Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Synapse!

This morning I stopped by Elisabeth's place in Beurling bay and saw the Beurling Waterfront Shops. They have the coolest coffee house there, probably best I've ever seen! I had my usual Cup of Cappuccino. The art on the walls is amazing; they even have the ad for the new McLobster! The outdoor patio is great, and they even have a table out on the water, too. The shops themselves are for pottery, purses and indoor and outdoor furniture. Below the lighthouse was a stage for live performances, very cool. There are free bicycles and sailboats even! I will definitely be stopping back. I wonder if she knows there is a crash-landed flying saucer in the bottom of the bay?

I stopped by BEARintheMorning's place a little later to catch some of his morning show. Mysty was there, I hadn't seen her in a while, plus a few others and of course BEAR. I had brunch there at The Grease Pit Cafe! Despite it's name, it has about the widest selection of really good food that I've seen! BEAR mentioned on air that I had stopped by, and that I was a manager at the GlamShack where Friendly Fire plays regularly. Cool!

Later on Hy stopped by the house in a midget submarine; very cool. He had placed some more at the GlamShack docks so I went and got one and we had a little battle. I sunk him on the first go-around, but only because he had to go answer the phone. We ended up fighting four battles, and I came out on top 3-1. We'll need to do a bit more terraforming of the sea-bed in Bowie and Bolan to make it more conducive to undersea combat.

Friendly Fire played in The Magic Bar in the Open-Air Ballroom at the Salzburg Winter Sports Arena. Dee had some brand-new Deeee-licious tattoos which were a topic of conversation early on, until we learned that it was Synapse's birthday! Well, I'm not totally sure, it may have been the day before, but in any case Mack and Case sang Happy Birthday to him. Well, Case's version of Happy Birthday which has some stanzas something about donkeys and giraffes and curmudgeon.

Things got kinda hairy during the second half of the show, Isobela and I got separated in the mosh pit! Eventually it got better but it was pretty crazy for a while. Near the end of the show Mack asked Isobela and I to come up with a spanking machine. This took nerve as the spanking chair that Isobela had left in the GlamShack for everyone to use was returned by Mack! Sounds to me like, subconsciously at least, Mack wants to try the chair out herself.

Right after Mack and Case finished DJ Isobela was spinning tunes at the DJ Spin-Off competition in Blueberry Hill, the same one Hy was in yesterday. There are one-hour shows and they judge each DJ by the number of people at the venue at quarter-after and quarter-of the hour. By my count there were 29 people at quarter-after and 32 at quarter-of; obviously I ran out of fingers and toes so these numbers are approximate. Mack and Case and Cat and mikki and many others all got onto the Friendly Fire group chat channel and encouraged people to attend, that made a big difference; thanks ya'll!

Later Isobela and I went to see the Jabberwock; what an amazing place. It's a two-grid shopping area but the scenery and atmosphere are so stunning that the shops almost seem like an afterthought. I knew it would be a cool place when we started walking up the first set of stairs, fell through, and ended up in an Alice In Wonderland-themed maze of tunnels and secret passages. We spent a good part of the evening going all over the place, just laughing and relaxing after the hectic afternoon. Not even the giant orange octopus under the pier could phase us. Life is good.

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