Sunday, August 10, 2008

One of Dublin's Own

Isobela has a new tool that helps her create rocks. Included in the rock family are crystal shards. Isobela really likes crystal shards. She made a few that turned out very good and has been talking about selling them. Since I provided half of the startup capital for the tool she suggested that her business be called "Tybella's Mystic Shards". We'll see.

We stopped by the GlamShack for just a short bit to catch the last of the DJ John and mikki show then the first part of the DJ Jocelyn and Britt show. There was a large crowd, and as usual everyone was having a great time misquoting each other. Judristen stopped by too; we hadn't seen him in ages. After the chorus of hellos to him he responded with his usual "Hello Family!"

We had been wanting to visit Kaiya Islands, The Wild Coast for a while, and after several mis-starts we finally made it. It is an exceptional place; very well landscaped. We hung out in the sauna and hot tub for a while, then went out onto the dance floor.

Mykala was DJing from her post near the entrance, and doing an excellent job. Their dance floor was more for singles, but it did have quite adequate couples facilities. The singles dances were quite extraordinary; on par with Tracy's fantastic singles dance ball.

Friendly Fire played at Freeastar Bay's new place - decorated as a cool woodlands setting! It was a half-hour show in one of Freestar's music showcases. I Love I Love This Song!, but Dee was very noisy while they sang it; I almost said something to her about it. If Rosi had been there I'm sure there would have been blood drawn.

Rosedrop played after Mack and Case, and we were having a good time dancing together so we stayed and listened. And Zorch was after him on guitar and vocals as well. Therese was next, very sweet vocals.

Earlier in the day Isobela had been out with some friends, dancing in some strange bar in Dublin. Some guy had been hitting on her, and was having trouble taking No for an answer. He stopped when one of the regulars there pointedly pointed out that "Dude, she is married to one of Dublin's own." It was nice to be referred to in that way. Life is good.

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