Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Blissfully Blue Tuesday

I did my full rounds today; I've been slacking off on that. Argus, Panther, ZMAN, JR and a few others were sitting around Journey Island chatting so I joined them for a moment. Argus even had a small gift for me! I also went and visited a fancy shoe store I had read about, I thought they might have boots that Isobela liked. The really like their boots there though. Maybe for her birthday the end of next month.

Isobela discovered a slight bit of valcanic activity right under our bedroom. It's a good thing that we moved the house up on stilts or else it would have gone up in flame like matchsticks! On the other hand, maybe moving the house is what opened up the fissure. Hmmm. I sure hope it doesn't open up further and swallow the entire area!

Tuesday means Blues at the Savoy with the Fantabulous DJ Isobela, she even brought frosting! The band was really rocking with Ajay on piano, curm, Hy and Parker on drums, Squiffy on guitar, harmonica and sax, and Beatrix on bass. My friend Crighton was there, owner of the spectacular Savoy; and Jud stopped it with his usual, heartwarming "Hello family." A simply smashing time was had by all.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Is it possible to lust for a pair of boots?
OMG Those are amazing~

Ajay said...

I was thinking that exact same thing, Iso...

/me drools unattractively

Tycho Beresford said...

So now I know the secret of getting people to leave comments on my blog: post pictures of boots!