Monday, August 4, 2008

Now that's a big rock!

I helped a new citizen find his way around today. He was un-naturally concerned about his appearance, and was on a tight budget, so I spent the morning with him going around from place to place looking for bargains and freebies. I think he is passable now, but could probably use a little more in his wardrobe.

Later I went to hear Bones on piano in the new Maritime Club, then went and visited a friend of Isobela's in North Africa. She has a way cool place; she even had a game of Footsie set out near the fireplace! From there we went shopping and Isobela had me buy all of these flower seeds for planting around the house. At least she paid for half of them.

I didn't have a chance to plant them before it was time to get ready for Friendly Fire at Echo Echo! curmiekins showed up early for once, but then heckled the band as they were trying to get ready. Case has an elaborate pre-show warmup routine that must not be disturbed, and curmieboo was pushing the limit as usual.

Rosi limped into the club on one leg! The other one was cut clean off right below the knee! Let this be a lesson to you all: don't play on railroad tracks! Not only will you lose limbs, but your hair will turn blue and you will have to wear a silly pirate costume.

The music was phenomenal! I'm really getting to like It's My Time!, though still I Love I Love This Song! There was a new guy there hanging with Argus and them; in between songs Case was talking tech about their drummer with him. I didn't see Rosie there, and Farr has been working too hard.

Neko Neko at Echo Echo was mysteriously cancelled. No explanation was given. Britt hypothesized: "I think joc just wanted to see how many of us would give her a bit of tail!" Isobela and I stayed for a few minutes and then headed out.

Finding the flower seeds had given Isobela the idea of totally redoing the landscape. We shoveled out about a square acre of sand from the island our house is on and added it to Elfie island. Isobela had long been an admirer of these large rocks that our neighbors a couple of furlongs to the west have, so she arraigned to have three of them choppered in.

When our new rocks arrived they were much larger than they looked in store; it was quite a challenge placing them just-right. Isobela also bought this giant, fully-grown monkey tree that had to be choppered in as well. I climbed up one of the rocks and was able to make a stupendous diving platform!

The view from our balcony is a whole lot different, but it did turn out better. Now if I could only get her to keep her mittens off of Tun Tavern (Forward)!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Those rocks are awesome! Adding rocks to a landscape is like adding more garlic to your dinner, you can never have enough garlic or rocks!..
I do feel bad for "Man Island" AKA Tun Tavern (Forward).. babe it so needs a redo.... to bad I am working all week~ HUGS!

Tycho Beresford said...

Leave your paws off of Tun Tavern (Forward)!