong set of directions. DEsign Island is very cool in it's own right. It's a cube fantasy art kinda place, a "platform for fine arts, architecture and design." There is a club at the bottom of the bay called the Sub Club; I need to figure out how they do those walls that keep out water but let you walk through them. They also have this totally awesome sound/video tunnel, looks transparent from outside but is amazing from inside. Isobela says to listen to Pink Floyd while you are in it; it's that kinda place.

DJ King had started up at the GlamShack after we had left. Isobela and I listened in remotely and he is really good. It looks like he might be leading off for DJ Isobela on Wednesdays 4-6. We finally made it to the DE Designs clothing store, and one other place where we purchased another dance accessory. It may make it's GlamShack debut Wednesday as well. Life is good.

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