Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bowie Buff Beach

Isobela and I had lunch together; it was a working lunch where we discussed a theme and playlist for the show tonight. Then she drug me out clothes shopping and made me buy new board shorts and shoes. I had a tattoo that didn't conflict with the theme, so Isobela decided that she needed one too. Yet another shopping trip.

Finally we were able to get to the Glamshack and start setting up for Beach Babes Bonanza! Isobela wanted to set up a couple of our dual-dance poles, and I had the GlamShack Sacrificial Altar to assemble. Mikki had come by the house earlier and accompanied us to Bowie Beach to help set everything up.

DJ Isobela's theme was boobs, boards, breasts, blonds and bomb-ass butts on Bowie Beach! We had both gone and had our hair dyed blond and frizzed out; I thought it looked very strange at first but it kinda grew on me. There was a very light crowd at first, then about halfway through we had a rush of people stop by. The music was great and everyone had a rocking good time getting ready for Friendly Fire.

Mack and Case set up a stage on the beach again, dangerously close to the water for all of that electrical equipment. There was a shark in the water threatening us again, but this time he came up on shore and started partying with us.

Mack and Case had made a special announcement part-way through their show; there are now two more partners/co-owners for the GlamShack. With all the hooting and hollering I didn't quite catch their names; oh wait, now I remember! Isobela and I were graciously invited to join the merry crew and after careful deliberation we deiced that we would be honored to do so. Woot! Glasses of champagne were passed all around.

The Friday Night Train Wreck was Werewolves of London, which was done very well. I Love I Love This Song, and I love how Mack and Case time it nowadays so that I'm not sending group notices in the middle of it! That is much appreciated. I had double poofer duty again, and was so busy I almost missed Mack!

His Hyness DJ Hy followed Friendly Fire with many hours of Glamtastic Rock! He and his hostess mikki kept going back and forth blaming each other/trying to take the credit for Topless Night on Bowie Beach! Some of the ladies were too shy, but most partook after a little encouragement. They then started asking the guys to chip-in as well. I'm here to tell you that Case in a pink thong is a very scary sight!

As the night wore on more and more clothes came off. I believe it was one of the ladies on a dance pole that was the first to go all-in, but after that it was like the dam broke. Right near the end of His Hyness DJ Hy's show I counted and there were 8 people with 2 items of clothing between all of them! And those were both on the same person!

As with all good things the party had to eventually end. What a marvelous night, it will likely be talked about for ages! I can't wait to see what Hy and mikki come up with for next week!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Tycho, we went shopping because you cannot go to a beach party in a Hawaiian shirt, plaid shorts, black socks, and loafers.
You must admit that you looked much better in the board shorts and flip flops(of course the bombass tat, and tight arse helped too)! Best part was the surfer blonde hair!
It was nice too, you didn't have one blonde moment, I was so very proud!

Ajay said...

Congrats you two new bosses! Yay!!!